Wicked Wednesday #164: Cowboy, Biker, Rope

“I broke up with Rafe.” Eliza was on set with Marcus, on his new project Cowboy, Biker, Rope. It was racier than his previous endeavors. He played twins: a cowboy and a biker. They ended up in a dark scheme to abduct a woman against their will. One of them falls in love with her, and the other discovers his rope fetish with her. They all work together to turn the tables on the man who made their situation the way it was. 

At the moment, he was dressed as the biker. Decadent scruff on his face and makeup to make his body look slick. His jeans that showed off all of his assets, made Eliza swoon. She was hot for him, and it was the most inappropriate time for her to feel this way. Marcus was the one who made her realize that her perfect relationship was not perfect. Secretly, she knew it was not, but she wanted so desperately to believe it was.

“So it is my fault? It is my fault you ended it with your fiancé?” Marcus stared at her.

She felt uncomfortable. It was his fault but not for the reasons that she wanted him to believe.

“I did not say that.”

“Sandrine and I are solid. We are going to be together after this, because I am going to let her explain to me when she comes back from Paris. Don’t you think that Rafe deserves the same thing?”

Eliza stood up, and looked down at him.

“I just wanted you to know how it ended.”

She turned to walk away from him, and he caught her faster than she could ever have imagined.

“Why do you want me to know you left him?”

Her eyes were filled with tears when she looked back at him.

“Because you are the only person who really knows why, who understands why. It wasn’t just Sandrine, or Severine or any of his girls. I just needed to not hold on anymore, I have been holding on for so long. We never had what you and Sandrine have, Marcus.”

He pressed her to the wall. He caressed her face, and wiped her tears with the backs of his fingers.

“I know, I know…” He held her, and she cried in his arms. She cried for everything she needed to cry for. For Rafe, for staying with him and losing him. Then tears came for Oscar, who wanted to forget her. Marcus held her so close to him, she could feel every nuance of his leather and denim clad body.

“It was supposed to be about us, about you and me. I wanted…”

Eliza cried all the more. Marcus had been wooing her and now she had left her fiancé, and was coming to him at the most unromantic time she could have possibly come to him.

“I know,” she choked. “If I wanted to believe that Rafe was more calculating, I would have said that he got involved with Sandrine because he was jealous that we were getting closer.”

“No, he treats you like he doesn’t care about you, but he loves you. I know he loves you, there is no question.”

“How can you be so certain of him when I am not?”

“Because I know when a man loves a woman.”

Eliza pressed her face against his chest.

“You are a better man than I ever would have imagined. I hate to say that, but you are. Sandrine is very lucky.”

“I am very lucky to have a wife like her…you are beautiful…”

Eliza felt the headiness she always felt when Marcus started seducing her. He was not pressing her for anything, but she knew he knew he did not have to do much to get to any woman. The actress on the set was already slayed from acting with him. Eliza saw her in the tabloids as a gorgeous woman who was used to getting what she wanted. She had been linked to many leading men in her movies, and looked like Marcus was her expected prize. She walked around after the scene still bound in rope, and barely much else. 

But Marcus looked only at her, touched her now like she was the only woman there.

“There are lots of beautiful women around you,” she said looking up at him.

He took her hand, and walked her past endless crew and into his dressing room. Eliza pouted, and he kissed her pouting mouth. She could barely breathe, he kissed her so thoroughly. Her arms went about him to brace herself, and because she wanted to be held and kissed. 

By him.

“Sandrine said to be good to you,” he said. “To comfort you anyway I can.”

Panting she stared at him.

“I bet you will.”

“Will you let me? Why did you come here to tell me you broke your engagement?”

“Just hold me,” she rasped, her arms tightened about him. 

There were so many feelings swirling around her. She felt just like the young starlet that was Marcus’ leading lady. Bound in emotions and barely anything else guiding her. Logic a distant memory…

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rope via wiki commons


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