Wicked Wednesday #165: Peeping Tom

She just asked him to hold her, but Marcus needed more of her. He ran his hands through Eliza’s hair, and rained tiny kisses on her temple, cheek and neck. Her body pressed into his for support.
He kissed her mouth, his kiss demanded the answer he wanted for his question to her. Why had she come to tell him about the breakup? Her mouth was soft and pliant, in response against his. He pulled her into a corner with her arms up over her head, and slipped his hand under her dress.

Marcus knew she would be wet. As he fingered her, he savored the softness and wetness between her legs, that she parted for him more even as she squirmed. She sucked on his bottom lip for balance it seemed, and he fingered harder. She was so wet, she took in his fingers with ease. He kissed her neck, as she moved in tandem with his hand. 

It was there he saw a peeping tom in the distance…or a peeping Elliott in this case.

Elliott was in the distance, but Marcus could see him…smelled him like a dog in heat. At first Elliott avoided his eyes, Marcus could tell that he did not think he would be caught. When he realized that he could see him, Elliott looked at him unflinchingly while he lit a cigarette. 

He was already getting hard but between fingering Eliza and looking at Elliott, he was saturated with lust. 

Eliza moved against his hand, and came to a rough orgasm. He kissed her mouth, and held her face before slipping his wet with her come fingers into her mouth. She sucked his fingers ravenously, and slipped her hand down the front of his pants.

“We have company…” he said. 

Eliza spun around in the distance, Elliott looked at them both. He stepped out of the shadows, and exhaled smoke.

For a moment, Marcus was paralyzed with a memory as he was about to introduce him to Eliza. Elliott was lighting a cigarette when they went out alone for the first time. He was nervous, because he was all too aware of Elliott. Elliott was his drug at the time, he could not get enough of him. Outside of the restaurant was filled with the scent of cigarettes, and Elliott who smelled clean with a whisper of the expensive cologne that he wore. Elliott looked at him the way he had looked at him while he was fingering Eliza, with concealed but still explicit desire. 

“Eliza, this is Elliott, one of the producers of the show.”

Eliza’s eyes lingered on his, before she smiled at Elliott. Marcus had told her about Elliott and him, and she probably wondered if he was the man that he had been talking about.

“Nice to meet you Eliza,” Elliott said, taking her hand. 

Marcus swore he saw her quiver when Elliott took her hand. Elliott was effortlessly charming, and Marcus smiled that Eliza was not immune to it. He was the type of man that demanded attention for his demeanor alone, his appearance was secondary.

“Nice to meet you,” Eliza smiled.

Marcus remembered when Sandrine met Elliott, she had also fallen right in love with him. Marcus did not mind so much, because Elliott was not bisexual. He only got involved with men. Sandrine had lamented it briefly, but got over it soon enough.

“Elliott!” the starlet exclaimed, running over to him, and pressing her lips to cheek. She left lipstick on his collar, which she rubbed playfully.

“Carla, you are a very bad girl leaving lipstick on my collar!” Elliott admonished.

Marcus watched Carla look orgasmic, looking at Elliott. He felt semi-orgasmic himself remembering what it was like to kiss Elliott. They were just friends now, but he would never forget what it was like to be with Elliott. What it was like to be in his arms, what it was like to take off his usually pristine suits and mess him up.

Elliott looked away from Carla, and smiled at him. He wondered what Elliott was thinking when he was peeping tomming him and Eliza? And he thought how sexy it was to finger Eliza, while Elliott watched…

Elliot always amped up his desire. He would tell Eliza, and see what she thought about being watched. She had not seemed too concerned, when she slowly took her hand out of his pants and faced Elliott. She seemed so innocent, and made Marcus want her all the more. He stood behind her, pressed himself firmly against her behind.

He wanted her to know what he was feeling.

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jack vettriano via pinterest


  1. The dynamic between Marcus and Elliot is fascinating, and I’ve only just met them! Love how this plays with the idea of the voyeur – and the picture is so appropriate (I like Vettriano’s work a lot). Going to have to read the other story from last week too. 🙂

    (PS – I need to send you an email, I do!)

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