The End of an Era: Tamsin Flowers Tantalizes with Alchemy xii One Last Time…

This year Mad Men had its series finale, and now? Tamsin FlowersAlchemy xii series has reached its final chapter–I really cannot say much more…I am letting Tamsin take over!!!

Alchemy xii – December: It’s the end of an era…

First of all, thank you, F Dot, for having me over today – I love your blog, so it’s a great thrill to be able to come and visit it!

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that today’s December 1. It certainly hasn’t escaped mine, because it’s a day of beginnings and endings for me. As the first day of December, it’s the first day of my annual Superotica Advent Calendar – there’ll be a new story by a different writer every day over on my blog until the 24th. But sadly, it’s also the end of an era for me, as today sees the publication of the final episode of my Alchemy xii serial, Alchemy xii – December. Sniff. Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye.

Harry and Olivia, the two central characters in this epic BDSM club saga, first saw the light of day in December last year when I published the very first instalment, and intrepid readers have been following their exploits ever since. Today’s episode will tie up all the loose ends and bring the story of the two protagonists to its final conclusion.

So how do I feel? Sad and relieved in equal measure – there are things I’ll miss about publishing an ongoing series and things I won’t!

Things I’ll miss about Alchemy xii:

  • Harry Lomax. If ever I’ve fallen in love with one of my own characters, it’s Harry. He’s such a charming rascal, it’s no wonder literally no-one can resist him.
  • My beautiful cover images by White Room.
  • The slightly panicky feeling I get when I think I’m not going to manage to finish the next episode on time.
  • The wonderful support of my three beta readers, Malin James, Delilah Night and Jade A Waters – not that they’re going anywhere – they’re wonderful friends as well.
  • The excited tweets from the series’ fans when they realise a new episode has arrived in their in-box.

Things I won’t miss about Alchemy xii:

  • The slightly panicky feeling I get when I think I’m not going to manage to finish the next episode on time.
  • Editing and proof reading – though as a writer, I’ll never escape from those two!
  • Formatting each episode. It’s not hard but it is boring.
  • Confronting my failures as a marketer.
  • Readers who let me know in no uncertain terms how irresponsible I am not to make my characters wear condoms. (As if I have any control over them!)
  • Raf Castro!

If you haven’t read any of the Alchemy series, you’ll need to start all the way back at Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve, but for those of you who’ve been following the story, here’s a short snippet from Alchemy xii – December to whet your appetite.



Harry came to my apartment, just a few days after I’d topped him. He didn’t announce himself—just turned up at the door, clutching a little black velvet bag.

“Hello, darling,” he said, sweeping in and backing me up against the wall for a kiss, in which we lost ourselves.

But finally I had to know what he was doing here.

“I brought these,” he said, holding up the black bag. “They came in the post today, and I couldn’t wait to try them out on you. They’ll be just your cup of tea.”

“What are they?”

He pulled open the bag’s drawstrings and shook it over his hand. Small silver clamps scattered across his palm, jingling like loose change.

“Clamps. For your tits and your clit, and your labia. And wherever else on your anatomy I choose to attach them.”

Excitement, hot and wet, bubbled through me.


“Yes, now, you greedy girl.”

He wasted no time in divesting me of my clothes. Then he laid me flat on my back on my bed, while he, still fully dressed, knelt above me.

“I think I need to tie you up for this,” he said. “Otherwise you could flick them off as quickly as I put them on.”

I grinned.  “I wouldn’t want to.”

But he insisted and I was delighted. It would make it a whole lot better if I was restrained. Pain is always better when my wrists are bound. He tied me up quickly and then grabbed his bag of clamps. First, he applied two of them to my nipples. The pressure was strong and the pain deliciously sharp. Nipple clamps were practically my favorite thing and Harry usually kept a pair of them in his jeans pocked whenever he saw me. But having a row of clamps attached slowly, one by one, to my labia? What a revelation.

I relaxed back into the pain, letting the tension flow out of my body as the intense physical sensation cleared my mind. I murmured my approval and Harry bestowed a quick kiss on my clit before carrying on. It sent a delicious shiver through my core. I closed my eyes and arched my back as I became more and more aroused. When I moved, I heard a soft tinkling as the steel clamps skittered up against each other. When each of my outer labia was adorned with metal, Harry applied some to my inner lips. The pain was way sharper as the flesh was thinner. I gasped, my breathing now labored. I was so ready to climax that it would only have taken the softest touch to my clit. But Harry was nothing if not diabolical, and with a snap, he attached a clamp there instead. I shrieked and when he shoved two fingers inside me to massage my g-spot, I exploded. An orgasm barrel-rolled through me, as sweet and sharp as the pain from the clamps.

“Damn,” said Harry. “You came much too quick.”

“It was lovely,” I sighed.

“So now I’ve got to take them all off again.”

“Leave them on for a bit,” I said. “It’s heavenly.”

“Oh, Liv, you always say exactly the right thing at the right moment. I rise to the challenge of making you come again.”

It wasn’t difficult. Nor for the third or fourth time. Admittedly, to make me come for the fifth time, he did have to remove the clamp from my poor squished clit and give it a bit of tongue love. But we got there.

“Now take them off,” I said. When you want clamps on you want them on, but when you’ve had enough, they can’t come off fast enough. “Quick.”

If you have not been reading, I recommend that you start with Alchemy xii – New Year’s Eve like Tamsin said, and work your way up to Alchemy xii – December !!!

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