Sinful Sunday Week 230: Plum Healing

Re-inspired by Charlie, I wrote a new sticky note post. Part of the inspiration, was the curved cut that is on my index finger. Below, my healing cut against my plum dress…  
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  1. That colour is gorgeous on you…and it’s the same colour as my hair(had it dyed on friday!), so I think it’s extra awesome πŸ˜€ xx

  2. The little cut reminds me of Tamsin’s recent flash fiction about the priest. The cut on her hand in that story was such a sexy little touch….

    I love the top image, the way the bend of your legs seems to mirror the shape of the cut makes for an interesting and intriguing image


  3. Gorgeous photos. I love the middle one the most…I love how the eye is drawn to your knee and love the purple and the green of the ivy working together. Xx

  4. OK, I need to find myself a plum dress now! It looks gorgeous on you and I love that you’ve managed to take such beautiful photos of such a horrible thing as a wound. Xxx

  5. You are so beautiful and so classy…and of course this made me think of your post-it, which was so incredibly sexy. You’re all the good things in one lovely, amazing person. xxx

  6. Something about the position of your legs in the first picture? Maybe the bend of your knee? I was staring at it for some time before I moved on to your hand. Lovely positioning. Hope the cut heals fast! Such a tricky little place to have it. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh these are lovely! Your dress is such a gorgeous color! And there is something beautifully dark about the cut. It’s such a unique shape, it adds an element of mystery to your pics that makes them magical.

  8. I am sorry to hear of your injury. I am glad to hear it is healing. I was pleased to see so much of your lovely hands on plum. I love the way your fingers cross in the first image. It coveys an intimacy, like the way the fingertip of another resting on a bare knee, just passed the hem, coveys heat.

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