Masturbation Monday No. 52 (1st Anniversary Edition!)

Nichy curled on her side on the mattress, her eyes welled up with tears. She was ashamed that the tears came, but she could not help it. There was a maelstrom of emotion whirling around her…“I’m sorry Simi…” Dorian lie beside her, wiping the soft dampness from her eyes. “I’m sorry.”

He kissed her lids, and Nichy felt more tears come when he said Simi. That was his short name for her, when she was still going by Simona.

“I never wanted to leave you,” Nichy whispered, her eyes closed. “I still cannot tell you why…but this was not the way to go about finding me. You terrified me for hours…”
“I would never hurt you, you know that. I did something stupid, but I never would have hurt you…”
Nichy smiled softly, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I did not think you would…but you made me question that the longer you kept me…”
Dorian ran his hand through her bedhead. He caressed it lovingly. Nicky felt his breath on her face, and heard the difference in his breathing letting her know he was aroused. 

At what point of this could he not have been aroused? But the difference now was something in her needed to feel the Dorian she had known.

The Dorian she loved.

His breath was replaced by his lips on her cheeks, and then her mouth. Nichy did not resist, as he covered her with his weight and pinned her down like a butterfly with his kisses. She reached for him to anchor him, and felt his hardness against her. Pressing her hands to his chest, she kissed him softly before saying,

“Dorian, no…”

He rolled onto his back, and looked up at the ceiling. Nicky rolled over with him, sprawled over his chest.

“I said no because I don’t want to Dorian…to say no that is, but this is too much right now.”
She kissed his bare chest where his shirt was unbuttoned. The feeling of his skin under her mouth, was as familiar to her as her own. She ran her fingers through his chest hair, her fingers slipping lower until her finger caressed the smooth skin of his navel. Dorian took her hand, as he ran his hands through her hair again, massaging her scalp which he knew was one of her hot spots. 

When Gavin kissed her, and ran his hand through her hair even he noted that it was a hot spot.


She squirmed under Dorian’s touch.

“Dorian…” She started, but did not finish. How could she tell him she was thinking about what she was going to tell Gavin, when she had left him and not said a word and she still could not tell him why?

And aside from that with their bodies together and her squirming, she had touched his happy trail which she knew was his hot spot. She felt him hold in his stomach as he gasped, and he unbuckled his belt. Her body sagged with lust when she heard that sound. Dorian held her hand, but it was of its own volition that it sought that part of him that she had always craved like a fiend.

Nichy was fiendish now…

“Simi,” he gasped, as she caressed him and licked his chest. Dorian squeezed her hand. “No.”

Nichy moved her hand from inside of his pants, but she remained lying over his chest. 

“I owe you…” he said after awhile.
Nichy lifted up, and Dorian rolled her onto her back. Softly pushing her clothes away from her, he caressed her clit first with his fingers and then with his tongue. She twisted with pleasure at the potent combination of his soft tongue and rough stubble between her legs. Closing her legs about his shoulders, Nichy came so fast it scared her.

Panting heavily, Nichy was on her back with her legs still apart as if she was expecting more.
“I am going to take you home now, I promised…” Dorian announced.
The next couple of minutes with them getting dressed, and Dorian grabbing his car keys was like a dream to her. Was she dreaming? What the hell was this?

She had not been with anyone since Dorian, and sometimes she would dream she was with Gavin and he would end up having some feature of Dorian’s. Nichy figured it was because they had been together for such a long time…but now she wondered what if it was deeper than that…

He led her out into the ornate hotel hallway, and closed the room door behind them. Dorian turned to look at her, and caressed the curve of her lip. She sucked his fingertip without thinking, and the next thing she knew she was pressed against the wall. Her hip knocked into a vases with roses, the sweet scent of roses rose up to her. 

Dorian pressed his body to hers, before he kissed her so thoroughly she panted even harder than when he made her come before.

“I am trying to redeem my gentleman card Nichy, please…let me do that. Because if I had you against this wall? There would be nothing gentlemanly about it…”

They looked at each other for a long moment, before he took her hand and led her into the elevator. Nichy leaned against her arms that were behind her back, and said nothing. It was better this way. She knew he was sorry, and her emotions right now was not stable enough. Especially since half of the reason why she was so riled up, was because of Gavin.

No sooner than he popped into her head, she walked out of the elevator and saw him standing by a vase with roses at the concierge desk.

And he saw her…and Dorian.

This is the first anniversary of Masturbation Monday, which I joined in on since Week 30. I had the lovely mastermind of this meme Kayla Lords over for some pre-celebration yesterday, and you can read this week’s stories here!

photo of roses by f dot leonora


  1. Oh my God! Nichy finally gets off but not with Gavin and then Gavin sees her with Dorian *deep breath* What the ever loving… It feels like there’s a sadistic puppet master playing with them (oh, that might be you FLS!!) You’re killing me here (but I still love you) xxx

  2. Oh boy. I was completely team Gavin when Dorian looked as if he might be the villain, but Dorian has just redeemed himself somewhat. Now like Nichy, I’m confused about where I want Nichy to go. Nice work Fdot. Can’t wait to see where you go from here. It’s never where I think.

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