The Historian

I have a very particular idea in my head of how I want this week’s installment of Masturbation Monday to go. I called one of my really good friends because I love her, and just to see how she was. Lovely conversation, we made plans to have dinner soon…before we get off the phone she tells
me a new dating story, which jibed so much with what I wanted to write that I asked her could I borrow it? If not for this piece, some piece because it was awesome!

“Why do you think I tell you stories?” she asked me.

Before I could even put words together, she told me that she tells me her stories to help me along with mine. Told me I am her voice, her historian–I have always told her that I wished she wrote stories because she tells the best ones!

But she assigned me as a historian.

As the “creative” one, I am usually assigned the role as the entertainer. But to be a historian? I felt special! Here is a bit of history she inspired me to write for Alison Tyler.

Tomorrow there might be a bit of her story in my newest installment…or not! But the photograph I took yesterday will accompany it, and it also is a big part of how the story will go.

Stay tuned!


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