Kink of the Week — May 16-31: Suits

I remember being seventeen, on the train, and seeing men get on in suits. I loved it. Love seeing men in suits still. Some women like men in uniforms, but I like them in suits. I believe that putting on a suit transforms a man, and so does the way he wears it. I had a firm crush on a co-worker, who used to like to wear his tie flipped over his shoulder. The way a man wears a suit says a lot about his character. If it looks like the suit is wearing him, that is awful. If he wears it perfunctory with solid-colored ties and typical suit colors and prints, he is practical. If the suit seems tailored for him, or he wears it with atypical ties, suit patterns and colors it means he is not so rigid.

I wrote two pieces recently–my story in Spy Games, and this post–where I wrote about suits, or at least elements of suits. The difference in these pieces, was my mindset when writing both. The fetishized suit in Harper in Spy Games was a spontaneous scene, I did not plan it. When I wrote the blog post, I knew I was planning on including a suit fetish scene…the focus on cufflinks was incidental. What caused the difference? I had a conversation with a friend who has a particular fetish, and noticed a catch in my breath as I began talking about suits. I realized that we shared something, the same feeling but for different things. When I saw this prompt, I got very excited especially since I had just created a suit fetish Pinterest board!

I am not sure that I am a bonafide suit fetishist, but I know I get very excited if I see a man with (an element of, or a or full) suit I like. During this very cold past winter, I saw a very gorgeous man I know wearing a fedora. I complimented him, and felt flushed when I saw the fedora later hung up on a hook. Now I recognize that I watched Mad Men primarily for the fashion…and Jon Hamm…in a suit…with a fedora on…

Below is a sample from my short story Harper, in Spy Games:

“Take off your clothes,” he grunted, unbuttoning her blouse.

“Leave on your suit,” she replied, her voice sounding just as huskily.

He smiled at her as he watched her finish unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her bare breasts right off the bat.
“So there’s a bit of kinkiness in you? A suit fetish, perhaps?”
Removing her skirt revealed that she hadn’t worn any underwear. She looked up at him.
“Talk? Or do?”
Russell pulled her to him while she was taking off her thigh high. She dug her nails into the other leg, tossing both ruined stockings carelessly onto the floor. She buried her face in his suit jacket, realizing he might have been right about her kinkiness. It was not something that she thought about before, but she guessed it was there right now. 
The feeling of his suit against her bare skin while he was kissing her was one thing. Her bare ass against the chain that barred entry seemed ironic to her. There was no desire in her for others to enter, but she liked being watched, and that wasn’t something that she’d ever realized she liked until the past 24 hours. First in the bar, and now here with Russell.

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