Wicked Wednesday #167: Ferrari

Carla was very happy when she was having drinks with Marcus and Elliott alone. It was obvious that Marcus had a thing for Eliza, even before she saw them kissing.

Even before she saw Elliot watching them kiss secretly.

Marcus looked at her now, with her thighs pressed to Elliott’s. He teased her with his eyes because Elliott was not available to her, but he could never understand the connection that she had with Elliott.

Her current stardom was a far cry from her not so distant past.

She had run away from an abusive boyfriend, and moved to New York. Even her life savings was not enough for her time there, and she ended up on the streets, asking people for money. One day, a man dropped a bouquet of roses at her feet, and knelt down to her to tell her how beautiful she was. Being on the street had encouraged her not to show her emotions. But when she looked down at her roses when the man walked away, her warm tears scalded her already warm skin. She pressed her head to her knees, so no one would see her cry.

When she looked back up, she saw a Ferrari out of the corner of her eye. It was the man who had just given her the bouquet of roses. The man who had knelt before her in his three-piece suit, and called her beautiful.


Carla was in such a bad place when she met him, that he did not need to convince her that he was legit. That he had all it would take to make her a star. She thought she would need to sleep with him to pay him back for everything he did for her.

Including letting her live with him.

What was she supposed to think when he asked her to live with him? He was beautiful and nothing but a gentleman to her, with a sparkle in his eye that made her unthink everything she had ever thought about men in suits…Her ex had worn suits every day. Carla had paid him back for everything he had ever done for her, in more ways than she would ever have believed.

So when she crawled into Elliott’s bed to wake him up with a blow job, Carla was startled when he caressed her face softly and pulled himself out of her mouth.

“Darling, your mouth feels divine, but no…”

She caressed his stomach, and looked up at him from between his thighs.

“You are beautiful, I want to show you how appreciative I am for everything that you have done for me Elliott.”
He caressed her face even softer, as he sat up.

“You’re beautiful too Carla, and if I liked women, I would have been all over you by now…”

Carla stared at him with a smirk, the taste of him still fresh on her tongue. She licked her lips to savor the taste of him there as well.

Only Elliott could have handled that situation in such a classy way. They slept together chastely that night, and she loved him even more since then. She wanted nothing but the best for him, because he was the best as far as she was concerned. Sometimes she was struck by his beauty, but she loved him and he loved her in a much deeper way.

Her legs crossed at the bar, she caressed the bouquet of roses that Elliot had brought to her dressing room earlier. He got her roses all the time for non-occasions. Their thighs were pressed together, Carla felt the tension on his where she rested her hand as they looked at Marcus.

“I have to take this call, it’s Sandrine…”

Marcus walked away.

“You still love him…” Carla said aloud, before she realized Elliott could hear her.

Elliott looked at her, cradling his scotch.

“Don’t Carl,” he said, calling her the masculine diminutive he used to be gentle because she had touched a nerve. “Besides we would fight each other for him, wouldn’t we?”

Carla took his scotch from him and took a sip, so she could feel the liquid fire inside of her.

More hot rods here:


photo by f dot leonora 


  1. This is glorious! Elliot is one helluva guy and Carla sounds like she can make things very interesting too. I look forward to see how this is going to turn out 🙂

    Rebel xox

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