Masturbation Monday No. 45

I knew a girl named Nikki 

I guess you could say she was a sex fiend 

I met her in a hotel lobby 

Masturbating with a magazine 

–Darling Nikki by Prince

Sitting in the cab next to Gavin was the most arduous labor she had ever experienced in her entire life. He was semi-hard, his shirt ruffled almost crumpled over his belt. She had her head on his shoulder, and looked along his very tempting torso. The way his shirt crumpled made her think of a tissue that he might have used, to wipe the come after he had brought himself to satisfaction.

But neither of them had done that, they had not had time to do anything but run out of the hotel room. Nichy felt him put his arm about her hesitantly, and she knew it was not because he felt awkward expressing emotion. He must have felt like her. She would have been willing in the back of the taxi with him, she knew people did things like that and she never would have imagined doing it until right now with him. Instead she fell into his embrace, her head on his shoulder looking at his shirt and him getting harder.

When she first met Gavin, she was on the elevator with him heading to her interview with their company. It was her second interview, and even though she knew that was a good thing she was nervous. But seeing him took her out of her anxiety just like that. He was so good-looking, that she could not stop staring at him between rapid blinking. At one point, he looked at her with a smile, and she smiled back. When they got to the floor, she realized they were walking to the same office. He held the door for her, letting her walk past him. The heat and hardness of his body were tiny whispers, but she was not able to get her mind off of him after she got hired. All of her interactions with him were pleasant, if few because they did not work in the same department. He was always friendly and polite. Her crush on him mounted up to now, sitting next to him in this taxi. Before very recently she could only soothe the pressure from her lust, by going home and touching herself. The first time it happened in the office bathroom, she was not sure what more she could do. If she was going to spontaneously combust or what. 

She closed her eyes on his shoulder, and he held her even closer to him. Nichy pressed her legs tight together, she knew if she kept just the right amount of pressure she would come and maybe she would be able to operate. 

Gavin sat up suddenly, and put his hand on her thigh. She sat up with him, and looked out of the window. Her eyes darted toward his, when she felt his fingers roughly searching for the crotch of her underwear through her skirt.

When his fingers touched her, right at the core, she blinked and gasped. He rubbed her, and she looked at him. Was he going to make her come in the back of the taxi?

He stopped, put his arm about her and pressed his lips to her cheek before whispering in her ear.

“I saw you pressing your legs together, and I do not want you to come darling Nichy, until I make you come…”

Nichy felt a delicious tingle like currency run along her labia, and trill around her clit. She pressed her legs together again, and he hit her thigh playfully but sternly. Placing her head on his shoulder again, she reached for his crotch. Letting her fingers play along his shaft and balls, she found his head and teased him through his pants.

“Okay, you can’t either.”

Gavin smiled, and placed his hand over hers.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” 

Nichy looked out of the window again. There was not another place in the world that she would rather be than here. Because even with gratification delayed, she was with Gavin and that was more than enough for her.

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filtered photo of a nyc taxi via wikipedia


  1. I love how you pepper in very specific details that set an entire tone, like Gavin’s shirt, crumpling over his belt.. It’s those little things that pull me right in, every time. xxx

  2. They are too cute, so naughty, and I’m DYING over here. Clearly you were sent to teach me patience…but I don’t want to learn that…I want to learn what’s going on with Gavin and Nichy!!!! πŸ˜‰

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