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Get An Intimate Education!!!

I wrote a post on Erotic World Book Day, which was an amazing celebration. I met Rebecca Black through it, as she was one of the organizers and we made fast friends. She is a fantastic erotica writer, who got me involved with Masturbation Monday, and gave this amazing review of TIE ME UP! She also helped to put together another amazing anthology, An Intimate Education that I think deserves another mention…so Rebecca takes over from here!

Hi, Leonora. Thanks so much for inviting me to your place today. So a bit about me… I’m an erotica blogger and writer over at I only started writing in December 2014, so I’m still a bit of a newbie really. I post every Monday for Kayla Lords’ Masturbation Monday meme if you fancy having a look. Today I’m going to talk about An Intimate Education and how the anthology came about.

Erotic World Book Day was born in January when Emily Dubberley, (sexpert and founder of sent a quick message to a small coterie of erotica bloggers and writers on Facebook saying:

“What about celebrating erotica on World Book Day (March 5th)?”

Within a week or so hundreds of people, bloggers and writers, were involved in the discussion group on Facebook. It was really exciting how motivated everyone was to do this, even people who were unable to get involved directly, tweeted and blogged about it to get the word out. We got so much support – it was an amazing response and showed how kind and generous the erotica community is.

The idea for An Intimate Education came from this group (my bloke came up with the title). Emily asked for help editing – I offered – Brook (a fantastic sexual health charity) got on board. Kev Blisse offered to do the cover (and ended up formatting it), and the call for submissions went out with a theme of education and safe sex. Happily, we ended up with stories from amazing, talented authors. We put the anthology together in five hasty weeks. I’m not going to lie, there were some stressful moments, but my overwhelming memory will always be the amazing stories I got to read. I’m really proud to be a part of it.

We launched An Intimate Education on March 5th at the Facebook party that over 300 people attended. Cara Sutra (sex blogger extraordinaire) unbelievably managed to get £1500 worth of prizes together; various people hosted parts of the party (there was even live burlesque) and it ran into the wee hours of the morning.

The anthology got to #16 within 14 hours in the Amazon erotica charts and we managed to crash Brook’s donation line! It felt like we’d been hugely successful in achieving what we set out to do in such a short space of time.

An Intimate Education is the best anthology I’ve edited in well over a decade in the industry. It is an honour to raise money for Brook. Erotic World Book Day showed that great things happen when we all come together.” Emily Dubberley

Brook does amazing work. I used their resources a lot in my former life working in education. For teenagers who don’t have anyone else to talk to, the charity can be a life-line. So what we would like to do now is to continue to raise money for their much needed work. All the proceeds from the sales of A Intimate Education go straight to Brook. A couple of quid (or dollars to eager erotica fans over the pond) and for that you get 22 panty/boxer/brief melting erotic stories. What’s not to like about that, right?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support if you’ve already bought it or decide to now.

Rebecca x

And here is a delicious excerpt from Rebecca’s story! 

“Remove your clothes. Do it slowly, I want to enjoy watching you.”

He was captured in her intent gaze as she sat in a chair facing him. His hands slowly moved to his belt. A small part of his mind noticed that they trembled slightly, but his overwhelming need to be naked in front of her drove him to unfasten the buckle and begin to slide it out of the jeans.

With every inch the belt came free he felt his mind calm, only existing for this moment.

The belt hit the floor. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down his legs, kicking them off with his socks. Straightening, he stood before her in tight black boxers, enjoying the approval in her eyes as they roamed over his body, resting on his bulging, hard cock.

She liked what she saw and for that he was thankful. He wanted to please her with every cell in his body and it was with his body that her pleasure would begin.

Her eager eyes followed his fingers as they moved to the waistband of his underwear. He saw her shoulders lift from the chair as she licked her full red lips. Pulling them down, his long, thick cock bounced up against his stomach. He watched her colour heighten. Lips glistening, the heat in her eyes branded his skin as he bent to push them down his legs.

Stepping out of them, lowering his eyes, he fell to his knees.

He heard her small gasp but there was no uncertainty. Waiting, a sense of calm settled over his mind.

“You please me.” Her hand stroked through his hair. Eyes closed, his head fell to rest against her hip. She played with the silken strands, running her hand over his head and down his neck for long, glorious moments.

The Big Day is Here–Happy Erotic World Book Day!!!

On this inaugural Erotic World Book Day (EWDB), the concept alone makes me happy because of all the random celebratory days that pop up all of the time. Erotica deserved one! I am an editor and writer of erotica, but the bridge to that was being a reader of it.

As a young girl in a house filled with readers, I was exposed to all sorts of books…which I always sought the erotic bits of! I was always in search of erotic novels and at this point, needed more of an edge than your average reader. I love erotic tension as well, it doesn’t always have to be explicit for me. There is a scene in Asylum by Patrick McGrath which is one of my favorite books, that makes me breathless and does not involve sex at all. But such a level of intimacy is explored in that scene, it is breathtaking. I love the exploration of raw emotion, and there really can be nothing rawer than what you encounter in an erotic scene. Everything is stripped away–literally most times–and you have to deal with that moment. I love the line in Simone de Beauvoir’s The Mandarins, in which a character after making love, says that the only way to really know a man is to make love to him. I am paraphrasing, but that was such an astute observation to me.

That in a nutshell is why I love erotica, and it makes me happy that the genre is being celebrated in such large scale today. This brain child of Emily Dubberley, has caused such an amazing buzz within the erotica community. The best part is EWDB celebrates erotica as a genre in a myriad of ways including an anthology, the proceeds of which will support Brook and you are invited to donate to Brook if you wish. There are also a plethora of prizes for you to win all day in celebration of EWDB. I have contributed a copy of my upcoming anthology Tie Me Up, which is being released by Riverdale Avenue Books on March 18th!

So please go to the site! There are so many ways to celebrate and contribute…have a very happy Erotic World Book Day!!! 

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