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Masturbation Monday No. 69/ Kink of the Week Dec. 16-31: Semen

Nichy was on her knees straddling her pillow, so that her bottom hit the headboard as she rode it. She had started on her back, but that had not been enough because she was so horny. She closed her eyes tight and rode her pillow, until she got a cramp in her leg.

On her back again, her hands roved all over her body and caressed the tightness of her cramp until it disappeared. Her hand drifted from her thigh, immediately between her legs and onto her breast right after. She still literally felt Gavin on her. In her. He had left before the sun had come up, to go on a business trip.

His first.

Nichy was overwhelmed because she wanted him and he was not there. But she felt him as she pleasured herself and she smiled with her eyes closed, thinking about how delicious it felt because the sex was so new and like a drug. She wanted him all the time. Nichy had not had sex for a while, and now she was overdosing on it.

On Gavin.

But as she closed her eyes and drowned in the sensation of recent sex, she thought about how it would be nice when she knew that she did not have to be safe with him. When she could let Gavin come in her mouth, and anywhere he wanted to all over her body. It was nice when she was that close to a man she was with. When there was no fear. When she was with Dorian and Graham, there were no holds barred. Nothing was held back. She loved their come anywhere that she got it.

Dorian loved that she used to take him so deep and so enthusiastically. Graham loved pushing her past her comfort zone, and made her crave his come wherever he chose to deposit it. He liked to take her in public, and know what she was filled with his come and she would have to return to a dinner table in her expensive dresses—he loved to dress her up—and know that she was leaking him.

Nichy loved it. She had loved it the most when she was not wearing panties, so she leaked right to her dress. She was with Dorian and Graham that night.

Nichy shoved her fingers into herself even deeper when she thought about how it had felt to have both of them at the same time. To have both of them come on her, in her, everywhere around her. She had loved best the taste and scent of their fluids—her own included—that surrounded her.

The thought of it made her so wet, she penetrated herself almost like they had penetrated her that night. Her fingernails dug into her breast when she made herself come. Nichy could smell the remembered scent of raw sex that night, and crossed her legs. Her thighs were damp with her come, but she knew that there was nothing of Gavin’s come in her.

And she wanted his.

For now, she was just thankful that he had been, and would be in bed with her.

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the bed by toulouse-lautrec via wikipedia

Masturbation Monday No. 68 — Crystal Ball

Nichy stared down into her cup of coffee, as if it were a crystal ball.

That was the thing about having sex with Gavin finally, it felt like she had a bell down there because she always wanted to be on top of him.

And she practically was. They had sex almost all day, finding ways every day to have sex in the office.

Or just outside of the office.

They liked the stairs a lot. She had pulled him into the ladies’ room and having the key for the outside bathroom, she let him fuck her in the stall like she saw Renee and Tyler do once in the bathroom at the bar that the four of them frequented. There were wide cracks in the bathroom door in this bathroom as well. Nichy saw a sliver of her almost orgasm face, as Gavin thrust in and out of her in the full-length bathroom mirror in front of the stall.

“Open the door,” he said to her. “You like looking. Open the door, so you can see your face and what I am doing to you.”

Nichy was so startled that he knew what she was doing, that she hesitated. He slapped her backside—hard—and she pushed the door open, freeing the latch. She had to brace herself against the mirror as he pounded into her. Her breasts flopped back and forth since he had unbuttoned her blouse, and shoved her bra down.

She did not see her orgasm face, because she closed her eyers so tight when she came. She really did see stars.

Gavin slapped her backside again, and the remnants of her orgasm trilled through her. Nichy saw her breath like smoke on the mirror, as she pressed her hands to it and did not pull down her skirt. After a moment she pulled herself together, and Gavin wrecked her all over again with a kiss that was so rough, yet desired.

Nichy could still feel his kiss on her mouth as she stared down into her cup of coffee. It was the first lunch that she was not with Gavin since they had been together. That she had not fucked Gavin. But he had to work on a project, and she went to lunch with Renee.

Renee came back from the bathroom, and Nichy felt her looking at her before she even looked up from her coffee. She folded her arms across her chest and looked at Renee, waiting for a smart remark from her about how she looked.

Renee was silent, and Nichy looked down at her coffee again.

As if it would tell her when she was going to be able to be with Gavin again.Would they have sex on the staircase? The bathroom? His boss’s office later that day since his boss was out? She figured they could go in there with the lights off and fuck on the floor, with just the moon as light over their bodies and New York City looking at them without judgment.

She wanted him.

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crystal ball by john william waterhouse via wikipedia

Masturbation Monday No. 67 & Kink of the Week Dec. 1-15: Brutalism/Concrete

The thundering that separated her and Gavin, came down the stairs past Nichy and she could not even move. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Gavin come back up the stairs.

“You okay?” he asked, cupping her chin with his hand.

Nichy stared at him, gulped and nodded. They kissed, picking right up from where they left off. Nichy unbuckled his belt again, and pulled him right out of his pants. The feeling of his shaft in her hand as she stroked it–squeezed it–made her hot in the stairwell. Her temples were damp as her tongue explored Gavin’s with desperation–she was moist everywhere.

She pulled and tugged on his shaft, until he put his hand over hers.

“So you like it rough?” he asked, his mouth moist against her ear.

Nichy’s lips were parted, but she did not answer with words as she tugged at him.

He pushed her up against the wall, and her shoulder blades hit against the exposed concrete bricks because they were working in the stairwell of their building. Gavin pulled her hair, and chewed on her bottom lip.

His hand still in her hair, Gavin held her hair like a leash as they went all the way down several flights of stairs where there was no exit. Nichy’s lips felt swollen, as he pushed her up against more exposed concrete. His mouth was hot on hers, but the concrete was cool against her head as she rolled against it.

Gavin’s body was like being too close to a flame, she had never felt anything as intense as this between them. Even when they fooled around before it was not this intense. Nichy squirmed against him, demanding more from him. She kissed his chest, and he pulled up her dress, and she felt the small vibration of a run in her ultra sheer stockings against her ass. Gavin hooked his finger in the run, and tore the rest of her pantyhose. Only then did she pause in jerking him off.

“I want you inside me…finally…” Nichy said.

“Just a moment,” he said, pressing her to the concrete wall. He pulled out his wallet, and behind the bills and cards were condoms. “Do you want to put it on me?”

“If I out it on you, you will come,” Nichy giggled.

Gavin kissed her giggling mouth, as he opened the condom wrapper. Nichy pressed herself against the wall, and pulled her pantyhose down. She had just shimmied them down to her knees, when he grabbed her hips and pushed into her.

The feeling of being full was so overwhelming, that Nichy was torn between the feeling of actually having sex with Gavin and the actually having sex with him. Her thoughts were drunken, but the harshness of the exposed concrete behind her–against her head, against her shoulder blades, upper arms and ass was sobering. Her mind was in so many places until he hit just the right spot. She bit down on his lip, and he slapped her hip. To be with him, she took the unforgivingness of the wall as her cushion and embraced it. She clutched Gavin so tight, and they kissed so fiercely that she was barely breathing. But she was more alive than she had ever been for a long time. Having craved this, having craved this thing between them right that minute.

She never wanted it to end.

Nichy came as if she had been shot. Frozen against the wall, her body moved with Gavin’s until he was still. She kissed him all over, and looked down as he held the base of the condom and slipped out of her. They looked at each other with shit-eating grins, because they had finally done it. She pressed her head to the concrete, and smiled at him.


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Masturbation Monday No. 66 — Blue

Nichy still could not get Maggie out of her mind from the night before. Gavin had casually mentioned Maggie without mentioning she was the former ballerina, Maggie Jane Heart. Nichy had to look up at her when she met her, Maggie reminded her of her favorite principal dancer at the New York City Ballet. Except Maggie was taller than that dancer, so was about an inch shorter than Gavin. Maggie looked embarrassed that Nichy was there, but Nichy was the one who felt intimidated when the other woman walked into the apartment briefly.

Gavin had closed the door behind her when she left, and wrapped his arms about Nichy. But anything that Nichy could have felt in terms of arousal was shot. The murder in the building had not made her so anxious, but Maggie did.

Nichy took a cab home, and texted Gavin that she was okay. In the morning when she got to work, he was already there.

“Do you want to have coffee?” he questioned her, before she had even put her bag down.

“Okay,” she said, and put her things away quickly.

They went down the stairs together.

“You could have told me that your ex was famous.” Nichy began beside him.

“Maggie has not danced for a few years, she does not talk about that side of her life even.”

“Well I saw her dance before live, and she was amazing. I could barely speak to her when I saw her…”

“Why would you be tongue-tied around Maggie, when you and I…” Gavin pressed her against the wall in the stairwell, stopping. “You gave me a hell of a case of blue balls last night. I wanted you Nichy, and you left me…”

Nichy looked up at him breathlessly, and he kissed her before she could say a word. He pressed himself against her, kissed her neck and held her hand. Nichy squeezed his hand in hers and gasped as he sucked on her neck, and slipped her hand inside his pants. She caressed his stomach, as he unbuckled his belt. Nichy grabbed the buckle that hit the back of her hand, before he took her hand in his again and brought her to grip him. She had never heard such an arousing sound as the moan that came from deep within his chest which she could feel because they were that close.

If they decided to have sex right there in the stairwell, she would not have cared because she was sure some part of her lower anatomy was as blue as his balls.

The rumble of someone running above was like thunder. Gavin slipped himself back into his pants, and buckled his belt again. Nichy stayed against the wall even as he started down the stairs—blue between her legs, and blue in her head…

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Masturbation Monday No. 65/ Kink of the Week Nov 16 – 30: Strap-Ons

Nichy heard the shots, and she smelled the blood in her mouth from where she bit her lip from the shock of it.

Gavin opened his door, and pushed her inside. He locked the door, turned on the lights and put his gun on the table. Pressing his back against the door, he reached for Nichy’s waist.

“I am not going to let anybody or anything hurt you, nothing is going to happen to you Nichy…” He kissed her neck and it felt so good, but Nichy was too scared to be aroused. Gavin pulled her close to him, and kissed the top of her head. “The police are close by, and I am not going to open the door until I know what is going on out there…”

It was not long before there was a knock at the door. They had been waiting for it since the gunshots were so nearby.


Gavin tensed up against the door, and pushed Nichy gently to the side.

“Can I see your badge officer?”

Gavin turned, and opened the peephole. Satisfied, he opened the door.

The police explained that there was an investigation, and that they could not be specific, but had he heard anything?

“We both did,” Gavin said.

The police officer looked at Nichy,

“And you are?”

“This is Nicholette Bonaventure, my girlfriend…” Gavin said, and squeezed Nichy’s hand.

That was all that Nichy remembered. When the policeman walked out, when Gavin held her close again, when he closed the door and she took in his warm lovely scent…all she remembered was he had called her his girlfriend. She kissed him. He kissed her gently at first, then with more intent when she tugged on his belt buckle.

“Your girlfriend?” she questioned within their kiss.

“Well what else could you be Nichy? This has not been a game for me…”

He tugged her hair, kissed her and sucked on her lower lip. Nichy let her hands slide into his pants, before she unbuckled his belt and slipped her hands in completely. She smiled, surprised that he was not wearing anything underneath.

“Sexy…” she breathed, chewing on his earlobe.

“Yeah, you are—shall we go into the bedroom?”

Nichy bit his earlobe lightly in agreement, and he squeezed her hand again like he had when he called her his girlfriend. She liked being in his bedroom, it smelled like him and it was minimally decorated. The view from his bedroom window was expansive, and meant she could feel like an exhibitionist if she wanted to with him.

Gavin held her hand, even as he opened a drawer. Nichy kissed his crisp cotton shoulder, and noticed a dildo in his drawer. She reached into the drawer, still holding his hand as he pulled out condoms.

“I already have a competitor?” Gavin grinned.

“It’s impressive,” Nichy said, caressing the dildo riveted.

“My goodie drawer,” he smiled. “There are a lot of things I want to try with you…”

“With this?” Nichy said, waving the dildo in his face.

“One of my lovers used to like to wear a strap-on, and we played with that. I never tried it before, but I really liked it with her. I want to try it again with…my girlfriend.”

“I have never done that before, but I am open to trying anything with…my boyfriend.”

“But right now? I just want to get mine into you…” Gavin kissed her neck and caressed her backside, as he took the dildo from her and placed it beside a butt plug in the drawer.

Nichy would never have guessed that Gavin was such a kinkster. She liked the kind of sex they were going to have, but it was nice to know that there were going to be a lot of kinky times between them too…

Gavin took her hand again, and they sat on his bed. He kissed her, and caressed her down onto her side. She loved lying side by side kissing, their hands all over each other. Nichy reveled in the feeling of his shaft in her hands–so much nicer than his dildo’s. Under her dress, his fingers were twisted in her thong.

It did not take much her to want everything right away. She had waited long enough…

Gavin slipped his belt off, and caressed her with it.

“You are so soft…” he whisperted, pulling her dress up.

“Gavin? Gavin, are you in there?!”

Nichy sat up, in response to the banging and yelling at the front door.

“Gavin, I know you are in there. Just let me know you are okay? Gavin!!!”

Nichy stood up, and looked down at Gavin.

“Who is that?”


“It is my neighbor,” Gavin said. “and my ex-girlfriend. Maggie will not stop knocking if she knows I am in here, so I have to get the door. Come with me. If she knows you are here…she might go away.”

Nichy walked to the door with him, emboldened that she was just about to have sex with him, and had that edge over the woman outside the door.


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Masturbation Monday No. 64

Just when Nichy thought that it could not get any worse, they found her.

Renee, Tyler and Gavin walked into the bar. Gavin sat next to her, Renee walked over to Theodora and gave her a kiss that put the Hollywood movie ones to shame.

“Why are you here darling?” Renee said sitting on her other side. “It almost feels like you were trying to avoid us and that could not be true. Because you love us don’t you?”

Nichy turned to look at Renee, uncertain what to say because it did look like she was snubbing them.

“Nichy doesn’t love me anymore,” Gavin answered before she said anything at all.

Nichy was surprised because he saved her from an awkward moment with Renee, but that he finally admitted that something was wrong instead of acting like everything was okay between them.

“I love all of you,” Nichy said to Renee, and Tyler looked over at her having stopped talking to Theodora. “I just–”

“She wanted to see me,” Theodora smiled. “She found out I worked here, and she came to see me. Is that okay with you guys?”

Renee looked between Nichy and Theodora. and she wondered if Renee thought that there was something going on between them.


Nichy turned to face Gavin.


He stared at her for a long time.

“I’ll tell you why I had the gun…”
“Now you want to tell me after all of…”
“Nichy, there was a murder at my building, and a series of robberies. I got the gun to feel safer and I wanted you to spend the night with me…I didn’t want you to be scared if I told you, and you still left…”

Nichy pursed her lips, and looked at him.

“Are you safe there?” she questioned, looking at him and caressing his cheek. “You should have told me, you should have stayed with me.”

He put his hand over hers.

“I am not scared,” he said, looking in her eyes.

“But I am scared for you. Who was murdered?”

“A woman who lived a few floors above me. I knew her, I used to talk to her on the elevator…it was really terrifying. I got the gun to feel safer.”

“You could stay with me,” Nichy continued, her hand on his thigh. “You would be safe with me.”

Nichy looked down, she did not know what was going on with her and Graham. But she was pretty sure that he was not going to create another scene.

“No, I am not going to be afraid to stay in my own apartment.”

“You should not be, but…”

“Would you come home with me since I told you? I wanted you to spend the night Nichy. I can barely think straight because I want you…”
Nichy did not think much after he said that. They made their way out of the bar, Renee gave her a lingering look as she kissed her goodbye.

It was like dejá vü leaving them at the bar, and getting into a cab with Gavin. But this time they kissed all the way to his apartment and when she felt for the gun under Gavin’s jacket, he did not push her hand away. Nichy caressed the gun as if it were part of his body.

They were drunk with lust by the time they were at his apartment door. He kissed her up against the door, while he pushed the key in. He kissed her mouth and along her throat. His hand on her breast made her shy, knowing how hard her heart was beating. He held his hand to her heart for a long time, before he opened the door still holding her.

“I missed you Nichy,” he kissed the nape of her neck, and nuzzled his nose against it.

“I missed you too, I wanted you to tell me there was a simple reason for the gun…” she said, as Gavin sucked on her neck.

Nichy rolled her head back against the door to his apartment which they were still not in yet with her eyes closed, when she heard a gunshot and smelled blood…

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Masturbation Monday No. 63–Featuring Kink of the Week, Nov 1-15: Nipple Play & Sexy Searching #8 To Boot!!!

Nichy left work early. She did not feel like being with anyone, she was frustrated enough and did not want to feel forced to engage anyone. She paused at the bar that she usually went to after work, but knew that she might see Renee at least.

But she did want a drink.

So she went to the bar a few blocks away. Sitting at the bar felt awkward and did not help her, as her damp crotch hit a rounded edge of her stool. Her nipples stiffened against her blouse, and she sighed.

She was sick of being horny.

There was no one behind the bar which was not surprising. Nichy had left early, and it was a weeknight. After a while, she saw the bartender emerge from behind a beaded curtain. Even without her tortoiseshell glasses, Nichy recognized and was surprised to see Theodora.

“Hi,” Theodora said, with a wide smile.

“You work here?”

Theodora nodded.

“I was at the other bar because even though I get free drinks here, the bartender that night was not as good as me. I am kind of a snob about who makes my drinks!” she continued to smile at Nichy. “What can I get you?”

Theodora had a smile that made you smile with her. Nichy almost wished that Theodora could give her what she wanted.

“What is your signature cocktail?”

Theodora leaned into her, and Nichy could see inside of her blouse as Theodora wore wearing a low-cut halter and no bra. She could see Theodora’s nipple when she leaned a certain way. Just a glimpse, but Nichy felt her own nipples harden. Nichy had never been with a woman or wanted to be with a woman, but Theodora was beautiful and she had an affect on her nonetheless. Especially knowing that Renee and Tyler had been with her, and she had seen her tipsy fooling around with them.

“I do have one, but of I tell you what I put in it…I will have to kill you darling Nichy…”

Nichy grinned at the reference to the Prince song which was inevitably mentioned throughout her career of being a Nichy…different spelling and all.

“So just give it to me,” Nichy grinned.

“I’ll give it to you alright,” Theodora said, leaning in a bit more and then moving back to make the drink. “It has Chambord in it. Do you like that?”

Nichy nodded, and Theodora place a shot before her.

“While you wait.”

Nichy sipped her shot like an amateur drinker, but she did not care. She liked to savor her liquor. The Chambord went right between her legs, and Nichy could not help but discreetly rock against the rounded edge of her stool again. She felt her nipples harden more, and closed her eyes when they grazed the edge of the bar.

Theodora moved behind the bar with a sensual grace, considering how many different areas of it she covered grabbing different bottles to put in the deep scarlet drink that she finally placed in front of Nichy. She picked up the Chambord, and poured herself another shot.

“So you know that Renee called me darling Nichy while we fucked, right? She told you of course?”

Nichy snorted the scarlet drink through her nose. Theodora grabbed napkins for her to dab at her nose.

“I’m sorry!” Theodora tried to avoid laughing, but the smile turned up the corner of her mouth. “I guess that she did not tell you. The way she is, well I thought she would tell it to you as a joke. I’m sorry…”

“She,” Nichy coughed a bit, before she continued. “told me that I was her first choice, but not that.”

Nichy eyed Theodora uncomfortably, but Theodora shrugged.

“The way she was looking at you at the bar, it was obvious. But I wanted to get fucked and I did. It was really good, and I am up for it again. But you were her first choice…”
Nichy nodded, finally getting a proper sip of her drink.

“This is awesome, but I know if you tell me what is in it you will have to kill me!”

“Yeah,” Theodora laughed. “Listen seriously, it is okay if Renee was thinking about you. I was thinking about someone else too…”

The buzzing sound of Theodora’s vibrating phone was foreign until she recognized what it was. Theodora grabbed her phone, unlocked it and then pressed it down on the bar.

“Is everything okay?”

Theodora looked at Nichy cautiously.

“Wanna see something? But it is really something…”

“Show me…”

Theodora stared at Nichy for a long time, before she picked the phone up and showed Nichy what was a video of a woman close-up playing with herself and her nipples. Playing with her large, hard nipples, as she moaned,

“Theo, Theo…”

Theodora put the phone back down on the bar, face down.

“Was that too much darling Nichy?” Theodora leaned in close enough to kiss her. “I just wanted you to know it was not a big deal. Caroline is away on business, and wanted me to know she was thinking about me.”

Nichy rubbed herself against the edge of the barstool on purpose. Her nipples grazed the edge of the counter again, and she wished that she could undo her bra from the front so that she could caress her nipples like Caroline was. It would not even take her seconds before she made herself come, especially since the alcohol was getting to her since she had had nothing to eat.

“So it was not a big deal.” Theodora continued. “As a matter of fact, Renee is supposed to come by here later. Because all Caroline can do is show me how much she misses me…”

Nichy took another sip of her drink, and realized there was no place to go to escape her horniness…

This post combines THREE memes, not because I am lazy but because I had no idea what day it was!

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Masturbation Monday No. 62

“Theodora was amazing, but you were still our first choice Nichy…but I am respectful of your feelings…”

Renee cornered Nichy in the morning by the water cooler, and for a moment, Nichy wished she had gone home with Renee, Theodora and Tyler. She tilted her cup of coffee in her hand unconsciously in response, to the way that she leaned toward Renee.

Nichy had come into work late that morning. She had woken up with a desire so heavy that she reached down between her legs, before her eyes were open. She was not surprised that she was already wet, because she had dreamt that she was about to masturbate. In her dream, she was on her knees crawling to a mirror so she could watch herself frig her herself hard and play with her breasts.

But she woke up, and the only variation in her plan therafter was there was not a mirror as she frigged herself hard. Her clitoris felt like a tight rosebud, but it got wet quickly and she arched off of the bed as she came. The corner of the sheet was adhesived between her legs, with her own come.

If she had left with Renee and Tyler, at least she would have gotten fucked and not have had the hits and misses she had the night before with Gavin and Graham.

While her mind wandered with the thoughts of what could have been, she was surrounded by the sweet, heady fragrance that Renee wore. Over Renee’s shoulder, she saw Gavin.

He walked over to them.

“Coffee,” he said as if asked, and looked at Nichy. “Renee, Nichy…”

Renee smiled at Nichy, and walked away. Nichy wanted to tell her that she did not have to go, but Renee had already walked far away from them.

“I really wish you had stayed last night Nichy…” Gavin began.

“I really wish you would have told me why…you know…”
Nichy folded her arms across her chest, and stared at Gavin defiantly.

Aside from the fact that he had been carrying a gun and would not tell her why, she resented that he acted like that was a normal thing to do.

Gavin ran his hand over his head.

“I told you Nichy, It was just something I felt like I needed. I needed you last night too.”

Nichy hated that she felt that sweet tightness all along her clit when he said that.

“You know what Gavin?” she started and looked at him. “You do not have to tell me. Don’t tell me a thing!”
Nichy was wound up when she walked away from Gavin in more ways than one. She went to the bathroom just before lunch to ease her heavy desire. One hand on the window sill, she looked at the graffiti heart outside of the window. The heart blurred the closer she came to coming. She closed her eyes when the pleasure became too much to bear, her hips undulated beneath her fingers.

For now this was the safest way for her to express desire. Graham had gotten mad at her when even after he kissed her she still asked him a ton of questions. Being alone made her much more aware of what she wanted, and what she did not want. Graham cold not overpower her with his usual tactics anymore and left. Gavin withholding was a deal breaker, and Graham could never love her the way she needed to be loved. The heart was still blurry outside of the window, after she came. Nichy was happy at least some of her tension was relived.

For the moment.

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Want to Come…Over?

What happens at Eroticon does not stay at Eroticon! K D Grace inspired me to write a story, and be a guest on her blog! Today is the day! If you like my Masturbation Mondays–this should be right up your alley! 

Here is an excerpt:

He was not the love of her life by any means. They had only gone out a couple of times—in some cases he just filled the space just so that she would not be alone. After a few drinks—they did not even have dinner—she wanted more than his conversation.

Lying on her side now, the night after, she could still feel the scruff of his stubble all over her body. She liked the chafed feeling of where his mouth had been on her. His mouth was the ultimate turn-on for her. Not so much the feeling of it, but what he said.

You like it rough don’t you, you like it raw right?

Hmmm, see just how rough and raw on K D’s blog!!!

Masturbation Monday No. 61

Was it because he had the gun on him, or was it because she had wanted him for such a long time already? Nichy was not sure. Gavin had kissed her, and pulled her against him as soon as they got in his apartment.

Waking up beside him had made her wish that they could have had sex right that morning, but she still felt some guilt because she had given into Graham so easily the night before.

Because she would always give into him easily…

But beside Gavin, the feeling of his skin next to hers and his scent was all-consuming. She grabbed him as he backed her into the wall, and they knocked over a small table that was there. Gavin was unaffected, as he continued kissing her.

Trying her luck, Nichy reached inside his jacket again, hoping that he would just admit that he had the gun and why.

He took her both of her hands in his.


“Just tell me, just tell me…” she breathed, resisting his hold.

Gavin kissed both of her knuckles, as he raised them to his lips.

“I can’t tell you Nichy, I can’t.”
He let her hands drop, and took the gun out. He did not point it at her, so she was not scared. She had never been afraid of guns, even though she had been close to them on so many occasions.

“Then I can’t Gavin, I really can’t.”

Nichy turned away from him, and he kissed the back of her neck.

“Nichy, I need it. Lots of people have guns. It is legal.”

She turned around to look at him.

“Are you serious? You think you are going to pull a gun out on me…”
“I did not pull a gun out on you.”
“Pull out a gun, and I am going to fuck you?”

“I thought that you did want to fuck me.”

She did, but she was not going to let him get off that easily. In the cab, and coming into the building, she had been scared to death of him.

“I am going home,” she said finally, turning around. Nichy knew he was not going to shoot her, but she also knew that she had enough men in her life with shady backgrounds that she was not going to let it happen to her again if she could help it.

She left the apartment. When she got off of the elevator, the doorman still smiled at her. Not in a knowing way at all, as he hailed a cab for her. Nichy sank into its plush seat. Her body literally hummed with sexual frustration.

She turned her phone off, even though she saw she had a missed message from Gavin. When she walked in, she could feel Graham.

Nichy never needed to see Graham to know what he was there.


She was quiet as she took off her coat. When he called her by his nickname for her, he got to her. But she was not in the mood for him to break her down. Even though she knew he would, because he always did. But she did not have to be so easy.


She took a deep breath and looked at him. In less than one hour, she was pressed against a wall by another man.

“You’re back,” she said quietly.

He kissed her, he knew when that was all he had to do. Her body hummed with tension, as Graham pressed her to him.

“I was waiting for you,” he said.

Nichy wondered if she had been waiting for him too why it was so easy to leave Gavin—gun or no gun—as she pressed her body to Graham’s…

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