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My Sexy Saturday: Our Sexy Holidays


This is another excerpt from my unfinished in story, but not length NanoWriMo novel. My novel was based on this story I wrote about dirty panties. Writing the novel, I veered off so far from the orginal idea! That is what happens when you are a pantser–and I am a proud one! Here is an excerpt:


“Should I keep my shoes on?” She wondered to herself, then realized that she had asked it aloud.

“Yes,” he answered simply.

Veronica picked up her gait again, walked over to his desk and placed her panties on the top of it. Before she was able to finish putting her panties down, his hand was on top of hers.

“Your pussy smells so sweet,” he said, pulling her wrist to his mouth and kissed it. “Sit on my desk.”


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My Sexy Saturday: Her Sexy Fantasy

As promised picking up from last week, I bring you into the “sexy” galaxy of my NaNoWriMo novel! This novel was based on this story I wrote about dirty panties–but it had a mind of its own and got into a lot of other things–I still have not finished writing it! But here is another glimpse of it…

“So again what is a classy girl like you doing in a joint like this?”

She did not know if he was being facetious when he said that to her, but she looked at him through a cloud of smoke.

“Why does it matter to you about a girl like me?”

“Because maybe I was waiting for you sugar…”

She was not sure where he got that line from, but it worked on her like hell.

She went with him to the side entrance of the bar, and he opened the door for her and let her into his office. Saoirse looked around at him, and he was so close to her it felt like she would combust.

This scene is a combination of Saoirse’s sexy fantasy and reality…for more sexy fantasies, go here



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My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Galaxy

This week’s My Sexy Saurday is an ode to the sci-fi writers among us which is great…but of which I am not one! I have never even seen Star Wars

However, I did create a sexy galaxy of sorts–I finished NaNoWriMo! That is, I wrote (over) 50000 words–but I still need to finish my novel. My novel was born after I suggested dirty panties for Kink of the Week, and wrote this story. Over the next month, I am going to post samples from it. Here is a taste:

This was her second attempt. The first time she had rubbed herself so hard, she missed her orgasm with the wrong flick of her finger. She had pulled up her panties, and closed her legs which still vibrated with lost Eros.

She came like a crash, so suddenly she gasped. Cora gripped her hand between her legs at the top of her thighs, letting the vibration roll underneath it.

Her whole body was damp, and between her legs was so wet with her come that she could barely keep her grip on her clit. But she came this time, so she was good. 

You can read the entire dirty panties story here.

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My Sexy Saturday — While You Were Sexy…

I think suits are sexy–as I have written about here and here. This excerpt from my story, “The Story Begins,” was written for Lelo’s blog Volonté. Here are seven paragraphs that detail things that I find sexy: tuxedos, little black (vintage) dresses and masks…*fans*

The part that was the strangest to her was that she had not seen his eyes. That was uncharted territory for her…

The theme for the cocktail party was masquerade. Odile had one of her many little black dresses, topped with a decadent black mask that she got at a vintage shop. A man wearing a tuxedo without the bowtie, and a gorgeous mask that covered two thirds of his face appeared next to her.

What she saw made her want to see more of him.

They were standing near the bar, where she admired the way the tuxedo accentuated his body. She was surprised that she felt herself get wet, startled because she did not recognize it at first. Not until the first bit of gin filled her chest. His elbow brushed hers, and she felt their contact zing through her entire body. He looked at her briefly, and although her cocktail dress provided more décolletage than she would show during the day, it was not that provocative. But when the masked gentleman looked at her and she saw his eyes linger in the direction of the swell of her bust with her peripheral vision, she felt completely nude.

She carried her gin and tonic with lime to a corner where she planned to play the wallflower she usually was and sip her drink slowly. The masked gentleman cornered her and instead of feeling like prey, she felt herself grow wetter. He had gotten her wet when she did not even know what his eyes looked like. When she did not even know what his face looked like.

He smelled of cigarette smoke and gin. She smiled out of nervousness, but it sufficed for a greeting. His lips moved in what could be construed as a smile, as he took a sip of his drink.

“I want to tell you a story…” (You can read the entire story here)

See what everyone else thinks is sexy here.


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My (First) Sexy Saturday for their 100th Blog Post Anniversary!!!

I love a good logo, and when I saw the one for My Sexy Saturday, I knew that I would have to join in. And on what better day than their 100th blog post anniversary!

The story that I have picked is an excerpt from my anthology, Hot Summer Flings. I came up with the idea for the anthology on an ungodly hot summer day. I wrote the story based on my neighbor in Paris, who kept smoking in our non-smoking hotel.

And that is where the similarity ends!

“I am leaving in the morning, I’m going home to London.”
“I am in Paris for a few more days.”
“For pleasure?”
“For pleasure.”
“I want to give you some pleasure to compensate for the displeasure I caused by smoking.”
“It was not that displeasurable. I’m just a New Yorker, and I guess kind of like the Wizard of Oz I should realize I am not in New York anymore–”
Then she did not know where she was anymore, he kissed her and she knew they were going to but the charge she felt from that kiss finally coming to fruition…And not even on her mouth, his kiss on her hand that he took suddenly, and then her cheek near her jaw and close to her mouth but not there…

The complete story is in Hot Summer Flings.


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