Wicked Wednesday #184 — Boundaries

“Eliza and Rafe are a lovely couple, aren’t they?”
Margaux sipped her tea with a soft smile as she looked at her sister, then feared that her cup went down with more of a thump than she had meant it to.“I knew it!” Laure said, eyeing her sister with righteous glee and pounding the table. I saw how you were looking at Rafe, and how he was looking at you…”
“Stop it Laure! I was not looking at anybody like anything! Particularly not a married man!”

“He’s not married…”

“Engaged is basically married, and I want no part of that…”

Margaux got up, and walked out onto the balcony. She hoped that her sister would not follow her because she wanted a moment to herself, to look out at New York City which was not strange to her but was not home like Paris was. 

It had been easy for her to forget about Eliza and Rafe when she saw them the first time, but the second time it was harder for her because she was very attracted to Rafe. And with the invisible leash that Eliza had on him, Margaux knew it was best to keep away from him. 

But he spilled gravy on her, and and tried to make it as little of a deal as she could. She licked it off of her legs as comic relief, but she realized quickly it had not come off that way. When Margaux excused herself to the bathroom, she found herself aroused by the idea that Rafe had spilled warm gravy all over her legs. Her mind wandered quickly in ways she did not want it to, so she focused on cleaning up the gravy spill to center herself.

The rest of the evening went well, and without incident. Margaux had shaken Rafe from her thoughts, when Laure made her spot-on observation. Laure and her were almost like twins, they were so in tune with each other. It made her happy to see Laure in New York happy, and in her element.

Moving to New York was invigorating for her, or it would be. She had already made some contacts, and was finding work even outside of being a fetish model. At one of her shoots, she was in the background for an upcoming starlet’s magazine spread who also had a retro look to her. After the shoot they had had coffee together, and now they were becoming something of friends.

“I could introduce you to Marcus,” Carla said casually, since she was on first name terms with the very sexy actor of a show that Margaux was now caught up on since she was in the States. “You are beautiful, he will love you!”

“Sure!” she had said to Carla, who she was going to see later that day. 

Margaux knew she was classically beautiful, she was not ashamed of that. Rafe had looked at her like most men look at her, recognizing she was beautiful but his invisible leash reined him in. Margaux knew that she had to put her own invisible leash on.

She was not about to have another tragic affair, in her so far theatrical love life…

She had to have boundaries…

More boundaries here:

francesca woodman via google images


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