Masturbation Monday No. 49

Nichy was lying on the floor on her back, her heels pressed up to the edge of her butt. She looked up at the high ceiling, and closed her eyes. It looked like she was in a church that had been repurposed as a cell, but there was nothing holy about her or Dorian. The room she was in now was cool, not at all warm like the first room. It was gray and granite, truly looked like a cinematic prison. Dorian sat in a chair next to a pitcher of water, looking away from her. He was subdued after her first and only attempt to escape. She was scared, Dorian had always been so temperamental, and she never knew which card he would play at any given moment.

Squirming on the floor, his eyes surveyed her body at her first movement. He stared at her until she stilled. She did not want to arouse him in any way.

Particularly not sexually.

Her relationship with Dorian had been full of moments where she had been sexually voracious. Sometimes she was not able to leave him because the sex was so good. But this right now, was not a card he had ever played. She would never have suspected that he would find her, and capture her like a wild animal. She kicked her legs out, and his eyes jumped with the movement.

“You can’t have just left me like there was no responsibility Simona. You left, and left me to pick up the pieces. I barely did. I took you to let you know I am still here. That you left me, but I found you. I will always find you because I have to.”

Nichy whimpered.

Dorian got up from the chair, and knelt between her legs.

Nichy tensed.


She lifted up on her elbows, and he sat back on his haunches reverently.

“You’re scared of me,” he said soberly.

“I am terrified! You hunted me, what do you think I am going to feel?”

“I missed you Nichy, I missed you, I didn’t know what else to do. You left me…”

“Let it go Dorian, let me go.”

“That guy, the one you work with…I guess that is who you are with now?”

Nichy lie back on the floor again, because she did not want to look at him. Looking at him, she would start to believe his story. Dorian was good at telling a story that made you believe everything he believed. He was convincing, she had always believed everything he told her. She believed him, that he thought this was the only way he thought he could reconnect with her. But he could not make it okay that he took her against her will. She had not left entirely because of him, but she could not be with him anymore once she left. It was all so complicated.

On her back, she remembered what it was like before she left him. She had needed to act like everything was okay, not like there was anything different. They were in bed, and she had caressed him softly at first. Dorian could not take an overload of stimulation because he got very excited when she played with him. She caressed him more firmly, loving the feeling of his shaft in her hand. She loved feeling the of his skin there, knowing she was exciting him and feeling his excitement. Drowsily caressing him, she fell asleep and woke up with her hand still between his legs, his hand over hers.

Nichy finished the job upon waking, savoring the eruption of his ejaculate. She licked her fingers after. Each one slowly, because she knew she was not going to ever do that again.

When she felt Dorian’s hand on her knee, she was abruptly brought back to the present. That moment, that space in time where she and Dorian were insatiable lovers had evaporated.

Her legs tightened versus this version of Dorian that she did not trust, and who she did not know what he was capable of.

“You never used to be afraid of me…”

“Let me go…” she replied feebly.

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  1. I am loving these twists and turns. I’ve got to say, Dorian might be a little scary but I still think there’s something hot between them. Might just be me though. Nichy can handle it either way I reckon 😉

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