The Return of the Sunday Snog!!!

I have not written a Sunday Snog for a long time, but I have missed these characters. 

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Veronica sat at the kitchen table. She was not sure where Gwennie was, since she had slept so late that morning. She had slept late most mornings since she had broken up with Harley. Nothing was really wrong with their relationship, but nothing was really right with it either. When he told her that they should have some time apart, it slowly ended up as permanent time apart.

It was hard for Veronica because she had only had two relationships, and both of her partners had broken up with her. It made her feel worthless, and opened up all her insecurities all over again.

Her gait was slow and measured as she got up to pour herself another cup of coffee. There was still coffee in her cup, but she could not even wait. Before she sat down, there was a knock at the door.


Veronica’s heart raced. Hearing Max’s voice made her heart race. Even after all of these years, even after they had married and divorced…his voice still made her heart race.

She pulled her robe tight about her—she was not wearing anything underneath it but was too tired to go put anything else on.

Hesitantly, she cracked the door open.

“Max, what do you want? I don’t know where Gwennie is, she is not here…”
“I came to see you V.”

“Let me in…”
“I am not dressed,” she said, running her hands through her hair.

“I have seen you naked V, there is nothing that I have not seen before.”

“I don’t want to let you in…”
“Not even if our daughter is worried about you because she had not seen you for a few days? She has not seen you in the apartment because you are asleep all the time.’

“Gwennie can talk to me Max! I do not need you to babysit me…”

“Veronica, I know that you are going through a rough time. I just wanted to be decent, and make sure you are okay. I care about you…I just want to see you…”

Veronica sighed, and opened the door. She heard Max lock the door behind him.

“Coffee?” she asked, turning to look at him. Her robe loosened, showing her cleavage. She saw that Max’s eyes riveted to her chest. She tightened the robe.

“Yes,” he said.

Veronica reached carefully in the cabinet for Max’s cup, so her robe would stay in place and poured him a cup of coffee.

“You broke up with Harley?”
“Yes,” Veronica said, within a gulp of coffee. “So it was in the newspaper?”

“No, I know people who know him and you. I am sorry…”
“Yes, another man left me…”


“No, it is true and it is on me. Third time is the charm though, right?”

“You are seeing someone new?”

“Why do you care?”
“You are the mother of my daughter. I care about you, I will always care about you…”
Max caressed her arm, and then her face. Veronica looked at him, and knew it was a bad idea she had not put on more than her robe. He stood in front of her, and caressed her lips.

“I love you Veronica…”

Veronica knew Max was the reason why she could not be with Harley. Because she could not stop thinking about his touch.

“I love you too Max…”

Max had replaced his fingers with his lips, and pressed Veronica against the stove. He kissed her innocently at first, like a friend. But then she knew he was tasting her, savoring her mouth. He pulled her robe open, and groped her breast.

Veronica wrapped her arms about him, her robe open and pressed against him with urgency she was embarrassed by.

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stolen kiss by fragonard via wikipedia

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