Never Too Late for a Take This Man Excerpt by Oleander Plume!!!

When my dear friend and Chemical [se]X (which you can currently get for free!!!) editor Oleander Plume told me she was in another anthology, I jumped at the chance to host her (again!) on my blog! Take This Man is the brainchild of Neil Plakcy. Neil tells us a bit about his process below:

When I put out the call for Take This Man, I wasn’t sure what I’d get from authors. So much of gay erotica is based on the thrill of meeting someone new—making that first connection, the attraction of opposites and so on. Would my idea about sex between committed couples work?

I was delighted when the first stories began arriving in my email box and I realized I shouldn’t have worried – talented writers can take any idea and make it sing!
Not every story was great, of course. Some authors’ idea of “commitment” seemed to be having sex with the same person more than once. Others didn’t seem to grasp the idea that erotica requires the characters to engage in sexual intercourse at least once during the story. Others got bogged down in details of “how we met, how we fell in love, how we moved in together” and so on.
But the ones that made the cut? Pure gold!

Enter the golden Ms. Plume, who describes a little about her inspiration:

The submission call caught my imagination and wouldn’t let go. Here is the kind of story Neil Plakcy was looking for:

A rarity — romantic erotica focused on male couples in committed relationships — Take This Man comes from one of the top-flight gay fiction writers, Neil Plakcy. Many erotic stories focus on the thrill of first contact, but Take This Man is thrillingly different, taking a close look at how much sexier an encounter can be when the two men involved have been together for long enough to make a commitment to each other. Formalized or not, the fact remains that knowing what turns your partner on — and vice versa — makes encounters even hotter, especially when the erotic encounter is an expression of an emotional bond.

After I read the prompt, an idea formed almost immediately. (That does not happen often!) I typed out a rough draft from start to finish, and the story never really changed. (Another rarity.) 

Once I had the story fleshed out, I added a few details about the characters, Braiden and Tony. I developed a fondness for them, maybe because they are my age. Writing a contemporary romance story was a creative stretch for me, but I loved it and will definitely delve into that genre again. I also enjoyed writing about lovers who have a history with each other, I think the story is richer because of that relationship. 

Wanna sample? Here you go, an excerpt from “Never Too Late.”

He grabbed me and kissed my lips as he pushed me back on the bed. I dug my heels into his back and ground my cock against his. The heat between us roared back to life, igniting us both until I thought we might burn alive.

“Fuck me, right now. No foreplay, just get up in me.”

“I need a shower.”

“Tony, please, I need it so bad. There’s lube in my suitcase.” I felt like I would die if I didn’t get his cock inside. My clothes flew in all directions, but Tony just unzipped and pulled out his dick, it was harder than I had seen it in years.

“Braiden, my balls feel like they’re going to explode.”

His hands were shaking when he greased up his dick. I pulled my legs back. Tony licked his lips while he stared between my legs.

“It’s still so pretty, fuck, I’m so hard.”

“Tony, hurry.”

“Yeah, yeah, here it comes, baby, I can’t wait either.”

I groaned as he pushed in, it had been awhile, but I loosened up quickly. This was what I had been craving, the feel of his hardness mingled with my softness. To be one with him, joined in mutual satisfaction. His cock spread me open wide when he drove in deep. Tony growled.

“That’s it, the sound I’ve been wanting to hear. That sex growl you always make.”

He did it again, I got goosebumps all over when it rumbled from his throat. 

“Sweet angel, you’re so tight.”

“Keep talking.” I wanted him in every way, to hear his voice, to feel body, to smell his male musk, to taste his lips, to see the lust in his eyes, all for me. 

“Tell me more.”

You better take this book!


Wicked Wednesday #155 — (A Portrait of) Desire

It had been coiled upside of her like a snake, the way Sandrine was encouraged to visualize energy in her kundalini yoga classes. But no amount of focus given between her eyes in class, had released the energy that she felt when she started back up with Rafe.Rafe had been her first love, and she hated when people blathered on about a first love they could not get past, even after they were married like she was. Married, and had a very if not more than stable life with their family. But going to see Rafe by herself, which she had known was something she should not have done…it had caused everything inside of her to uncoil. 

Now she sat at a Paris cafe, sexting him. He was asking her to do things that he knew she had loved to do for him before.

Show me cleavage.

And she did. She had worn a form-fitting dress that outlined all of her curves, and gave him cleavage. And since guys did dick pics, she gave him a very lovely pussy pic. She slipped her phone between her knees, and since she was not wearing underwear…Sandrine had chosen not to wear underwear so she could do something like this. 

Rafe rewarded her with full evidence of his desire: a dick pic that was memorized in her mind because she knew his that well. There was not a part of her body that had not come into contact with his, or for that mater there was not really a part of her body that his come had not graced.

Seeing him on her phone made Sandrine excited, she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Asking her neighbor to mind her table, she got up and walked to the bathroom. She knew from his unhidden desire that he would keep her table for her, fight someone who tried to take it.

It was a tiny bathroom, but nonetheless enough for her to do what she needed to do. She pulled her full breasts out of her dress, pulled up the bottom of it and pressed her own bottom to the cool white marble sink. Her fingertips caressed her hardened nipples. Sandrine let her fingers meander over the stretchy fabric of the dress at her solar plexus and caress her navel, before finally caressing her stiff clitoris which was almost too sensitive to touch. But she did, and it quickly responded the way that she needed it to. Sandrine was turned away from the mirror, but she turned quickly to see her flushed face and turned back around to raise her phone over her head and take her portrait for Rafe. The sudden motion made her come, and she took the picture as her eyes closed in grimaced ecstasy. She quickly pulled her dress down, pushed her breasts back into her dress and turned around to look at herself before freshening up a bit. When she returned to her table, her in the mood for neighbor smiled and asked her if she was okay.

Ca va tres bien!” Sandrine smiled, as her phone vibrated in her hand. She had just sent Rafe her picture, and she wanted him to savor her portrait of desire for a little bit…

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Masturbation Monday No. 37

The next day, Nichy could not get herself up out of bed. She called in sick because she really did feel it, even though she knew that her sickness was not physical.

Every time she thought about almost kissing Gavin, she felt physically ill.

So she tried not think about it.

She lie in bed, her fingers drilling deep inside of her because she kept thinking about what would have happened if they had kissed. What more could have happened…

Between her legs was sticky wet, and she circled even around her labia with her pre-come. The sheets stuck there were adhesived at the juncture of her thighs with her wetness, as she caressed her breasts to get aroused to make herself come again. The second time she came, she bit into her forearm. 


The third time was of course the charm, and after the third time she came she got out of bed.

She plucked around her apartment–nude–because she was afraid that she would come from the friction of even her thong between her legs and she had worn herself out with solo sex. Her body still craved release though, and she made an appointment for a massage. It would work some of the tension out of her at least, she thought.

Hilda, her usual masseuse took one look at her and Nichy looked away. Hilda had a knack for knowing when there was something wrong with her. Especially when lulled under the sweetness of Hilda’s touch, she pined over Gavin during many of their recent sessions.

“The guy?” Hilda asked.

Nichy shrugged, she did not want to talk about it. Hilda squeezed her shoulders with understanding, and then went about her business.

On her belly, Nichy felt the sheets underneath her and felt herself get aroused like she had in bed that morning. She was soaking wet again, and when she got up from the table she knew there would be a damp spot. Hilda did not touch her in a sexual way at all, but Nichy craved the attention on her body so bad that it made her come swiftly.

Hilda had not intended a happy ending for her, but she also did not ask questions.

She squeezed the small of Nichy’s back when she was done.

“It is not the first time for me here, it just means you got very relaxed.”

Nichy looked at her for a moment, then smiled awkwardly. What else could she do?

She decided after to go to the bar down the street from her apartment. After two lovely glasses of Riesling, she saw the sun was starting to set. And in a rush of deja vu, Gavin walked past her window like he often did at the bar by her job. He spotted her, and walked in.

Nichy got aroused again, and she really had made herself tired from coming all day. 


Her body responded to Gavin in the usual way, as he walked over to her table.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

Her sip of Riesling was so tense, she almost bit the glass as she did.


The waiter walked over, and handed Gavin a menu.

“I have never seen you here before,” she said as she swallowed.

“I was looking for you.”

Nichy looked down.

“About yesterday…” she started, not looking up at him

Gavin raised his hand and the waiter came over with the check. He took it, and even though Nichy tried to protest, he shoved his card in.

“I don’t want to talk about last night Nichy,” he said suddenly out of breath. “I want to kiss you.”

Flushed as if she was in the middle of the desert, Nichy’s body responded to his desire with its own.

She watched him sign the check, everything happening as if it was happening to someone else.

“Can I walk you home?”

Nichy nodded.

Both of them were panting, as they walked the not even a block to get to her apartment building. 

“What happened to your arm?” he asked.

“I bit myself.”

Nichy looked down at the bandage that she had forgotten she placed there.

When she opened her door, Gavin took her arm and licked where the bandage was. 

Kissed it.

“To make it better,” he said. He pulled her into him, and buried his face in the crook of her neck. He lifted his head. “Now to make me feel better.”

He kissed her soft at first. Timidly. But then he kissed her until when they pulled away, she was breathless. His hands were in her hair caressing her scalp, as he looked into her eyes when she opened them. He kissed her again, and she pulled him close dragging her tongue along the inside of his neck. Nibbling it, in difference to the way she had bitten herself.

Gavin pulled her close, his hand still in her hair and kissed her temple which she felt pulsing like a trapped butterfly.

He moved away from her, and she swayed toward him.

“I am not going to come upstairs with you. But I needed to kiss you…to start…”

“To start what?” Nichy smiled, caressing his stubbled cheek.

“I want to start dinner with you for one…”

He kissed her again, and she leaned back against the wall accidentally ringing someone’s bell. It was only fitting that she rang someone’s bell, because this appetizer to their dinner to be had rung her bell in the very best way…

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Sunday Snog & Prose Prompt

“You should get another one, you love them!” Nich said to her.

Gwendolyn could still feel his soft kisses on her cheek, along her neck and finally on her mouth from before they sat down to brunch.

“No, you are trying to get me drunk so you can have you way with me!”

“If I wanted to have my way with you Gwendolyn, I would not need to get you drunk to do it. You love peach bellinis, so have another!”

“No!” she said laughing. 

Her entire body warmed because it was true, he did not have to make her drink to get her to do what he wanted. She crossed her legs, and the excitement that she felt was exhilarating but at the same time something she had never felt before.

She had been with other guys before, but Nich was the first guy who she was really with. He felt like a part of her, maybe it was because they shared dance as a passion. And maybe in no small part, because he made her feel like she was reliving her favorite love story ever.

There were so many pictures of her mother and father when they were young in their apartment still, even though they were no longer together. Gwendolyn did not feel like some children of divorced parents felt when their parents ended their marriage. Because of dance, her family had to sort of stay connected. Her parents in particular, wanted to maintain a united front for her.

So when she was with Nich, it felt like they should end up being the same way. That they should end up together. What else could explain the difference in her since they became a couple? She trusted him to do things to make her feel better, and to make her a better person.

“You know you want another one!”

Gwendolyn looked down at her sweating bellini.

She did, and they were in a restaurant just outside of where they were doing the workshop today, where they did not ask for her identification and just gave her the bellini. She could get them in the city too–they did not ask her a lot there because she was becoming something of a celebrity. But she had never had a drink without her mother’s permission, though her mother was very lax about letting her drink so it was not an issue.

But she realized that Nich was an adult , and that it would be okay if she had another. It made her realize the shift in her life that she was thinking about someone else being the adult besides her parents. That someone else could take care of her. Even though very soon, she would be the responsible adult , as she was going to turn twenty-one.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll have another.”

Nich smiled at her, put his arm about her and pressed his lips to hers.

“That is all I want more of a peach bellini. The taste of it on your lips Gwendolyn.”

She closed her eyes, as his still mouth now pressed to hers with desire. She could taste the peach bellini on his lips, and that was all she wanted as far as peach bellinis went as well. 

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Kink of the Week, May 1-15 Face-sitting

“Where I am from? Why do you need to know?”

She looked at him, startled. It was like she had broken the moment. His hand loosened on her knee, and he sat back with a deep sigh.

“Forget I asked, ” she said spilling a little scotch on her thighs.

When she attempted to stand up, his hand tightened again on her knee.

“What?” she said standing up and he stood up with her, looked down at her and touched her trembling lower lip.

“I am right now, right here. Here with you.” His fingers on her lip felt the the tips of matches, and she get hot, very hot. Under her arms were moist with perspiration and desire. He looked into her eyes. “Where are you?”

“Here with you,” she said without delay.

“Let’s go back. Or do you want to leave with me?”

“Both,” she said. She raised her glass to sip her scotch, desperate to dampen her parched lips and swallowed before even a bit of scotch had gone between them.

She walked off the balcony with him, so lightheaded with desire it felt like people were circling around her like the end of Ring Around the Rosie. She felt his hand strong on the small of her back, keeping her erect.

Their friends and colleagues voices and faces were disembodied, as she was blind and deaf to everything but him. It was like she had drunk too much which she had not, she was only intoxicated with him.

He slipped her shawl about her shoulders, and his hand burned through it like the sun on naked skin as they descended into the night. The moon sobered her, and she began to walk upright and with purpose.

Pauline’s memories were soft as she remembered the first time she and Henry…she had walked onto the balcony with him. What they shared there reminded her of Baudelaire’s poem, The Balcony. Alone with him in bed, was where the summit of their passion was reached. Each of them concerned with the other’s passion more than their own she had felt. The way he worshipped first her labia and then her anus, Pauline shivered from head to toe with the pleasure he bestowed upon her. His mouth described love that she was not sure he could say another way. his kisses were open and honest in a way she felt no one had ever been with her. Her thrusts against his face, were her acknowledgment of his love and desire. As much as she wanted to just say it was the sensation that was driving her. His lips soft on her ass and her breasts in his hands, Pauline shook from impact of her orgasm. Henry caressed her hips and cheeks to soothe her.

When she opened her eyes and the lights spun about her because she had closed them so tight, she fell forward and kissed his shaft just once. She was too drowsy with desire to reciprocate, as still he kissed her ass in homage. His tongue moved in thick strokes about her cheeks, painting her thickly with lust. 

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Go Deeper with TIE ME UP & Lana Fox!!!

I am sooooo excited to have Tie Me Up, be today’s Go Deeper Press Deeper Daily! I feel really lucky because a lot of the people that I love are brilliant writers and/or editors. Lana Fox is no exception, aside from running Go Deeper Press, she is a truly gifted writer. So when you go to their site to see the Tie Me Up Deeper Daily by the lovely Tabitha Kitten (which has also been excerpted on Janine Ashbless’s blog)…let your eyes meander to this new goodness from Lana, Criminally Gorgeous:


Bethany can’t help it. Risk turns her on. But when, thanks to a crazy dare, she sneaks into a stranger’s apartment, the last thing she expects is to be sprung by a gorgeous intruder and seduced into a super-hot scene. 

It turns out this gatecrasher is Leo, an ex-lawyer billionaire who housebreaks for kicks and is also a sexual dominant. He’s the hottest man Bethany’s ever met. When he suggests she be his paid partner, breaking in with him for sex and thrills, Bethany couldn’t be more tempted.

However, her father Jim is a lifelong criminal, and he’s currently on the run, in danger of doing time. Bethany’s vowed to never follow in his footsteps. How far down this criminal road can she travel with Leo? And with a partner and Dom this gorgeous, perhaps there’s even more at stake.

Is Bethany Croft prepared to fall in love?

You can download Criminally Gorgeous on All Romance, Amazon, Nook and Smash Words!

Happy Reading!


Wicked Wednesday #154 — Lists

Going to France was often Sandrine’s escape from the world, but this time it was not.

She had gone to Paris to stay with her family to escape the things she had set into motion in New York. Her children liked going to Paris anyway, and it had been a long time. Plus she loved to see her mother, who knew right away that she was running from something. Sandrine watched her mother give her children warm hugs, and almost sunk into her own hug when she was in her mother’s arms and her mother caressed her back softly like she had when she was a little girl. Nothing was said, and she was not sure she would tell her mother anything. Among her sacred lists like commandments, was not to do things that she thought would make her mother feel ashamed of her.

She had done something she was not sure her mother would not be ashamed of…

Sitting alone in a favorite cafe with her coffee, she fiddled with the piece of chocolate that was placed on her plate. She wore her dark shades that reminded her of the iconic kind that Jackie O wore.

She was no Jackie O.

Her phone vibrated on the table nonstop. She knew she could set it to silence, but she liked knowing exactly when he texted her. Knowing it was as urgent to him as it was to her, that at least it was not something disposable. How could it have been disposable, everything between them always stained her indelibly.

From the time she walked out on him in the bar, when she came to chastise him about possibly pushing Eliza into an open relationship Sandrine had messed up. It was not on her list per say, but it was among the things she never wanted to do. She had promised herself that she would not see Rafe alone again, because she was not sure that she would have control. It had always been so easy for him to seduce her. Sitting across from him that day, she believed in her accusations but she filled with emotion for him. Not love or lust, but caring. He looked lost and deeply affected by what she had said to him. When he came to her house days later, while she was alone and she opened the door to let him in. At the same time she opened the door to let him into her heart and her body, which she had sworn she would never do again. 

She and Marcus did not have a contract or anything like that, but the one thing in the lists of things they would not do to each other was to be involved with someone without telling the other person. Marcus wanted to to maybe become involved with Eliza, and he called her on set to let her know that he was thinking about it. Just because they could sleep with someone else did not mean it was random. 

He called her to let her know what he was thinking about with Eliza.

Her cell phone had fallen to the floor when Rafe captured her wrists with his hand, the memory stung her. Not that she had been planning to make a call, she just happened to have her phone in her hand. Rafe rubbed his thumb over the thick vein on the inside of her wrist, and Sandrine closed her eyes as she came undone. He knew all her hot spots from a long time ago. He kissed her along her jaw, and she panted.

“I wish I could do this to you just to show you that I can make you feel something still, and I am not the trash you think I am…” he had said to her, and when she opened her eyes and tears fell.

“I never meant to hurt you cheri,” she caressed his cheek, and whispered soft words to him in French like psalms to calm him.

He looked at her, his eyes dark with desire now and not rage. They kissed as the storm of their lust flashed across her eyes like lightning. Sandrine kissed his jaw, licked the length of his crisp shirt sleeve and sucked on his cufflink. Her tongue meandered slowly along the thick vein inside of his wrist.

She knew all of his hot spots, so when he pressed her to the wall, his mouth returning to her jaw and had his way with her she knew she had pushed him to it. Even with the wide open windows of her house and open drawn curtains, but could not resist fucking him. She had missed fucking him.

For a second, she tasted him on her lips, before she remembered she was in Paris. Sandrine picked up her phone. His first initial ‘R’ was like a brand on her phone, in her e-mail and text messages.

She closed her mouth, and she could taste the metallic taste of his cufflink on her tongue sweetened with his essence. Paris was not the refuge she sought, as she imagined him where he was not…
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Masturbation Monday No. 36

Third time is a charm.

Nichy slipped her foot out of her shoe. She was working as substitute librarian again, and Renee had decided to keep her company. Renee who was still talking about how much she missed Tyler, who would be back the following week and apparently missed her as well.

“See? How am I supposed to get any work done if he is going to send me pictures like this?”

Nichy scraped the rug with her toe as she looked at the screenshot of Tyler with his beautifully erect shaft in his hand. He rubbed the space between his belly button, and the tip of his penis while tugging at his balls. The next shot was of his stomach covered with his come, and apparently some had gotten onto the camera. There was a splotch from a glob of something on the screen.  

“He shot onto the screen, he said because he was so hot from thinking about me and he sent this to me and I can’t–”

Renee’s hand was on her thigh, sunk between her legs as she leaned into Nichy.

“There is a bathroom here, right?”

Nichy nodded as she watched Renee sashay through past her desk, and disappear to where the bathrooms were. She was pretty sure Renee would not have cared if she knew that she and Gavin had seen her masturbating in her sleep…was she even sleeping Nichy wondered in retrospect.

“Stop daydreaming!”

The sound of Gavin’s voice made her breathless, she looked at him with a smile.

“I was not daydreaming,” she said crooking her finger so she could whisper to him, and pointed. “Renee’s in there.”


“In the bathroom, doing it again except this time she is definitely awake!”

Gavin stared at her, and Nichy was surprised he was not smiling. He looked terribly awkward, and stared into her eyes for longer than usual.

“She was keeping me company, and she got a sext from Tyler and…”

“I came to keep you company too, but I can’t deal with that again Nichy.”

“Well I don’t want to be in the middle of someone else’s sex life either! I feel frustrated, and I am not even getting any dick pics!”

Gavin stared at her, and she wished she could clamp her hand over her mouth. She should have known better than to talk about Renee, but it was something they had shared together.

“I’m sorry…I just…” 

Gavin leaned over the desk so his face was closer to hers. She got hot, and his body felt exceptionally warm as well.

“What are you sorry for?”

Nichy studied his face, she was not sure what he was thinking.

“For telling you about Renee, it is awkward…”

He moved his fingers across her lips.

“This is awkward Nichy.”

“I know…I’m…”


He tilted his head to the side, she tilted hers to the side. It was the most awkward position ever, but they were going to kiss.

The door to the bathroom opened, and Nichy was startled.

“I feel so much better Nichy!” Renee looked at the two of them, with a weird smile on her face. “Hi Gavin,” she purred sounding sexy, post solo session in the bathroom.

“Renee,” he answered.

Nichy looked at them, and sucked on her bottom lip. She tasted the kiss that she had just missed. Would it have been so horrible if she had kissed Gavin, since she could still see Tyler’s ejaculate on the screen of the photo that Renee had showed her?

“I came to keep Nichy company, but if you are already here…”

“Stay Gavin, maybe you can tell me something about men…”

They were both going to stay, but for some reason this night a lot of people were in the library. Nichy ached when Gavin touched her hand and smiled.

“I’ll see you Nichy.”

She nodded. 

Renee was gone by then too, but she had hoped to be alone with Gavin eventually. To share an awkward or proper kiss. 

But she was not alone with him again until she was dreaming, and even then he did not kiss her. The sensation of her desire was so strong it wrapped about her like she wanted Gavin to, and she moved within it so wet she could barely get a grip on her clit to make herself come.

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Sunday Snog — Mother’s Day Edition

Veronica stood on her toes like she did when she was a ballerina, stepping out of the extraordinarily high heels that Harley had bought her and asked her to wear.

“I was coming out of the hotel, on my way back and I saw these and imagined seeing you in them.”

The heels were far higher than anything she would usually have worn, but she wore them for the Mother’s Day dinner that Gwennie took her to with Nich.

And Max.

Max’s kiss on her cheek was cold, but thorough and his hand on her hip heavy with emotion he could not express.

Harley beamed for the entire night, but even though when he was sitting next to her he did not touch her. But she could feel that he wanted to by the way he didn’t touch her. She slipped her feet out of the come-fuck-me pumps that he bought her, their heels so very high they were more like come-fuck-the-shit-out-of-me pumps.

And she wanted him to.

The dinner was like an out of body experience for her. She knew that she was supposed to seem like mom, but she was not feeling like that at all. Max barely looked at her, but she could tell by the tight way that he held his utensils and the way his hands were balled into fists that he was mad. For the first time, she did not care. Her hands ached to touch Harley, but she practiced the same restraint that he was practicing by not touching her at the table.

The chocolate lava cake that she ate was so decadent that she knocked over one heel with her toes that responded to the velvet flavor and texture in her mouth. Her shoe fell on Harley’s foot, and when she bent to pick it up after she could not set it upright with her toes, he rested his hand on her knee and the clenching was so tight between her legs that she closed her eyes with the sensation.

It was that singular sensation that haunted her for the rest of the dinner, it only did not haunt her in the moment that Gwennie wrapped her arms about her. She held her daughter so close. She loved her so much that she wanted to hold her forever, her sweet scent of the same perfume that she wore made her feel like a part of her. This gorgeous, gorgeous girl was hers.

And Max’s.

His kiss goodbye was brutal, and his hand on her hip so hard that she was almost sure that he was trying to bruise her.

But it was now out of her shoes, on her tiptoes like the dancer that she used to be that she tilted her head back. Her head tilted back onto Harley’s chest, as he finally touched her. He kissed the nape of her neck, and she moaned softly. The feeling of his lips and the slightest moisture from between them, mirrored what was happening between her legs.

He kissed between her shoulder blades, his hands on her breasts. Harley’s hands moved from her breasts to her hips as he kissed the small of her back, and she parted her legs unconsciously. His lips dragged from the small of her back to the dimple on one buttock and dipped into the divide of them. 

Veronica saw her eyes widen from a distance quickly in the mirror that was in the next room before they closed as he parted her buttocks and licked at her anus. 

Her eyes remained closed and she slumped a bit, as he continued to pleasure her there. The heat between her legs felt like liquid, as she placed her hands on the wall before her. 

This was not how she had experienced Mother’s Day for a very long time. Being the pearl-wearing mom at dinner…well she was still wearing pearls. The heels were now off her feet, but their message was going to be heeded she imagined as she opened her eyes, looked down and saw them on their sides at her feet. 

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