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Discussing The Joy of Anthologies with Kate Hill Today!!!

Last week, Del Carmen featured an excerpt from Tie Me Up on Kate Hill’s blog. Today, I am Kate’s guest! I am talking about the joy of anthologies–go over and see my post

Tie Me Up Made Janine Ashbless’s Monday Blue

Yesterday the awesome Janine Ashbless hosted Tie Me Up on her blog, as part of her Blue Monday series. I am such a fan of Janine, who stopped by as part of her own Cover Him With Darkness book tour! So please run over, and read a hot Tie Me Up excerpt from Tabitha Kitten

I’m Being Interviewed by Go Deeper Press, Go Deep with Me!

I am so honored to be interviewed by the amazing Go Deeper Press today…go deep and follow me there! And while you are at it, do browse around and take in all their exquisite sexiness…