Masturbation Monday No. 40

Nichy’s hand was almost stuck between her legs when she woke up. She pulled it slowly, letting her fingers brush her labia. A small jolt tremored through her, and she let her hand stick there just a little longer. On her side, in bed, she felt deliciously languorous and rubbed her labia over and over. When she was slippery enough, she moved faster and faster until she closed her eyes and came. Her orgasm was not hard, but fully gripped her. She felt it as she tossed her legs over her bed, and looked down at her bare legs which just touched her floral curtain. 

She had that feeling all day at work. It was date night, and she was very excited to be with Gavin…at last! She did not have to work late, everything was set. And she still savored the delicious remnants of the pleasure that had gripped her that morning in bed.

Gavin came over to her desk, the look on his face gripped her in a different way.

“I have to work late tonight, and nothing as cool as what you did the other night. No party, and I will probably be here until midnight.”

“Do you get a dinner break?”

“Sort of?”

Nichy beckoned him with a rose-polished nail, as he leaned into her and she felt that grip sweeten between her legs again.

“Then I am “sort of” it.”

Gavin stood at full height, his face softened with desire.

“I’ll go to the bar after work, and you come meet me.”

“Oh, I will come,” he said.

Nichy turned back to her paperwork, with a soft smile on her lips.

That same smile hovered over the cucumber gin tonic she sipped at the bar, waiting for Gavin. She stirred her drink sweetly, when her phone vibrated. She told Gavin not to text her unless he was coming, she was running out of tolerance for canceling their first assignation. 

He slid into the booth with her easily, his leg rubbed against her bare thigh.

“This is going to be like a speed date,” he lamented.

“Depends on what you do with the time…” 

He kissed her forcing the breath from her, before chewing on her lip.

“Seems you are very hungry…” she whispered, as he caressed her cheek. 

When he kissed her again, he caressed her neck and the soft swell that was the tip of her spine. 

Their food came. Nichy had ordered before he walked in. Mussels and frites with a rich saffron sauce, that aroused her as much as his mouth. She licked his lips, and in the corner of his mouth tasted a burst of coffee that she knew he must have been drinking so he did not fall asleep. He was very awake now, as was she. 

The grip of his hand, replaced the feeling of his leg on her thigh. Nichy luxuriated in lying back in the high plush leather booth that she picked out for them, as Gavin licked the tip of her earlobe and kissed her neck. She lifted her arm to one side to brush her hair over her shoulder, when she felt the gentle tickle of Gavin’s fingers along her arm and the side of her breast. Nichy closed her eyes tightly, relishing the feeling.

They pulled away from each other, but Nichy kept her arms wrapped loosely about him. Gavin dipped a lengthy frite into the saffron broth, before swirling it around in the homemade ketchup that came with it and fed it to Nichy. Nichy let him feed her, and sucked on the tips of his fingers. Her tongue caressed the tips, until any evidence of the broth or ketchup was gone. Pulling his fingers away, Gavin caressed her lips with his damp fingers.

“You’re making me so damn hard,” he moaned quietly.

His words were treated as an invitation for Nichy to run her hand over his stomach, pausing to tug on his belt buckle before she caressed the very damn hard bulge below it. She felt his hand cover hers, as she caressed him. It turned her on that he was was this hard, and that she had made him so. 

Nichy searched for a lengthy frite of her own that she let get soggy in the mussel broth , before she swirled it in the homemade ketchup and kissed him before she fed it to him. She gasped when he roughly sucked her fingers, not just the tips. His tongue lapped at the flesh part of her palm, licking along its curve.

“I want to eat you,” he said.

Nichy thought about Renee and Tyler in the stall of the unisex bathroom, Tyler’s hands on Renee’s breasts, and she almost wanted to drag Gavin there. But she did not want their first time to be so careless and unremarkable. 

“I want you,” he continued. “I could have you in this booth, but I don’t want the first time to be like that. I want to seduce you properly, slowly princess. I want to treat you like my princess…”

He kissed her forehead gently, before picking up more frites to feed her. 

Neither one of them ate anything that the other did not feed them. Their feeding each other was like they wanted their lovemaking to be: slow and filled with caring.

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photo by my friend, Exposing 40


  1. wow intense story of Nichy’s and quite intense, thanks for this sensual moment and good way to start the week 🙂

  2. Delicious. In more ways than one. Lovely calves, btw. I assume those are yours? it’s a nice pic…the painted toes…the rose curtains…the wood floor…the very white skin. Simple and beautiful.

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