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Stockings Flash!!!

If you have seen my Twitter account you know I love everything retro! I just saw the new Cate Blanchett film, Carol so that period and just before was on my mind. My story is based on the shortage of stockings just before the end of WWII…

Grace was afraid to turn around and look down. Alfred held her ankle, and she tried not to squirm. He had told her to stay still, perfectly still.

Grace was the last one in the shop. She had seen the lines for nylons in passing, and she wanted none of it. Of course they all wanted the war to be over, but mainly Grace wanted to be able to get a pair of stockings again…

She had tried the paint for them, but she had not had a brand that had been as effective as she hoped. Grace had been excited to hear that Alfred at her favorite shoe store in the city was painting seams right on women’s bare legs so well, that no one could tell the difference. 

The woman in front of her had just walked out of the store, when she finally stopped gawking at how gorgeous her faux seams looked. It was made with gravy paint, Alfred said that his mother made the best gravy and it worked well.

Grace tried to stay still, but it was hard. Hard for her to stay still when Alfred touched her like he did—caressing her calves, and stroking her leg with the tip of his paintbrush. She pulled up her skirt just a bit, and he painted so delicately. Like she was porcelain or crystal. She closed her eyes, as his brush moved slowly down her leg. 

“Stay still,” he whispered to her.

Grace had always loved that the feeling of actual stockings, against her fingers. Sometimes she put her cheek to them. She often perfumed them when she was washed them, so they smelled of her. She liked the feeling of putting them on her legs, it was her solo pleasure. But now, with Alfred’s hand on her legs, it was a partnership.

“You have such lovely legs, you do not need to even wear stockings,” he said quietly.

“That would not be proper!” she said, turning around quickly and his brush zigzagged on her leg.

“You moved,” he said. “I was not suggesting you not wear stockings. I was just telling you, you have beautiful legs.”

When Grace looked down at him, she noticed his eyes, which she had not noticed the entire time she had been waiting in the store. She was instantly sorry she had snapped at him. Alfred had been on his knees for hours, painting women’s legs and he had not uttered a word of complaint. Grace had barely heard his voice until now.

“I’m sorry. I guess thank you?”

“I see a lot of women from down here, and I could not help but tell you, you are beautiful…”

Grace turned and looked out of the window, as she felt him correct the paint where she had made him veer off of his course. He began painting in a straight line again, and the skin on the back of her legs might as well had been between her legs…But she stayed still perfectly still for the rest of the time like he had told her to.

Until his hand traveled further up her leg, and he made her shiver deliciously…

stockings via wikimedia commons 

Review and New Release Info: Bases Loaded edited by F Leonora Solomon @fdotleonora

so happy to have BASES LOADED hosted today by Rebecca Black!!!


Today it is my very great pleasure to host the lovely F Leonora Solomon and her brand new, hot anthology – Bases Loaded.

I had high hopes for this anthology because Leonora’s last anthology Tie Me Up (see my review here) is one of my favourites. I’m very happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not a baseball fan, I’m English, over here we call it rounders! Now, in school I played rounders for years, *cough* I was captain, pitcher (faster than the wind) I might have even played for my county. So I know what it feels like to hit a ball long, high and deep on a rough school field, and how it feels to run round those bases knowing the fielders didn’t stand a chance. So, I may not be a baseball fan but I got the passion behind these stories.

Bases Loaded is chock full…

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Want to Come…Over?

What happens at Eroticon does not stay at Eroticon! K D Grace inspired me to write a story, and be a guest on her blog! Today is the day! If you like my Masturbation Mondays–this should be right up your alley! 

Here is an excerpt:

He was not the love of her life by any means. They had only gone out a couple of times—in some cases he just filled the space just so that she would not be alone. After a few drinks—they did not even have dinner—she wanted more than his conversation.

Lying on her side now, the night after, she could still feel the scruff of his stubble all over her body. She liked the chafed feeling of where his mouth had been on her. His mouth was the ultimate turn-on for her. Not so much the feeling of it, but what he said.

You like it rough don’t you, you like it raw right?

Hmmm, see just how rough and raw on K D’s blog!!!

The Historian

I have a very particular idea in my head of how I want this week’s installment of Masturbation Monday to go. I called one of my really good friends because I love her, and just to see how she was. Lovely conversation, we made plans to have dinner soon…before we get off the phone she tells
me a new dating story, which jibed so much with what I wanted to write that I asked her could I borrow it? If not for this piece, some piece because it was awesome!

“Why do you think I tell you stories?” she asked me.

Before I could even put words together, she told me that she tells me her stories to help me along with mine. Told me I am her voice, her historian–I have always told her that I wished she wrote stories because she tells the best ones!

But she assigned me as a historian.

As the “creative” one, I am usually assigned the role as the entertainer. But to be a historian? I felt special! Here is a bit of history she inspired me to write for Alison Tyler.

Tomorrow there might be a bit of her story in my newest installment…or not! But the photograph I took yesterday will accompany it, and it also is a big part of how the story will go.

Stay tuned!


Yesterday was a really awesome blog day for me. I had my amazing, brilliant friend Vena Ramphal as a guest on my blog. I met Vena at Eroticon a few years ago. Her session was so life-affirming and rich, and her post is the same–full of love and life…You can read it here if you missed it, or again!

This year at Eroticon, I met the equally amazing and brilliant Girl on the Net. GOTN was there last year, but I did not get to meet her. This year I did, and she is really awesome! She did a fantastic session which you can read about here, and gave us lots of chocolate–so I am a friend for life! But most of all, she is full of such great energy and shares my suit fetish–which is what my guest post on her blog is all about! You can read it here.

It only seemed fair in an ode to my great blog day yesterday, to honor something else of yesterday…Don Draper in his suit!

photo of Don Draper via flickr

The Story Begins…

I am so happy to have my story “The Story Begins…” published by Volonté, a pleasure project by Lelo. Lelo was at last year’s Eroticon–where all good things happen!!!–which is how I found out about Volonté and got involved. Take a look at my story here!

I love the cover art they selected as well, so very much my style!

Go Deeper with TIE ME UP & Lana Fox!!!

I am sooooo excited to have Tie Me Up, be today’s Go Deeper Press Deeper Daily! I feel really lucky because a lot of the people that I love are brilliant writers and/or editors. Lana Fox is no exception, aside from running Go Deeper Press, she is a truly gifted writer. So when you go to their site to see the Tie Me Up Deeper Daily by the lovely Tabitha Kitten (which has also been excerpted on Janine Ashbless’s blog)…let your eyes meander to this new goodness from Lana, Criminally Gorgeous:


Bethany can’t help it. Risk turns her on. But when, thanks to a crazy dare, she sneaks into a stranger’s apartment, the last thing she expects is to be sprung by a gorgeous intruder and seduced into a super-hot scene. 

It turns out this gatecrasher is Leo, an ex-lawyer billionaire who housebreaks for kicks and is also a sexual dominant. He’s the hottest man Bethany’s ever met. When he suggests she be his paid partner, breaking in with him for sex and thrills, Bethany couldn’t be more tempted.

However, her father Jim is a lifelong criminal, and he’s currently on the run, in danger of doing time. Bethany’s vowed to never follow in his footsteps. How far down this criminal road can she travel with Leo? And with a partner and Dom this gorgeous, perhaps there’s even more at stake.

Is Bethany Croft prepared to fall in love?

You can download Criminally Gorgeous on All Romance, Amazon, Nook and Smash Words!

Happy Reading!

Mais Oui…

For the story behind this picture, read this beautiful post by my friend Exposing 40…I recommend following her on Twitter as well!

Visiting the Brit Babes, Part Deux

I feel so happy to be visiting with the lovely Brit Babes again, asked over by the perfectly wonderful Tabitha Rayne…who will be visiting my blog soon! Come join me as I talk about why I am feeling ever so ebullient these days, there!

I’m Across The Pond Today!!!

Tabitha Rayne who I adore, she is a brilliant writer included in my first anthology, MY FIRST THREESOME and is just a brilliant human being in general! She is also a member of the fabulous Brit Babes, and believe me they are fabulous! When Tabitha personally invited me to guest blog I was beyond tickled pink–join me over at their blog today where they even provided the pink bubbly for me!

photo by f dot leonora