Wicked Wednesday #162: Photo (of my legs)

Eliza’s fingers lingered on her lips. Sitting next to Oscar at the bar, her fingers remained still. She wanted to keep the warmth, wanted to keep the sensation…the sensation of his kiss there. She had forgotten, but now that he had kissed her again, she remembered every kiss they had ever had. This kiss was like their first kiss all over again, it was like meeting him all over again.And he wanted to forget her…

She closed the door of her hotel room behind her when she returned to it. Her eyes lingered on a photograph taken by Fiona, that she brought with her. She wondered if Fiona was lost in the deal? They had been through a lot together, she was her sister because she practically had been for so long. They had even managed to survive Shanghai, and everything it had detailed

The photograph had been a gift after she was newly engaged to Rafe. It was a detail of a woman’s legs, with a necklace draped over her thighs that said, “oui.”

“Because you said yes to Rafe…” Fiona had said when she presented her with the photograph.

Eliza smiled when she saw that she had a missed call from Fiona, but did she know yet? It was the dead of night…

Pressing herself to the door, her fingers were still on her lips. When she moved them, it felt like Oscar kissed her again. That he had said that he kissed her because he wanted to forget kissing her…

She closed her eyes, but tears did not come. Tears had stopped coming, because she really did believe she had used up their well.

The soft knock on her room door was against her hip. Eliza knew it was Oscar, but she did not want to open the door. What would be on the other side of it but Oscar telling her he loved her, but not enough? It was too much for her to hear that from him again…

She turned and looked out into the hallway, and she saw Oscar’s face through the glass. He looked contrite, and the tears came back.

“Go away,” she mouthed against the door, pressing her forehead to it. 

But she opened the door.

Before she was able to look up at his face, he took her face in his hands and kissed her. This time she remembered how to kiss him, she kissed him thoroughly. Eliza was filled with so much raw emotion: her last trip to Shanghai. Lying on his hotel bed alone, waiting for Oscar and he was with Polly. She did not ask about Polly, it was not her place to. Putting her hands over his, she kissed him because she needed to forget too…

She closed her eyes, and saw Fiona’s photograph behind them. The encircled oui on a chain, shone in her memory like the sun.

Oscar pushed her gently into the room, and closed the door behind him… 
Marie decided to use this photo from my first Sinful Sunday ever, for this week’s prompt. See more leg stories here:


photo of my legs in the nypl by Exposing 40


  1. I keep reading the opening line of your WW posts and then going “NO, stop – start at the beginning”…I need to lock myself in a room!! Xx

      1. Hahahah. I do, but because they always pick up from the last post I *know* I am missing out so I resolve all over again to start from the beginning. I need a beach holiday!!

      2. Oh bless you! Ok…tell me which week the links started and I’ll go back only that far and be caught up to read live by next week! Xx 😘

  2. They are very nice legs indeed. Just the kind I’d love to slip between.


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