Masturbation Monday No. 53

 Nichy heard Dorian’s soft Welsh accent luring her attention back to him.
As if he already knew she was lost as Gavin walked toward them.
Gavin did not sound angry, which made Nichy feel even more remorse at the situation.
“Gavin?” she answered him.
“I knew that it was an overwhelming last few days, but you did not have to leave without telling me. You could have told me…”
“I was just telling Ilona’s husband, he is staying here. That is why I am here. I was telling him that I probably scared you off…that was why you left after the baby was born…”
“Gavin, I do not even know what to say, where to start…”
He stared between her and Dorian.
“It is not Sim-Nichy’s fault. I am an old friend of hers, I saw her and demanded she come up to my suite for a drink,” Dorian said coming to her rescue.
“It felt a little overwhelming Gavin. I left without fanfare, because I did not want it to be about me. I saw Dorian and he invited me up for a drink while I was going home.”
She looked at Gavin, before grasping his hand, caressing the inside of his palm with her fingertips.
“Nichy, we are heading back to the hospital,” he squeezed her hand back. “I will see you.”
Nichy felt herself reach for him as he walked away, but realized that she had to let him go. She had to respect what he was feeling.
“Are you going to go after him?”
Nichy turned on her heel to look at Dorian. She could see that he was sincere, but it was what he had done that got her in this situation in the first place.
“I’m sorry,” Dorian said, as if he could read her thoughts.
She looked down at her hands, and thought about how damp her panties were when she went to the bathroom before they left the room. Soaking because of Dorian giving her head so good, she thought she was going to faint when he made her come so hard. So hard, she held her hand to her head remembering it.
“Are you hungry, do you want something to eat before I take you home?”
“I am not hungry.”
“It is Nichy now…” She put her hand up to his face, caressed his stubble. “I am sorry too.” Nichy had watched Gavin disappear through the doors, with an attractive man in a suit pulling a carry-on. She did not stand too close to Dorian, she knew that Gavin would still be looking. They made an attractive couple, she and Dorian had been one of those couples that everyone envied.
It was such a risk to be with him now, with all that happened and all the reasons why she had had to leave him.
But it was hard as hell to leave him now.
Even as she let Gavin go because she knew he needed to be on his own, she was also not quite ready to leave Dorian. They walked outside, his driver pulled up and got out of the car to open the door for both of them. Nicky got into the car, knowing she flashed anybody who was walking by and cared to look. Would they see how damp the crotch of her panties was in that quick glimpse?
Between her legs was cool when she closed them from the dampness. Dorian got in beside her, the feeling of his thigh against hers made her wetter.
There was nothing for them to say to each other. What did you say, when you had been abducted by your ex, who you had to leave for reasons that you still could not tell him and saw the guy that you were currently hooking up with in the hotel where you were held hostage?
Nichy looked out of the window, and placed her hand on Dorian’s thigh out of familiarity. She turned to look at him right away, his eyes already on her.
“Do you want me to remain a gentleman?” he asked, his hand over hers.
His accent was thick with restrained lust. Nichy looked down, and unbuckled his belt. He put his hand out to stop her, but she put the strap of his belt in her mouth and looked up at him. He slumped, sinking into the plush cushion of the seat as he helped her pull down his pants. There was already pre-come on his crown, and she licked it quickly to honor him. Every stroke of her tongue along his length was an act of reverence for her. The familiarity of the act soothed her, was sacred to her as she held his thighs. Her eyes watered as he bucked up deeper into his mouth, she wanted it deep.
She wanted to be messy from pleasuring him.
Her hand reached inside her soaking panties, cool and warm with a new wave of lust.
He did not even know what to call her when he came.
Nichy pulled away from him sated, with specks of come all over her. Grabbing the tissue box from near the mini bar, she dabbed at her mouth.
I owed you,” she said, her eyes slit blinded by the moon.

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  1. Mmm Nichy / Simi is changing. Seems like she’s heading in a different direction to Gavin right now. I wonder if they’ll ever connect again? Great new episode FLS xxx (PS can’t help but think Dorian is hot. Maybe I need to explore some kidnapping fantasies!)

  2. Oh Ms F Dot – it’s so intense but melancholic and grown up. Ahhh amazing. I plucked out the same line as Cpmandara – messy from pleasuring him… beautiful x x

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