What Makes You Stop?, Part II

I had not planned on writing a sequel to yesterday’s post, but the irony of this situation made me have to…

Just as I was about to lift the handle to the gate to my place, I saw that the red window was still not lit across the street. However someone in another house across from me had a poster of Mohammad Ali. I found that striking, because I could not see the whole thing, but I did see that it looked like a scene from a match that he won. I assumed it was in a bedroom, and wondered if it was there for inspiration? For the aesthetic?

I thought about what windows reveal, what they say about the person behind them. I thought about the desire to have things around you that create an atmosphere. I usually keep my windows closed, blinds drawn, no Edward Hopper voyeurism into my place. Things I have hung up inside for my aesthetic and inspiration include a map of Paris, various pictures of butterflies, postcards from friends including one of Sophia Loren staring at Jayne Mansfield’s breasts, and an old calendar with an old pulp cover that is subtly erotic. And books. Everywhere. I am used to it all, but I love it all around me just the same.

Tonight for a change, I was able to remember that I saw this poster across the street, and wanted to write about the irony. Oh irony!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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