Sinful Sunday, Week 240: J’aime Paris

This is me–at my usual seat at my favorite bar in Paris near my hotel, and where they always remembered me even though I have only been there once a year since my first trip. Ironically, I never got there this year to my dismay.

I really want to go next year to show Paris my love…

J’aime Paris


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  1. I was suppose to be going to Paris in April of next year, but that plan fell through…I now wonder if it is for the best. It’s a wonderful & secure feeling to be able to go like “your hotel & bar” and they know you there.
    Suddenly I’m thirsty. 😉

  2. When we woke up yesterday we considered making our trip in a few months include Paris even if for a day as both a show of support and an act of defiance toward the fascists.

    On a much less geo political note I love the places that remember me when i travel even if I’m not a regular. It makes them a little extras special.

  3. I like the way the alcohol glazes over the olives.

    At least, I’m assuming that’s a martini and that those are olives. The little fruit bits.

  4. I love Paris too, it is the city where @domsigns proposed to me. It is such a beautifully vibrant and culturally rich place, and for me, it is full of romance…. As Paris should be and despite everything that has happened always will be


  5. Beautiful image that is so very apt at this sad time for Paris. I am sure though that the people of the city will not let their spirit be broken, in fact yesterday, in the news, they were reporting that the bars, cafes and restaurants were full of people which tells me they will not be beaten. Vive la Paris!!

    Velvet x

  6. We debated whether to go to Paris or Rome this year, in the end Rome won the coin toss so I’ve yet to experience it. Just like New York, London, Mumbai, Ankara, Beirut or the countless other locations that have been attacked, Paris will survive and in doing so will show its strength.

  7. Oh, I love Paris! It’s my favourite place and always makes me so happy. The events of this weekend have broken my heart…

    And, wow, that cocktail looks delicious! Xxx

  8. This is such a beautiful tribute and a beautiful image. I’ve only been to Paris once (sadly) and that was nearly 20 years ago, but I still remember my time there clearly and distinctly and hope to go back. Your love for her is beautiful and I know she can definitely feel it in her heart 🙂

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