Masturbation Monday No. 41

Nichy could barely get out of the booth when it was time for Gavin to go back to the office. He kissed her when she stood up and pulled her into him, so that she could feel every hard line of his body. She pressed her lips to his cheek, as he handed the check to the waiter.

He had already lingered over time for their meal, but now he had to go back to the office. Neither one of them was able to let go of the other, their arms about each other as they walked out of the bar. The night air was not cool, but because they had been so hot and heavy inside the bar, even the sultry breeze hit them like a bucket of ice.

“Come back to the office with me…” he said. 

She knew that he was just as heated as she was, and that was what was talking.

“I am going to go home, because if I come back to the office with you…you will not get any work done…”

He pressed her against their office building–she had to pass it to get to the train–and ran his hands through her hair as he kissed her. She closed her eyes even tighter, because the soft massage consumed her. 

Gavin kissed her forehead.

“I know, I know…” he said, looking down at her.

He kissed her pulsing temple again, and hugged her.

“Text me when you get home princess,” he said.

Walking the couple of blocks left to the train, Nichy felt so much sweet congestion between her legs, that she felt she could sit on the curb and pull up her dress. Once her dress was up over her thighs, she would caress the softness of her belly and then let her fingers caress her damp labia. She feared that her shifting as she rushed down the street, made people think that she had just been fucked.

Her legs were spread on the curb in her mind, and she rubbed frantically. Resting on a tire, she bent one knee and rubbed until she came so roughly she almost lost consciousness on the sidewalk. She fantasized herself looking like Marilyn Monroe in that iconic shot where she was sitting in the street in fishnets. In reality, she knew she would look more like the hot mess that she was, later that evening when she got home. In bed, she played with herself until the bedsheets kept getting stuck between her legs, because it was super wet there. Nichy was covered head to toe in her sheets, her entire body damp with the consummation of her pleasure when she heard her buzzer.

The only person she could think would come over this late was Renee. She grabbed her brush, to get her hair into a semblance of something.

“Hello,” she spoke into her speaker.


Nichy felt a aftershock of orgasm hit her, when she heard Gavin’s voice.


She waited for him by the door. When she let him in, he pulled her close like he had in the bar.

“I am all sweaty, I did not put the AC on,” she said, lying to explain why she was so damp.

He licked behind her ear.

“You taste sweet,” he said. “I just needed one more good night kiss, princess…”

He kissed her again. Her body so damp she felt pasted to him. His being dressed in his full suit except for his jacket which he placed on the table by the door, and his hand roaming over the soft parts of her that he could not access in the bar made her swoon.

“Tomorrow night, come hell or high water Nichy…tomorrow is going to be our first date…”

They kissed again, her damp body responded to his touches and just his nearness in general as she was molded to his body. 

She felt she did not belong anywhere else.

“Tomorrow,” she said within a kiss, panting from the sultry air not from outside…but that they created inside.

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Marilyn via duck duck go images


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