Wicked Wednesday #173 — Dreams

Eliza sat at the bar, her legs crossed as she nursed her drink. Josephine, the bartender smiled at her intermittently. The sparkle of her own diamond engagement ring made Eliza blink so fast, an eyelash slipped into her eye. She blinked until the lash did not irritate her anymore, and took a sip of her cocktail. When the man walked toward her, she knew him and did not know him at the same time. She studied Oscar as he approached. 

“Waiting for your fiancé again?” he asked, sitting next to her so that her thigh pressed against his. 

Eliza saw Josephine look at them out of the corner of her eye, but Eliza was not able to restrain herself from pressing closer to Oscar. Not able to resist her making thigh press even more to his.

She nodded in response to his question.

Oscar put his hand on her thigh, and Eliza saw Josephine actually lean over the bar to look to see where his hand fell on her thigh.

“You going to leave with me again?” he asked. 

Eliza put her hand over his on her thigh.

“You wanted me here Eliza, you wanted me and now I am here…”

She nodded, and got up with him.

“Do you have a room here?” she asked quietly.

Oscar was quiet, and in her heart of hearts, Eliza had to admit that she liked him best like this. Rougher, and taking charge of everything. Taking charge of her. He took her hand, and they walked out of the bar urgently.

“I do not have a room here, but I cannot wait anymore…” Oscar said, his hand on her hip. 

They walked to a door marked “Staircase B.” And like on the staircase in the gallery at Fiona’s opening in Shanghai, Oscar kissed her. He pressed her to the wall, and it felt like a fever spread between her legs. Eliza was smoldering. When their lips parted, her mouth was still open as she panted.

“You want more?” he teased before he kissed her again, and held her face in both of his hands. He bathed her face with warm kisses, it felt like he was kissing her between her legs.

She had memorized his touch. Just as she was about to come, she was startled.


Eliza’s eyes were slit, and heavy with sleep.


“You were moaning loudly in your sleep Liza baby, you were having a bad dream…”

She closed her eyes, heavy with sleep and deception. 

Rafe kissed her shoulder, and she curled up against him. He took her hand with her ring on it, that felt like lead on her finger. She felt the weight of it, even when she was not thinking about it. 

And she liked it, what the ring signified. When Rafe proposed to her again, she did not hesitate not to say yes. Yes to him, yes to wearing her ring. Her finger literally had felt naked without it. She said yes, and  Josephine had given them celebratory flutes of champagne with strawberries.

Her dream did not make sense, it did not make sense that she would imagine herself meeting Oscar all over again. But this time knowing him. Knowing they were going to go off together. Knowing they were going to make love again…

Until Rafe woke her up, thinking she was moaning over a bad dream.

He did not know…
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bar photo with dreamstate filter by f dot leonora


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