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Sexy Black Friday Excerpt and Book Sale!!!

I am happy to share a couple of things with you this Black Friday. First, I have a new story up on Kinkly, called simply enough–“Black Friday!” Here is an excerpt:

There was a gaggle of sex shops in the area of town where they were, and ironically there were not a great deal of shoppers considering it was Black Friday.

Lina and Terrence were both happy that they had the day after Thanksgiving off. They both had high-stress jobs, and looked forward to having some down time together.

And they planned to make the most of it.

Lina’s phone was their power tool. She had a series of email-only discounts that they planned to take advantage of. When they walked into the store, they were greeted by several employees who wanted to help them, but holding Terrence’s hand, Lina quietly led him to the curtained off area section to show him her choice. 

His eyes were wide and beaming.

“You want that?!” Terrence said.

Lina smiled. “I have imagined what I can do with it.”

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My second thing is my pub Riverdale Avenue Books is having a Black Friday sale! That means that you can have a copy of TIE ME UP and/or BASES LOADED half off–just use the code TGIVING2015, and click on the book covers below to purchase through December 1! They make great gifts!


BDSM Writers Con: ‘A kinky writers’ fantasy come to life’ featured in Erotic Trade Only Magazine!!!

This past summer, I attended BDSM Writers Con, pictures of which you can see here. It was an amazing conference from a writing perspective, and because of all the friends that I made. My article on the conference for Erotic Trade Only just went live! Here is an excerpt from it:

Did you know that BDSM writers have had their own conference for a number of years? F. Leonora Solomon reports back from this year’s gathering in New York for ETO…

Walking through the lobby of the Doubletree by Hilton hotel, I approached a staircase that warned me that there was a private event for adults only and to use the bathroom nearby on that level. I knew that I was not in Kansas anymore, but New York City for the BDSM Writers Conference.

The conference is the brainchild of Dr Charley Ferrer, who developed it to help facilitate the exploration of all aspects of BDSM for writers, readers and anyone who is interested in the subject. Ferrer is the author of several books, and an avid reader herself. I heard her speak at an RWA-NYC (Romance Writers of America) chapter meeting, and loved her perspective on the lifestyle. She is charismatic and knowledgeable, and I was eager to see how the event would unfold.

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New Article “Clementine” and More!

Recently, I have been excited to have new articles on Lelo, Slutist, Kinkly, Romance Beat and my suit fetish guest post for Girl on the Net. With the addition of Bases Loaded–where you can find a sexy excerpt on Lelo’s blog by Oleander Plume!–I added a books page to my blog. I have now added an articles page, where you can find all of my new articles. My newest “Clementine,” is up on the Kinkly website. I expanded this sticky note, and the story wrote itself from there! Here is an excerpt:

Clementine had not even allowed herself to think about him in her most secret thoughts. But three gin cocktails in, she was no longer so controlled. Alex was taken, but she could not resist anymore in her uninhibited state, half lying on a glorious love seat at the vintage bar. She could not resist the idea of parting her knees. In fact she did so, right there. The softness of her own skin-to-skin contact sent prickling waves of excitement to her core.

She got up from the love seat, practically stumbling she was so drunk with imagined desire. Clementine ran her hand over her hip, and let it move up slowly to caress her side breast. Her fingers trickled over to her nipple, and she caressed it just once. To anyone looking, it looked like she was fixing her dress.

“You’re gorgeous,” The man walking toward her a few moments later declared.
Clementine wondered if he saw her touch herself a moment ago, as she looked up from her smartphone and waited for the car she had ordered. She smiled at him softly, as she always did when a man told her she was gorgeous, beautiful, whatever.

“Are you waiting for a car as well?”

He lifted his phone up, and Clementine tilted her head to the side. She shook her head as he showed her the app on his phone which revealed the same driver, and the same car as she expected.

“Yes,” she said, smiling nervously. “Looks like we are waiting for the same one.”

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Hot Off The Presses!!!

I am super excited–not one, but TWO of my articles are live today. One is on Slutist, and the other is on Kinkly

Go have a looksy, and let me know what you think…