Masturbation Monday No. 39

Nichy pressed her nails into her palm so deeply, there was an imprint that she rubbed now sitting at her perch as the faux librarian.

Her boss had been gentle about it, but since out the day before she was scheduled to work in the library this evening. Sitting there now, she rubbed that ridge on her palm. Pressed that same palm to her face because that Gavin held when she told him that she was going to have to work that night.

“We can go out after everyone has left,” he said to her as they walked outside during lunch.

“But you know when we have parties no one ever goes! They stay until the booze is done!”

“I will wait for you princess, I will wait.”

He stopped in the middle of the street, caressed her cheek and pushed loose strands of her hair away from her eyes. Their second kiss was the most natural thing, feeling more like need than desire. Gavin held her close. 

“I will wait for you.”

The feeling of his body against hers was still heavy upon her as she sat at the heavy oak desk, remembering what Renee had told her. She wished she had had the nerve to ask Gavin to sit with her, but she had not. At least she knew that he would wait for her.

If she could not quench her desire at all, at least she could get up and get a drink. She was allowed to get as much as she wanted to eat or drink while she worked and she would get a car home. Gavin could go home with her, and they could go to the restaurant where he had found her when he came looking for her.

Nichy washed her mouth with a second gin tonic, and nibbled on a small plate of appetizers. Her tongue lingered over the savory blood on the warm slices of lamb on crusty bread, as if she was seeking the rawness of life. 

After she placed the small plate on a silver tray for the servers who walked around, she sipped slowly on her gin tonic with copious cucumber pulp.   

Gavin sat at the library desk, replacing her. Nichy paused, a little heady from having her second gin tonic. It was late enough that she was beginning to think that they were not going to have a date. But he sat there sipping scotch, she knew that was what he liked from being with him after work at the bar.

“So I guess we are going to have to have a date here then,” he announced.

Gavin got up, and pulled out the chair for Nichy.

She sat down, and he pulled up a chair to sit beside her.

“I was thinking that we were not going to have our date after all. And that I should have asked you to come keep me company.”

“Glad I came Nich.”

He sat beside her, and they talked about the goings on around them. Nichy realized that just having him there talking with, made her feel the same electricity that Renee had described to her doing far more with Tyler. Gavin stayed with her until almost everyone left, but she was at least relieved when her car came. They said nothing, but walked out together and into her car. 

Nichy looked at the stars in the sky from out of the window, her eyes already full of them.

It was just after midnight, and she was exhausted. They stopped in front of her apartment building, and she walked out looking up at the full moon. The moon shone so bright, she almost had to shield her eyes from it. But instead her eyes closed as Gavin kissed her. Their hands moved faster than the speed of light over each other. Gavin caressed all of her curves softly when he encountered them though: one hand lingered on the curve of her backside just under the swell of her cheek, while the other was filled with the fullness of her breast. He almost pulled away from her lips, but sucked on the bottom one like a candy.

“I needed the taste of your lips again,” he whispered finally letting go, and squeezing her bottom which made her feel like she might come. His touch made her labia tremble.

Nichy’s answer was her hands in his back pocket, as she kissed him again. She kissed him tiny kisses as infinite as the petals of a flower, before she utilized words.

“You should have asked the driver to wait for you.”

“It is okay, I will walk home. Tomorrow, we will have a real date?”

Nichy stood still, but her body felt as though currents raced through her. The electricity of her desire was rampant. Gavin smiled at her, and she squeezed his hand before she let it go and watched him walk away until he disappeared into the night.

His kisses left her wanting more. Under her sheets much later, she caressed her bottom the way he had when they kissed. Her finger lingered just under the curve of her cheek, but did not stop there. She let her fingers slip between the divide of her cheeks and let the tips of them address the wetness there. Between her legs was congested with the desire that their kissing had created. Now she let her fingers move along the wetness there, and she did not even have a chance to touch herself in earnest. With just the recognition of how wet she was, Nichy made herself come with with the lightest of caresses. She was so tired that her climax lulled her to sleep, and she woke up with her hands sticky between her thighs.

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  1. “Her tongue lingered over the savory blood on the warm slices of lamb on crusty bread, as if she was seeking the rawness of life.”

    That is gorgeous. The whole episode is so sensual. It’s all in the details and the details are perfect.

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