Wicked Wednesday #187 — Now!!!

Eliza would remember the reflection of the lantern, when he turned her on the staircase and arched her back like something out off of an old Hollywood movie. She would remember when they almost kissed, their faces close together and the aura of his breath making her quiver.

She had quivered when she saw Oscar in the restaurant. They had been to that restaurant before. She was not there because she wanted to see him, but because she wanted sushi. That was at least the narrative that she told herself.

It was not unlike the first time that they met. He was at the bar, sipping a drink. Eliza assumed whiskey because she knew that he liked that. She stood in front of him, and watched his breath move his body gently. Then increase with her proximity. Everything was fine with Rafe, she was in a much better place than when she had met Oscar that night. But she was alone, and he was alone. The way he looked at her, as his breath deepened and she stopped breathing all together.

She wanted him.


They used to go to that restaurant, because there was a hotel nearby that her company had an account with. Neither one of them was inhibited about renting a decadent room for the afternoon, in which to make love like it was their job.

His knees caressed the front of her body when she got closer to him. She looked at him, her heart light. She had not seen Oscar alone since before she and Rafe got back together.

She moved her lips to say something, and Oscar put his fingers to them. Eliza was not sure what inanity she was going to release from her mouth, but as soon as he touched it she knew she wanted him right then and there.

Oscar did not get his sushi, as he tilted her precariously over the winding staircase. She saw the reflection of the lantern upside down as he pressed his torso to hers.

Eliza swore that she saw a conspiratorial smile on the face of the hotel clerk, who she knew recognized them when they arrived.

Now, she kept thinking, now. Finally now they were going to be together, and it was all that filled her heart and mind.

“You did not get your food,” Eliza smiled, looking up at him. “You left your order there, and now we are never going to be able to go back there…”
Oscar’s lips pressed against hers on a slant. He almost kissed her on the staircase, but now he kissed her for real.

It was then that Eliza realized that Rafe had not meant to hurt her when he had gotten involved with Sandrine without telling her. Sometimes you wanted someone—now—and there was no  time to ask if that was okay with your partner. You needed—she needed to be with Oscar…


She stepped out of the puddle of her dress on the floor, Oscar pressed his hands over her naked curves. He had established that they were not going to talk—yet—but she knew that he wanted to know if she had gone to work without any underwear at all.

But he did not say anything to her, as his hands pressed her buttocks and she rubbed herself against the front of him like a kitten. Eliza rubbed against him more provocatively, until he did slapped her backside over and over. She wanted to look in the mirror to see the redness, instead she closed her eyes and all she could see was the lantern reflected in the window as they left the restaurant where he left his food and decided it was time for dessert.


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lantern’s reflection photo by f dot leonora

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