Masturbation Monday No. 55

“Nichy, are you listening to me?”
Nichy turned and stared at Renee. She really had not been listening to her friend. After the call that she had gotten last night, it was the only thing that she had thought about.
Until she got to work that morning.
She saw Gavin as soon as she walked into the office. He stared at her, at first, but then he smiled.
Nichy looked around her in the as if she was afraid that she was being watched, then stared at Renee.
“No, I was a bit distracted…”
Nichy was happy that no one knew about her and Gavin, except her and Gavin. It was awkward to be back in her real life, well, what was now her real life after seeing Dorian.
And the phone call…
Renee shrugged,
“Not a big deal anyway. I should have hooked up with you or Gavin instead of Tyler.”
Nichy was still distracted, but then Renee’s words sunk in.
“Well, you know…you acted like it did not happen but…something could have happened when I stayed over with you…” Renee grinned shyly, and stirred her drink. “I mean I was only ever with a girl in college to try it you know? But that night with you, you put me in the mood again…”
Again Renee’s words sunk in slowly, but this time it was stark background music as she saw Gavin.
He did not avoid looking at her, but she knew that it was because he did not want it to seem like he did not believe her. But how could he?
“Gavin!” Renee turned around and pounded on the glass window so that Gavin would turn around.
Nichy smiled softly as he walked in. He sat down next to her because it was the only space. His thigh touched hers like it did the first day that they sat together in this booth in this bar.
But now there had been kisses, now there had been almost…and then this. Not knowing what to say to him.
Nichy still did not hear anything that was being said about the demise of Renee and Tyler. The silence between her and Gavin was so thick, that she was not able to hear.
“I am going to the bathroom.” Nichy heard as a delay, after Renee was already probably in the bathroom. She pressed her thigh to Gavin’s unconsciously, and she froze until he caressed her it.
“I do not know what happened Nichy, but I want to believe that you told me the truth. I want to believe what you said because I cannot turn off what I have been feeling. Maybe I scared you off…”
“Are you wet?”
Her voice fell as he slipped his hand under her dress. The crotch of her thong was curled around her clit. His finger circled her bare wet clit.
“You do not owe me any explanation Nichy, about last night or about now and how soaking wet you are…you cannot pretend to be this wet…”
“Gavin, I never pretended with you. You always make me wet, even before we were together…before this…”
“Get the check, or at least get rid of Renee, because I am not going to let you have an option this time. I am not going to leave you alone…” He circled her clit like a spin cycle that she had watched at the laundromat. Her hips moved in time with his finger.
Nichy did not have a chance to excuse herself from Renee. Gavin got up, and made excuses that she honestly did not how plausible they were.
When she got up, she was so wet and slippery. Gavin caressed her ass, when they were walking out of the bar. She plucked her thong from curling around her clit, and that tiny sensation almost made her come.
She needed to come.

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