Yesterday was a really awesome blog day for me. I had my amazing, brilliant friend Vena Ramphal as a guest on my blog. I met Vena at Eroticon a few years ago. Her session was so life-affirming and rich, and her post is the same–full of love and life…You can read it here if you missed it, or again!

This year at Eroticon, I met the equally amazing and brilliant Girl on the Net. GOTN was there last year, but I did not get to meet her. This year I did, and she is really awesome! She did a fantastic session which you can read about here, and gave us lots of chocolate–so I am a friend for life! But most of all, she is full of such great energy and shares my suit fetish–which is what my guest post on her blog is all about! You can read it here.

It only seemed fair in an ode to my great blog day yesterday, to honor something else of yesterday…Don Draper in his suit!

photo of Don Draper via flickr

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