My (First) Sexy Saturday for their 100th Blog Post Anniversary!!!

I love a good logo, and when I saw the one for My Sexy Saturday, I knew that I would have to join in. And on what better day than their 100th blog post anniversary!

The story that I have picked is an excerpt from my anthology, Hot Summer Flings. I came up with the idea for the anthology on an ungodly hot summer day. I wrote the story based on my neighbor in Paris, who kept smoking in our non-smoking hotel.

And that is where the similarity ends!

“I am leaving in the morning, I’m going home to London.”
“I am in Paris for a few more days.”
“For pleasure?”
“For pleasure.”
“I want to give you some pleasure to compensate for the displeasure I caused by smoking.”
“It was not that displeasurable. I’m just a New Yorker, and I guess kind of like the Wizard of Oz I should realize I am not in New York anymore–”
Then she did not know where she was anymore, he kissed her and she knew they were going to but the charge she felt from that kiss finally coming to fruition…And not even on her mouth, his kiss on her hand that he took suddenly, and then her cheek near her jaw and close to her mouth but not there…

The complete story is in Hot Summer Flings.


For more My Sexy Saturday, click here:


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