Sinful Sunday, Week 226: The Summit

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  1. I love the way everything just fits together in this photo. It all just works. Great shot.


  2. Brave you standing on a stair case like this. I am not good with stuff like this. I feel like I am losing my balance. I can’t help but notice the scars on your knee. My knee, on the same leg, looks very close to yours. Adventures of my adolescences years.

    1. thank you, it was a little act of bravery to take that photo and to expose my scars! but they are mine, and i own them! glad to know we are twins in that!

  3. Tis a damn good job I have your leg to focus on here….I’m a bit weird with heights, especially looking down. Makes my head all dizzy etc.


      1. You’re braver than me, for sure. I’d have been way too scared to take it! x

      2. Nooooooooooo!!! *puts hands over ears*

        Yikes, then I say you are WAY braver than I ever would be!! πŸ˜€

  4. I think I owe Exposing40 a drink for convincing you to post your first Sinful Sunday (do I have that right? your first was after she visited you in NY?) In any case, Lady, you are a star. I should’ve known because of your passion for art and photography that you’d translate that into gorgeous photos, but for some reason I’m blown away with each one. This is a fab shot! That cold, hard metal of the staircase against your soft, lovely, warm leg. Perfect.

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