Sinful Sunday, Week 227: More Stairs

This week, I had Exposing 40 and Malin James in mind…

More Sinful Sunday here:


  1. Gorgeous, of course! But that staircase needs a naked arse and a hit pair of legs walking up it…when you’re ready to reveal a little more you’ll have to return… (Am I pushing my luck?!) xx

  2. Oh wow Ms F Dot! What you do to us with those legs!
    What a sumptuous place to be!
    How lucky that banister would be to have such a lady as you to slide down it…
    I bet you have! πŸ˜‰
    X x x

  3. Such killer legs! If I had to walk up those stair behind you, the chances of me tripping and falling would be greatly increased…

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