Sunday Snog Meets Kink of the Week, June 16-30: Chains

Harley fulfilled Veronica’s secret fetish. She loved formalwear, on herself. And on the men she was with. Maybe because she was a dancer and not required to dress that way, it made it extra special to her. Even before they were together, Harley’s corporation had sponsored the ballet’s galas for years. She had admired him in a tuxedo, he was a very attractive man and wore traditional tuxedos with suspenders. Now they raced down a street on the Upper East Side, after getting out a cab from a ballet matinee at Lincoln Center. Harley was in his tuxedo, and Veronica was in a violet cocktail dress with matching gloves. Harley had his arm about her waist, and kissed her bare shoulder as they stopped at a red light. His lips lingered on her shoulder, before he kissed her shoulder blade.

Veronica was glad her hair was up, so that he could caress her with his kisses.

“You are like a violet confection…” he said along her neck. Veronica loved her neck kissed, she closed her eyes as her kissed the hollow of her throat. 

They reached the door of the apartment that they were going to, Harley opened the door and held her hand as they walked in. The apartment filled with the savory scent of home cooking. Adele and Martin loved intimate dinner parties. It was for the four of them today. Harley and Adele worked together, but had been a couple for a long time and were now close friends. Adele had become fairly close to Veronica since she had begun seeing Harley.

“It makes me happy to see him with someone like you,” Adele said to her once, when she had been drinking a bit. Veronica always believed what people said when they had been drinking. Alcohol was like truth serum. “You are beautiful, and you have an honest face. I only wish the best for him you know? We were together for so long…”

Veronica did not feel any jealousy about Adele. Adele was involved with Martin, they were the kind of couple that brought you into their dynamic. 

When they did not see them right away, they started to make themselves at home. Harley turned and kissed Veronica on the mouth, before he went into the kitchen. He took a bottle of wine out of its bucket filled with ice, and grabbed two glasses to pour wine for the two of them. Veronica held her chilled wineglass to her cheek, because it was hot in the apartment from Adele having cooked. Harley took her hand, and they walked into the living room which was decorated with fetish photography of Adele.   

Walking over to one of the framed photos, Veronica studied Adele sitting with her knees to her chest. Adele’s wrists and ankles were in chains, her long hair covering her face.

Adele walked out into the living room in a short sequined cocktail dress that accentuated every bit of her. She kissed them both on the mouth in greeting.

“Glad you made yourselves at home,” she said. 

Her jewelry was thick links of bronze chains.

Harley had shared with Veronica, that he and Adele had engaged in a sexual relationship with BDSM influences. She and Harley did in their own way as well. There was not anything in particular, but there had been nuances of it for sure between them. Veronica liked it when he tied her wrists with his tie in particular, or his bowtie. But they had never tried chains together.

Harley kissed her neck before she became too pensive, and she closed her eyes savoring the sensation.

“You are such a sexy couple,” Adele said standing beside another photo of herself in chains, this time her hands were chained behind her back. 

Veronica’s eyes fell on the chains when she opened her eyes to smile at Adele, still savoring Harley’s lips on her neck.

I combined two memes for the first time, so get another snog here, and more chains here!



chains via duck duck go images with filter added by f dot leonora


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