Kink of the Week Oct 16-31: Dirty Panties

Cora could feel the perspiration at the crack of her ass, as she balanced on it. She was right on the edge, her finger almost rubbed that spot of her clit raw in order to reach her peak.
She needed to come.
This was her second attempt. The first time she had rubbed herself so hard, she missed her orgasm with the wrong flick of her finger. She had pulled up her panties, and closed her legs which still vibrated with lost eros.
It had not been her intention to masturbate herself late to work, but after her shower…even before her shower, she had been horny as all get out. After, she could not keep her hands off of herself: exploring the divide between her breasts, fingering the curve of her neck…She let her finger hover just above her slit, seeing that she was already running late…
Now she was on her bed, trying to get back the orgasm that she had lost.
She came like a crash, so suddenly she gasped. Cora gripped her hand between her legs with the top of her thighs, letting the vibration roll underneath it.
Her whole body was damp, and between her legs was so wet with her come that she could barely keep her grip on her clit. But she came this time, so she was good. She pulled up her panties, and resumed getting ready for work.
Well she was physically there when she arrived to her job. Remembering her morning detour of masturbating, made her dissolve at her desk. Cora could smell her wet desire between her legs. The crotch of her panties were damp as hell. She wanted to touch herself at her desk, but decided that would be insane. Instead she pulled her panties up at her waist, so she could indirectly caress her clit and stepped away from her desk.
In the bathroom, she rubbed the crotch of her panty over her clit until she felt excited enough to slip her finger inside her damp crotch. Her back pressed to the door of the stall, she let her head roll against it as she rubbed her finger and the edge of her panty over her clit until she came.
It was then that she was satisfied. She pulled her lace panties over her hips, and stepped out of them. She pulled a plastic bag out of her pocket, and inhaled the lace that was redolent with her come before she slipped it into the bag. Her bare ass caressed the door of the stall which made her need to make herself come again.
Cora’s heart raced, and she felt like she might pass out from all the pleasure that she felt twitching between her legs. She pulled the plastic bag out of her pocket, and pulled out her panties to wipe her come with the crotch of them before placing them back in the plastic bag.
She looked like she had run a marathon, when she saw herself in the mirror above the bathroom sink. Cora panted as she washed her hands, before returning to the office.
Of course she had to stay late, she came in late.
But that was not the only reason that Cora stayed late. After everyone had left, she went to the mailroom. She picked up an express mailer, and pulled her panties out of her pocket. A smear of her own come in the plastic bag was visible, as she placed it in the mailer.
She recently started selling her dirty panties for money. It was a nice supplement to her income. This was a return buyer, who said he loved her scent and bought her this pair of lace panties. It made her excited to send them out to him. She wondered what he looked like? Wondered how her panties fit into his ritual exactly?
Cora licked the mailer, an extra bit of her for nothing.
He was a lucky bastard…
She turned around, and saw that she was not alone in the mailroom.
Her boss stood there, his tie loosened and his head pressed to the wall. He had been at an all-day conference nearby, and she had not expected him. Uncertain what he had seen, Cora picked up her package and looked at him.
“Just coming back from your meeting?” she asked casually.
“Why are you still here?”
Cora shrugged,
“I was late this morning.”
“I would not even have known…” he smiled. “You are such a hard worker bee Cora.”
Cora smiled.
She had worked damn hard for the money today…

More dirty panties here:

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