Masturbation Monday No. 50

It was only a few hours, but it felt like it had been days. Nichy was on her side, exhausted, but afraid to fall asleep in front of Dorian. His eyes were heavy, but he watched her cautiously as well. She turned on her side, and stared up at the high ceiling.“I could let you go right now,” he said, his voice penetrated into her drifting thoughts. 

It was hard to see Dorian again. He said that she just left, but she had no choice. She had had to leave, and change everything about her life for their safety. Dorian had the means to find her obviously, but she had hoped that she had time. And she had, and she had met Gavin. The heaviness in her heart when she thought about Gavin…She had been reckless to want him. Now he was another man that she had had to abandon against her will…

Her eyes closed tightly at her harrowing memories, before her damp eyes returned to the ceiling.

Nichy was silent, waiting for Dorian to finish his musing. Let him speak, let him be the one who made the decision of whether to let her go or not.

“I could let you go Simona, but I do not know that you will not tell on me. I can’t let you go, because you might call the police.”

“I might,” she said emptily. “I might just call them.”

The weight of his body circled hers on the floor, as he got up from his seated surveillance. She had baited him, it was wrong, but she was not going to be the girl who groveled and promised that she would not tell. She was not going to beg him anymore, than she already had this past few hours. When they were together, she had only ever begged him for pleasure.

“So I cannot let you go then,” His voice was disembodied, as he spoke facing away from her.

Nichy did not know who he was anymore, but she could say the same for him. He knew Simona: who she was before she changed her name and left everything. He did not know who Nichy was, except that she was not going to beg him for her freedom.

When they were Simona and Dorian, she knew that he had an edge. She had loved that edge, loved about him that he could be like the edge of the sharpest blade. And moments later, so tender with her that it made her weep.

With pleasure.

She remembered in bed, him covering her with his body when she was turned away from him like she just did on this floor. He would cover her mouth with one hand, caress her stomach with the other and cup her between the legs with ownership. Playing her like an instrument of music or destruction. She was not sure which, but she moved against his cupped hand as he made her so sloppy wet he could barely keep his grip on her. Too wet for him to stroke her to come.

But he did.

Nichy did not realize her hand had involuntary cupped between her upper thighs. She closed her eyes as Dorian paused in front of her, and stopped breathing for a moment. As if he would not see her if she was not breathing. His feet grazed the outline of her body, before he bent to look in her now open eyes. 

Chuckling darkly, he took her hand from between her legs.

“What do you want cheri?”
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  1. Oh my god, oh my god. I’ve been wondering where you would take makes so much sense, it seems almost inevitable. And her conflict in their dynamic is perfect and so uncomfortably relatable. Beautiful, Ms. F. You are weaving a spell.

  2. I so agree with Malin. The conflict within Nichy is so relatable. Who hasn’t been there done that, and gotten out of it. But when that irresistible ‘whatever’ is offered up to you once more, you know in your head it’s all wrong wrong wrong, but your heart or your body, betrays the rest of you, to get one more taste of it.
    Ugh, this is so good, F.

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