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Créme In Your Coffee

This is my entry for the latest Sex Blog (of sorts) contest. The last time it was a nail polish color–my story Polished was in the top three! This time it is lipstick. My color was créme in your coffee…

Dinah put on her lipstick, licked her lips and as they were pressed together could not help but notice that the lipstick was the exact color as her nipples. Smiling to herself she kissed the mirror before her, admiring the imprint of her lips on it.
She was in the mood, she knew it as she hesitated putting on her clothes and applied her lipstick naked. Looking down at her breasts, she pressed them together and lifted them up so she could see the color of her nipples close to her mouth. Looking at her own full breasts got her even more aroused, and she pulled one close to her lips and rubbed it with her tongue. The soft skin excited her and she pulled both breasts to her mouth, alternately caressing her lips with either nipple. There was lipstick all over her nipples, which let her see that the color really was the same. Dinah kissed her breasts in earnest then, moving over her coffee cup that was on the dresser to sat on top of it so she could kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. She saw her reflection in the mirror out of the corner of her eyes—her créme in your coffee-colored lips, kissing her tight as rosebud nipples.
Letting her breasts fall, Dinah saw her hard nipples in the mirror. She put her finger in her mouth, before circling one nipple with it. At the same time, she slipped her finger into herself. She used that finger to circle her clit. Tilting her head up, she closed her eyes and let those tiny circles expand until they blended together and she came on top of the dresser.
Dinah opened her eyes, and she saw he was using his binoculars.
She had been playing this game of show and tell with her neighbor for a while. This morning, she had just wanted to play like usual. But knowing that he was home and could probably see her, made she want him. At least she wanted that she had seen of him through the window. Her heartbeat pumped inside her like the sensation of her orgasm, as she slid off of the dresser and walked out of her room.
And then she returned to her room, to retrieve her cup of coffee.
Her cold cup of coffee.
Dinah walked into the kitchen, and placed her mug in the microwave. When the doorbell rang, she assumed it was the package she was expecting and walked into her room to slip on her robe. She could not resist looking to see if he was still across the way—maybe hoping for a curtain call?
But he was not there.
“Coming,” she grinned to herself, thinking she had just come.
When she got to the door and saw him on that side, she pressed her back to it. Patrick, her neighbor stood there with a measuring cup.
They talked, but never inside of each other’s homes. Their game had been accidental. When he just moved in, she did not know he was there and was fully naked when she saw him across the way. It was their joke to “accidentally” be naked, in some state of undress for the other. But then one day, he pulled himself out of his jeans. To top him, she walked around without panties. Each one of them had upped the ante. But the show that she just put on? Well she did not know what he thought.
She opened the door.
“I was just wondering if you had any cream? I need for my coffee…”
“You do not have cream for you coffee?” she questioned, pressing her head against the doorjamb and grinned.
“No, it spoiled. And I have not got any sugar either. Have you got sugar?”
“Yes, I have cream and sugar. But I drink my coffee black…”
Patrick walked in, and closed the door behind him.
“So do I—“
They walked into the kitchen.
“Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah…” he sang behind her.
“You didn’t—“ She turned around to face him for singing the line from the infamous song.
Right then he did kiss her. So soft and sweet. Dinah showered him with soft kisses of her own. When they parted, her créme in your coffee lipstick was all over his collar.
He pulled her close, sitting her on top of the kitchen table. She knocked over the mug of coffee she had just heated up, and Patrick slapped her bottom hard. When she opened her mouth to protest, he pressed her nipple that he had been caressing her lips with into her mouth.
Dinah was in the kitchen with Patrick and sucked her own nipple hard for him, filled with anticipation of what was the come.

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Sinful Sunday Week 230: Plum Healing

Re-inspired by Charlie, I wrote a new sticky note post. Part of the inspiration, was the curved cut that is on my index finger. Below, my healing cut against my plum dress…  
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Sticky Note No. 9

I have not done a sticky note in over a year. Charlie has been doing them lately, with much nicer postcards as I would expect from her! But I saw my blank pink stickies in my wallet, and became inspired by the cut on my finger which I acquired today in a much less romantic way!!! As I started to write, a Paris train ticket slipped out from between the pages…

…so this is for Charlie, go read her stories.

she looked down at (the) perfect triangle shaped cut on her finger now. she looked out at emptiness, well france outside of paris. just wide, wide areas of green and people actually living their daily lives. she sucked on the cut from closing his cufflink…