Wicked Wednesday #169 — I don’t want realism, I want magic

“I don’t want realism, I want magic! Yes, yes, magic!”
Eliza was lying on her stomach, on her hotel bed in and out of sleep, watching A Streetcar
Named Desire.
She wanted magic too, she was desperate for it. When she first met Rafe, it was magical she had believed. Everything was magical up until the engagement. And then Oscar had been magical, and in ways maybe they both were. A kind of black magic that she had been naive about.
The door opened.
Her heart pounded and between her legs thumped, as she rolled onto her back on the mattress.
She had given Marcus her extra hotel key, even though she had not gone out for drinks with him, Elliott and Carla. Her intention was to give him time, time to decide if she was what he wanted. They had been playing such a sexy game until Rafe and Sandrine decided to play a game of their own without telling them. Eliza had to end the engagement, because it never ended with Rafe. There was always something or someone she did not know about with him. But meanwhile she ended her game with Marcus as well.
Marcus sat on the bed beside her, his suit still on him but everything of it begged to come off of him. His loosened tie, unbuckled belt…he fiddled with his cufflinks.
“How were the drinks?” Eliza asked, sounding to herself like Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois. She knew Marcus was mad that she had not gone with them, but she knew he would come back for her.
“I thought of you the whole damn time, and of fucking your heat with my fingers. I could still smell you on my fingers when I raised my drink, or had a cigarette!
She laughed and closed her eyes.
“You are not on set now Marcus, no need for the dramatics.”
Eliza was naked practically nin her negligee, the fabric of it felt like her own skin against her. Every part of her body was ripe for any part of his body to touch her hot skin. She really felt like she was on the fire that he said he wanted her to be on for him. Her legs were parted, and the flimsy material of her negligee that caressed the inside of her thighs made her squirm.
She squirmed more under Marcus, when he knelt on the bed with his arms were on either side of her.
Like the bars of a cage.
“You are not on a set either Eliza…” he said, his hot breath over her made her squirm even more.
“You are not on a set either, and you can stop playing the role that you have been playing. I can smell your heat you know? I know you are on fire, I know you are burning…” He paused and let his fingers slip under her negligee. “But I do not know if I am ready to put it out yet baby…”
Eliza was ashamed when she heard her own mewling under him, as he lifted up from over her. She had no intention of begging him, as she heard his belt buckle. Marcus caressed the curve of her neck. She was startled when his belt whipped forward out of the corner of her eye. He slipped the belt about her neck, tightening the loop about it like a leather aura that barely touched her skin. He let the strap of the belt fall between her breasts, and caressed her face like she was the most precious thing in the world. With his fingers inside the loop of his belt around her neck, he pressed his lips to her forehead. He kissed the wrinkles out of her forehead, the tip of her nose and then her mouth as her face relaxed.
Like magic.
Marcus pressed her close to his body, and she felt his desire ignite hers like a flame. Her body ruminated with a vibration she was not expecting, as she felt Marcus’ hand reach for his pocket where her hand rested.
“It’s Sandrine,” he said huskily.
Eliza knew he had to answer the phone, because they had children. Marcus had checked his phone frequently when they were in Paris. But right now? Eliza craved magic, she craved everything that she had wanted but did not have. She wanted magic, but it thwarted her pursuit every step of the way…

I love that Marie created this prompt based on a Twitter conversation that I had with Flutterby Flip, who encouraged me to watch A Streetcar Named Desire. I loved this quote so much from Blanche, I put it on my blog.

I love the marvelous and the magical!!!

More magic here:


i don’t want realism, i want magic via duck duck go images


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