Book Review: Cathedral of Furs by Lana Fox

***From deepest taboos to ardent longing that ignites the page and makes the heart thump harder, no one writes passion like Anaïs Nin. That’s why erotic author and publisher Lana Fox created Cathedral of Furs—five ardent linked stories inspired by Anaïs Nin’s diaries and creations.

Much like Nin herself, the protagonist Arielle refuses to let her heart be bound by rules that make no sense for her. Thus she embarks on a journey of honeyed liaisons, exotic revelations, and courageous encounters that society would have her shun in spite of their heart-driven passion.

It is not surprising that Lana Fox’s own blurb for Cathedral of Furs her new release, would be sufficient enough to describe the honeyed beauty of her work. It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Lana’s ever since I read “The Silver Belt,” which was featured in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s anthology, Passion. I interviewed her on this blog, and she described how Anaïs Nin saved her. “The Silver Belt” was filled with Ninesque style, but Cathedral of Furs is a top-notch thank you letter to Nin. 

Lana is an amazing writer, her own style is lush and makes me close my eyes as I pause and savor her prose. Her love of words is obvious, and she manipulates them to convey warmth, longing or fulfilling desire in the unforgettable way only she can. Writing in Nin’s style is not that different from her own, but there is an exploration of themes and emotions that she reincarnates from the pages of Nin’s journal that floored me. So much beauty, I could hardly bear it.

Although the stories describe different relationships in Nin’s life, they flow in a breathtaking way that unites them. I took in passages that made me stop and wonder, was I reading Nin or Lana? And yet, Lana manages to make it her very own, with a intuitive contemporary angle. Lana is like a legit medium, filling us with the deepest secrets of desire. 

“When asked for my favorite erotic books,” says the author Lana Fox, “my answer is always Anaïs Nin’s unexpurgated diaries—the most erotically charged, emotionally intense writing I’ve ever read.”

Through Cathedral of Furs, Fox hopes to either share her own passion with those who already adore Nin, or encourage those new to Nin to read and be moved by her breathtaking work.***

I can say Cathedral of Furs is now a favorite erotic novel of mine, because the degree and daring of emotion catapulted me to where I need to be as a reader–completely immersed in the world of the novel I am engaging. I think Cathedral of Furs should be mandatory reading for those who study Nin. Lana Fox is without a doubt her literary descendant. 

Enter the Cathedral of Furs! 


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