Wicked Wednesday #176 — The End

“So this is the end of the tug and pull between you and my brother?”
Fiona asked Eliza this after Rafe had been called into the office unexpectedly, over her scrambled eggs on a rooftop. Picking up her mimosa, Fiona eyed her expectantly.
Eliza wanted to question Fiona on her sudden devotion to Rafe, being that she had declared that she was in love with her when they were in Shanghai.
At the same time, that Eliza realized she was in love with Oscar.
Seeing him earlier at the auction house had brought on a headache. She had wandered through the entire exhibition of impressionist and modern art without seeing a thing of beauty. She saw Oscar with Polly who he had abandoned her for, and at the same time she remembered him in the hotel when they almost made love…She felt that he wanted her, but they ended up not making love. Eliza knew it was because of Polly. Well Polly was beautiful, but still Oscar had been with her shortly after she left Rafe.
Marcus had been there too, but it was Rafe who came and conquered her. She could not forget that he did that every time she thought that it was the end. It was not. Rafe always possessed her again.
“You don’t know what happened between us Fi,” Eliza said filling her mouth with scrambled eggs.
“I do know, Rafe told me what happened with Sandrine, and I told him he was wrong. He always treats you like that, and it is tiring,” Fiona said, filling her mouth with more scrambled eggs with brown sauce and a bit of beans. The place where they were having brunch was very English. “I just hope that this time you both realize that you need to make up your minds, and be serious about being together. Mom and Dad are even worn out.”
“You really have no right to access this Fi, you really don’t!”
Eliza put her fork down. Suddenly the scrambled eggs made her feel nauseous, even though they were perfect. Tears came to her eyes nonetheless, and she ran to the bathroom.
She needed to be alone.
Her period was way overdue, and the nausea she had. She was going to have to take an emergency trip to the drug store. Pulling all of her hair to one side, she tugged on it anxiously as she vomited. Her eyes filled with tears from the act, and then after because she was scared. She had never been pregnant before. As long as she and Rafe had been together, she had never missed a period.
Eliza let het hair fall loose and looked in the mirror, knowing he must know that her period was late.
“Are you okay?”
Eliza looked at Fiona who had come into the bathroom.
Fiona looked between her and the sink.
“It smells like sick in here,” Fiona said opening the small window in the corner.
“I was sick,” Eliza said shrugging.
Fiona stared at her for a long time.
“Are you pregnant Eliza?”
Eliza stared at Fiona without blinking.

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scrambled eggs with brown sauce photo by f dot leonora


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