Wicked Wednesday #166 — Crumpled

Oscar returned to his apartment in the morning, the sun was just starting to come up. Polly’s red bra was on his crumpled sheets, when he went into the bedroom.But he did not see her.

He did not expect to, what was he going to say to her? Obviously, he had overstayed his visit with Eliza. He could smell Eliza’s perfume and her skin on him, what was he going to tell Polly?

It was always easy to plan to stop loving Eliza, but it was impossible when she was right in front of him.

The first time he saw her was like a fever. The gorgeous, but troubled woman sitting at the bar. Everything was perfect about her appearance, but there was something so troubled about her. When she looked at him, he made a bolder than bold move on her, because he has had been drinking. Trying to build courage to approach her. He wanted to be uninhibited, and he was that night at the bar.

In the midst of his mind’s movie of his memories of Eliza, he remembered Polly falling asleep on him in the car heading to the airport to go to Shanghai. When he got close to Polly, when he let down his guard, which he had let down because he had wanted her. He had not wanted to shit where he slept, bit Polly was irresistible to him. He told Eliza that he did not want to be Rafe’s replacement, but she had been Polly’s, until he fell in love with her for real.

But as soon as Polly softened toward him, he knew he would not be able to resist a chance with her.

Her red bra with its delicate demi-cups that held her small breasts, was on his sheets from when she took it off before she went to bed. He had not kept a secret from her about where he was going, but he realized how fucked up it was when he stood in his bedroom.

And she was gone.

He picked up her bra, and sat on the bed.

Polly walked into the room, in one of his shirts. Unbuttoned, he could see all of her slender body. She walked slowly to the bed, pausing in front of him.

Before she could say a word, he grabbed her athletic legs and muscular bottom. She was slender, but beautifully curved. She sunk deep down to straddle him, and he kissed her. Their kiss tasted of Polly’s sweet mouth, alcohol and Eliza. He cupped her ass, and Polly wrapped her legs about his waist. Oscar pulled away from their kiss, pressed his face in her hair.

“I love you,” he said into her hair.

Polly pressed her face into his chest.

“I love you,” she said, holding his biceps tightly.

Holding her so intimately, he remembered the beautiful feeling that filled him in Shanghai when he was with her. He felt protective and warm around Polly. She was the love that he had that did not hurt, but made him glow like a slow fire. Unlike his love for Eliza which left him to burn.

Luckily, he was able to find his way back to Polly. To hold her again, and love her. Right now, she was to have and to hold… 
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photo via this week’s wicked wednesday post



  1. Somehow I feel like Oscar might be heading for a time where he is torn between the two of them, where he would want Polly when he is with Eliza and vice versa…

    Rebel xox

  2. ‘It was always easy to plan to stop loving Eliza, but it was impossible when she was right in front of him.’

    This feels familiar, somehow…

    Lovely piece, as always xx

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