Masturbation Monday No. 60

Tortoiseshell glasses name was Theodora, Nichy found out when Theodora sat down at the table with them. She pushed her tortoiseshell frames up into her hair, and smiled at her. Renee put her hand on Theodora’s thigh, and looked at Nichy. At first she had noticed tortoiseshell–Theodora–because she was very pretty and alone. It seemed like she was waiting for someone. But then Nichy went to the bathroom, and Renee came in, in what was a like a dream proposition now because she and Tyler were all over Theodora.

Not that Nichy wanted it. She still wondered how long it was going to be almost with Gavin. Almost never quite…She never imagined that they would even get this far when she used to have to masturbate in the bathroom at work just to take off the edge, because she wanted him so much.

With Theodora so close to her, she saw something familiar about her. Nichy was not sure, but she felt that she had seen her before? Not a deep friendship, but once or twice maybe? 

Though she could not remember if recently, or before.

Theodora exuded the type of sensuality that even when she was sitting and it was really Renee and Tyler who were trying to seduce her, it looked like she was being served. She had that air.

Where had she seen her before, Nichy wondered…as she picked up her drink and drained the suggestion of ice water that had melted in the glass. Theodora had clearly had a little too much to drink, but she was still rich in sensual grace. Her slit eyelids had a feline quality as she looked around her. 

They all had had too much to drink. Gavin had probably imbibed the least of all of them.

“Want to go home?” he whispered to her.

His warm breath caressed her cheek.

“Let’s go to your place,” she said, pressing her lips to his sleeve.

Nichy saw that he smiled out of the the corner of her eyes. She wanted to be safe for a moment. After all of this time where she had been careful about being discovered, and now she had been abducted and held at empty gunpoint. Going to Gavin’s seemed like a refuge, even though she knew that Graham knew where he lived.

They chose a cab, going home and there was a sense of deja vu for Nichy. She remembered before all of her recent diversions, being in the cab wanting to dry hump Gavin after the blackout when his cousin was going into labor. Now her hand was on his thigh, and he kissed her wherever his lips touched: her cheek, her hand, her neck–wherever.

She just wanted to feel safe, as she slipped her hand inside Gavin’s shirt. He sat up abruptly.

“Not in the cab,” he said quietly.

“Why not?”

Her hand strayed further under his shirt, though he pulled her hand away, and kissed every finger, sucked every finger. 

It went straight to her clit. 

But he had not moved her hand fast enough, and she felt the feeling of metal that she was all to familiar with. That she had rode between her legs with Graham…she knew that feeling.

She knew Gavin had a gun on him, that they had never been to his apartment before, that they already had pulled up in front of his building and she was not sure what she was going up into that apartment for. He had been so calm about Dorian, he had been oblivious about what happened with Graham…was this his response?

Her clit throbbed with desire and fear, as she walked out of the cab. Gavin walked behind her and jingled his keys. 

“Come here,” he whispered, pulling her to him. His kiss was like fire–raged over her mouth, her throat and he kissed what was exposed of her breast in the street, his fingers searching for her under her dress as he pressed her to the wrought iron gate, just out of the view of the doorman.

“Not in the cab, but on the street?!” she laughed nervously, because she would have before but now she was intimidated. 

Gavin pulled his hands away from her. 

Kissed her without touching her.

“Let’s go upstairs…”

He put his hand on the small of her back, his hand lingered over her hip and backside as they walked into the apartment building. The doorman smiled at her, and some semblance of safety returned to her heart.

She was going upstairs with him, and she was not sure she was coming back down…

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      1. best of luck girl – sounds like you’re going to need it!!! (and lots of chocolate)
        BMN xxx

  1. Are you kidding me? Really? Now Gavin is a bad guy? Or is he a spy? Or… And when is he finally just going to *do* her? Hmm?
    Ok, can you tell you grabbed your audience? 😉

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