Masturbation Monday No. 48

Nichy was half lying on her seat in the hospital waiting room. Gavin had gone to do some administrative stuff for Ilona. Before she could have given in and invited him to stay in the guest room with her, Ilona went into labor for real.Her body burned with desire now waiting for him. The feeling of Gavin’s tongue between her legs, and along her ass made her almost come all over again with the memory of him.

With a deep breath, she got up to go to the coffee machine, her body thrumming with such kinetic desire she was afraid to move. She leaned against the wall, when she felt Gavin touch her behind. He caressed her in such an intimate way, even though they were nowhere near lovers yet.

She turned around to look at him, and dropped her coffee.


Nichy looked at the man who was not Gavin standing in front of her. She slapped him briskly,

“My name is not Simona, you bastard!”

She walked away from him, but he grabbed her arm tightly and she knew it would bruise the same way Gavin’s love marks would. He pulled her into a stairwell, and threw her up against the wall.

“You always liked it rough, didn’t you?”

Nichy blinked rapidly, struggling to get away before she was pinned to the wall with her hands behind her back.

“Yes, you always liked it rough. You always liked it when I did this to you Simona.”

Tears filled her eyes as she looked up at him. 

“I am not Simona!”

Nichy looked away, the man let her hand loose, but grabbed her and covered her mouth. 

That was all she remembered.
She had tried to convince him she was not Simona, she really believed if she looked at him with conviction that she would be okay. 

Because she had not been Simona for a very long time, and she did not feel like Simona anymore.

The room she was in was decadent. All red velvet, damn it! As she came to, she realized she was in the same hotel she had been in with Gavin.

Sprawled on the bed, her eyes were swollen with tears. She was still in the clothes that she wore when he took her at the hospital, and she did not feel him around. Shooting a glance to the bathroom, Nichy heard water running.

Between her legs still thrummed with excitement, and she was ashamed. He said to her that she had liked it rough. Simona had liked it rough with him, she had liked to put on a show for him. Sitting in a chair facing him a la Christine Keeler, looking him in the eye as she made herself come.

Slow deliberate strokes first, just to titillate the both of them. Then longer, stronger strokes, until she leaned back in the chair with her legs spread wide. Simona had rubbed her stomach and breasts with her own come, sticking her finger inside her mouth after to taste what she was spread like a condiment on her body for him to taste. He fucked her rough, his tongue ragged over her skin.

Especially where she was spread with her own condiment.

Simona and Nichy liked sex, but Nichy was frightened. She had run from this man, run so far away from him. Her days of performing for him were over, completely consciously she ran to the door.

He leaped out of nowhere and grabbed her by the hips.The gentle touch on her backside in his greeting at the hospital, now was replaced by a resounding slap catching her sweet spot. Afraid that she was going to come if he slapped her there again, Nichy was perfectly still. He spun her around to face him.

“What do you want Dorian?”

She looked up at his impenetrable face, like looking up at the sky and not knowing what was to come…

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photo by f dot leonora 


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