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I was not planning to enter this contest, but my friend Oleander casually mentioned she would like it if I did. Well right after she said that to me, I was on the train and took this picture based on a comment that sub-Bee made on this post. I cautiously took this photo, because it reminded me of the image that she described:

There is something truly hot about being on my knees in front of a man in a suit.

I chose prompt number eight (spontaneous office sex) for the contest:
You can enter too!

Veronica wanted him so bad, sometimes she couldn’t breathe.

It wasn’t because he was one of the top executives in her company, she had ached for him before that. When he was an architect just out of grad school she had, and now he was a partner at the firm. She started as a receptionist, and now she was an executive assistant.


Their careers were in very different directions, but they had known each other the entire time. He did not have that air about him that so many of the others at the firm did. He was always accessible and warm to her. Whether he was going to a meeting and wore jeans á la business casual–the way only he knew how–or he was in a three-piece suit, his affect on her was almost fatal.

He had a particular passion for watches, his one excess, his one vanity and she admired it. He had catalogs from all of the auction houses on a shelf in his library. She got them all, either walking to the one that was near them or having them messengered over.

Veronica bid for him over the phone. He never had a limit, he just expected her to win it and she always did. Including one for his former fiancée. It had been hard for her to look at the delicate diamond piece that he had selected for her. Veronica knew he did not ask for it back when they ended their engagement, and that made her crush on him even harder.

If that was possible.

Her fingers moved languorously over the red tab that marked the pocket watch that he had his eye on. She let her finger linger over it, imagining it on his lightly haired wrist. Veronica especially wanted to win this watch for him. He was moody since he had broken up with his fiancée, and it was would cheer him up.

Veronica waited on the phone, while she was looking at his schedule. Being his right-hand also meant that she was responsible for all of the administrative staff, so when a literal fight broke out between two of her admins…she had to run to break it up.

When she came back to her desk, she had underestimated the time it would take for his lot to come up. Damn it! She had missed the lot! His lot!

It was with a heavy tail between her legs, that she knocked on his door. He sat inside facing it.

“Can you close the door, Veronica?”

She nodded, her tight chignon even tighter as she did.

“You were not at your desk, and you missed the lot.”

“How did–”

She wanted to snatch back her words, how dare she question him? Nervously, she tugged at the edge of her silk blouse first, then her pearls.

“How did I know? I just happened to get off of my conference call early, and was going to tell you I could do it for a change. When I buzzed you, you were not at your desk…”

She twisted the pearls, and bit her lip.

“You’ve never disappointed me before V, this is uncharted territory for us. You are always perfect. How are you going to make me feel better…about this?”

The length of his gorgeous tall frame was slouched in his chair.

“So much is going wrong around me V, and now even you…”

“I always want to please you–”

He raised an eyebrow at her. His desolate expression shifted, as he studied her face.

“I usually please you don’t I?” she asked.

He sat up straight, and suddenly in her silk dress that was only sheer on the top and the edge of the skirt, Veronica felt transparent.

“You always please me V, you always have…”

Veronica was unable to breathe, as he stood up and walked toward her. His finger caressed a tiny polka dot in the sheer area of her dress.

“There is only one thing I want more than that watch, and it cannot be bid on. You do not have a price tag do you Veronica?”

“What do you mean?!” She huffed, her breasts rose between them.

“I phrased that clumsily, I meant you are not for sale. But I want you…I’ve always wanted you.”

Veronica saw that iconic scene from Butterfly 8, when Elizabeth Taylor writes “No Sale,” on a mirror with lipstick.

“But what about your fiancée?”

“I wanted you first…”

“But you never…”

“We work together so I never, but now only you can make me feel better…”

He kissed her, and she pulled away from him panting. He caressed her scalp and loosened her chignon, before he steered her back gently against the door. Veronica held his hand, her finger slipping inside the band of the gorgeous watch he wore today. He took her hand and put the watch on her, slipping it up along her arm until it fit.

“That’s all I want you to wear right now…” he said pulling at his tie.

Veronica took his hand, and kissed it.

“You can leave your suit on, and tighten your tie.”


“It’s how I always imagined it when I fantasized about you…”

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filtered photo by f dot leonora


  1. Wow – it’s an entire novel in a short story!
    I was bloody furious with him for a bit but you won me over… so hard!
    now I’m all gooey and loved up 🙂
    Wonderful Ms F Dot x x

  2. Yummy office sex! Who needs a pearl necklace when you can get a pearl watch instead.
    BTW, what’s a chignon? Oh, no worries I googled it (and I’ve finally learned a new word to express how I tie up my hair somedays! :-))

  3. I’m so glad my comment gave you some inspiration, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂

    This is incredible, there is something hot about secret office trysts.

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