Sexy Searching No. 9


Peggy could not put her legs up on the lounge chair in the lobby—there was no need to underscore her dirty panties. Well the panties that she had had on since yesterday on the plane and even though she had gained time abroad, she was not as fresh as she could be.

Her hotel room was not ready, and she was tired. She had left her luggage with the front desk, so she figured that she would go out and have a coffee. There was a Starbucks nearby—wasn’t there always?

Peggy rather liked Starbucks when she was abroad, because it was a creature comfort of home. But there were always things in the abroad ones that she could not find in the States. On the line, she saw a man that she recognized, but was not sure from where. She did not know anyone in London, so he must just have that sort of face.

A beautiful face.

She carried her coffee in one hand and her phone in the other leaving the store, hoping they had texted her that her room was ready.


The sliding doors of the hotel opened, and she sat down in the lobby again. She could smell herself. Nothing strong, but she needed a fresh pair of panties.

She settled to sip her coffee when she noticed the man that she saw in Starbucks. Now back in the hotel, she realized that she recognized him from the hotel. They had both been waiting in the lobby, and now he was outside smoking a cigarette.

Peggy had not smoked in a long time, but she figured if she could not go to her room, she could flirt with the beautiful stranger. She went outside, and walked up to him.

“Have you got another cigarette?” she asked him.

He looked at her with slit eyes.

“Can you say that again, so I can hear your accent?”

He was a native, and he had an accent—that made her clit stiffen.

“A cigarette, have you got one?”


“Yeah, that’s my name. A cigarette?”

He smiled, nodded and handed her a cigarette.

“I will light it for you, yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said closing her eyes, as he leaned in close to light her cigarette.

But instead, she felt his lips on hers. Her eyes flew open, and the beautiful stranger looked uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry, I could not help but steal a kiss…here, take the whole package. I will go away…”
Peggy took the package of cigarettes and matches, and saw him go away like a blur.

“Ma’am, your room is ready now.”

She turned around, clutching her gifted package of cigarettes and walked back to the hotel. Instead of taking a shower right away, she was lured to the huge balcony of her room where she could gaze adoringly at London.

As soon as she got onto the balcony, she took a cigarette out of the box and lit it.

“Do you have an extra? I just recently found myself in a deficit…”

Peggy recognized his voice.

“Sure,” she said. “Let me light it for you.”

She let him take a cigarette out of the box, and she held the matches. He did not close his eyes, and she kissed him with his eyes wide open and lifted her leg up in the air.

Right then she did not care if her panties were dirty or not…


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marlboros via wikipedia


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