Masturbation Monday No. 44

Nichy sat on the bed, with her hands behind her back. Gavin stood in front of her. She smiled softly, because she loved everything about him. His hands, the tiny slivers of moon that were his nails. His thighs, his feet, his hair, his teeth. She loved everything about him as it was revealed to her. Right now, she loved his eyelashes that she could see fluttering over his eyes. His eyes were the thing about him she loved the most, tied with the timbre of his voice.She lie back on the bed, and closed her eyes. He was right in front of her, and she sunk into the hotel bed thinking about all the times that she had been on her own bed like this: naked curled into fetal position after she had gotten herself beyond wet thinking about being in bed with Gavin. First she would caress herself, not even touching her clit and she would still be that wet. When she finally touched her clit, she would need more. One finger, two fingers, three…pretending all the time that it was Gavin. She came so hard, that she could barely breathe after. 

The bed dipped beside her hip.

“You know, just because we are in a hotel room together does not mean that we have to make love, that we have to…”

Gavin said that quietly, so quietly she almost thought that she imagined it. Almost thought she imagined it, as she looked up at the ceiling that looked like floral cream-colored frosting.

She fished for his hand on the mattress, and caressed his finger when she felt it. Gavin wrapped his hand about hers. Nichy sat up and looked at him, she had been staring at the cream-colored ceiling for so long that Gavin looked cream-colored. They kissed and he tasted like frosting. She thought her imagination was that powerful, but remembered that they had both eaten red velvet cake in the restaurant. The best red velvet cake she had ever had in her entire life. 

Or was everything right now, everything connected to this moment, going to be the best thing that she had ever had?

Gavin tasted like frosting, and she knew she was making the red velvet covers wet. When he caressed her hip and pulled up her dress feeling for her to see if she was still as wet as she had been in the elevator,

she was. More so.

“Still wet,” she said nibbling on his ear. His hand had moved up to her breast as she kissed his neck.

“You taste like red velvet cake.”

“Your dress looks like frosting,” he said breathily. “Take it off because I want to lick you.”

Nichy pulled her dress over her head.

“I want to lick you.”

Gavin started to pull at his belt, but she replaced his hands with hers. She unbuckled his belt, and pulled him out of his suit pants. Touching the tip of him, damp with pre-come.

“You are wet too…” She said reaching up behind her back to unhook her bra.

“You always wear such sexy underwear…” he breathed, his fingers inside the thin damp line of her crotch from where he had been playing with her.

Her bra dropped over his hands looking like decadent lace handcuffs against his wrists. He reached for her breasts, pressing his unshaven cheek to them. Nichy welcomed the roughness. She wanted it rough, needed it to be rough with him.

His teeth were gnawing on her nipple, when his phone rang. She recognized his ringtone. Gavin looked up at her, with a frown and misplaced desire.

“Nichy, I kind of have to take this call.”

Nichy held her breasts when he was not holding them anymore, and nodded.

He took the call in front of her which soothed her a bit, but the wild look in his eyes made her nervous.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can…”

Nichy studied him.

“Nichy, my cousin just went into labor. She lives downtown, and is going to the hospital. She’s a little early and her husband is on a business trip. She is all alone. I have to go, can you come with me?”

“Of course I will.”


Nichy smiled at him to let him know he did not have to say anything, and pulled her dress over her head again, looking up at the ceiling that looked like frosting. Then she pulled the dress over her head again, because she had not put on her bra. The bra now looked very much like the undergarments it was, and clearly not handcuffs. Because everything in the world kept Gavin from being with her for any prolonged period of time.

They walked out of the hotel room, and she could still taste the frosting on his lips as the doorman hailed a cab outside of the hotel for them.

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frosting via duck duck go images


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh, you’re KILLING ME. But, I love that he wanted her to go with him. I had a moment of cynicism there. Thought he was about to bail on her. Whew!

  2. Poor her. Poor them! Truth be told, considering how long a birth usually takes, they probably would have had time for a quickie. But I guess that would have been even more unsatisfying to them. They were right to leave it be for now and go witness the miracle of life…

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