Sinful Sunday, Week 242: Waiting

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  1. Really super cute Ms F Dot.
    I can see the he motion in my mind. You’re movements are so innocent as you wait … I bet the person you’re waiting on is having a wonderful time just watching. ..
    So lovely x

  2. I really like your creativity; the contrasts of colours, the shapes traced by your legs and feet, the thought of you entertaining yourself as you wait by creating them.


  3. I love that first image, there is something about the symmetry, the light, the dark pool of your shadow, there is something expectant about it all


  4. Are you channeling Audrey Hepburn? You certainly seem to be, both in form and style. These are lovely images but they are lovelier still in black and white. I downloaded one and removed the color. Amazing! I am so glad for the richness of the black.

  5. Oh Lady, those legs! These shots are so sexy and adorable and utterly, utterly charming. Eugene mentioned Audrey, but the person who came to my mind was Leslie Caron. In Gigi specifically 🙂 Adorable and sexy in one charming package. That is you 🙂

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