Guest Blogger Kayla Lords on Reaching a Sexy Milestone!!!

I am such a fan of Kayla Lords! My fandom began when she did the KissCast with Molly Moore, she was so down to earth and sexy! I started doing Masturbation Monday which Kayla runs, because of Rebecca Black (who has a book out right now!!!) All I can tell you is my Mondays start out really hot because of it, really hot…Kayla has created so much more than a meme, she has created a community for writers and readers which produces some of the hottest stories on the internet. Tomorrow Masturbation Monday reaches a sexy milestone, turning a year old–I am currently working on my story! Make sure to stop by tomorrow to read or contrubute, here is Kayla to tell you more about it…

When F. Leonora Solomon sends you a message and says, “Hey, wanna visit my site and talk about Masturbation Monday?” A few things happen (at least if you’re me)…There’s immediate and loud squeeing. (I think dogs in other towns heard me.)

There’s moving everything in your current schedule to make room to write a post.

And there’s wondering just how long Gavin and Nichy have been making us all crazy on Masturbation Monday. (Since Week 30 if you’re curious.)

I say all that to prove my fangirl status and thank Leonora for letting me hang out and talk about my absolute favorite day of the week – Masturbation Monday which is finishing its first year in existence. Right Now. OMG.

For the record, because someone always points this out, yes, you can celebrate The Best Day of the Weekᵀᴹ any day. But it definitely makes Mondays a lot more fun.

Okay, so what the hell is Masturbation Monday? It’s a day when sex bloggers, writers, and erotic authors come together to share their hottest, steamiest stuff. It might be flash fiction. It might be an excerpt from a book. It might be a real life occurrence. Or, it might be erotic torture in the form of WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH NICHY AND GAVIN?! (I’m dying over here, Leonora. DY-ING.)

You’ll read something about masturbation, or something so hot it makes you want to masturbate. Either way, someone is masturbating. Which is part of the point.

Right now, Masturbation Monday is in week 52 – one year old, and I am a proud Mama. We’re averaging 14-15 posts a read. That’s a lot of hot, smutty goodness, y’all. And as someone who sits and reads all the posts at one time each week, I can promise you’ll be squirming by the time you’re done.

I started the weekly meme to help writers promote themselves to readers who seemed to love anything labeled “masturbation” – and help readers find something that turns them on. So far, after only a year nearly, the site has received nearly 100,000 views. Yeah, I’d say someone enjoys masturbation.

Writers – join us each Monday, and find a new audience that enjoys your brand of smutty goodness.

Readers – come find something that makes all of your parts drool a little bit and maybe a new blogger to follow.

And, really, if you don’t have time to read, come visit just for the weekly prompts. Most of them are hot, hot, hot, and may inspire a little masturbatory fun all by themselves.

Masturbation Monday: Week 52 – Join us and celebrate one year of amazing Mondays!

Kayla Lords is a sex blogger supreme, an erotica author, and a kinky woman. Visit her site or follow her on Twitter (@KaylaLords). Between the two, she provides plenty of kinky fuckery for everyone to enjoy!


celebratory cake via creative commons


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