Masturbation Monday No. 34

Gavin did not make it every Friday to the after work outing, but he started making it to enough that Nichy missed him when he did not. She sat with Renee and Tyler in the booth.

“I wonder where Gavin was off to tonight?” Renee said casually.

“Not sure,” Tyler said. “But I am glad to have you ladies to myself!”

Renee grinned, Tyler’s hand high on her thigh. Nichy felt that Renee had a bit of a crush on Tyler, and it looked like it was returned. She saw them getting closer on her periphery, when she was not paying attention to Gavin. Without him there tonight, she was very aware.

They stayed a little later than usual, Renee and Tyler stepped away to go to the bathroom. Nichy was properly hungry, and asked for the menu. Draining the last of her drink, she got up to go to the bathroom where she planned to tease Renee properly. She pushed the door open, and heard the strangled sound of a woman moaning and her moan being then smothered. Nichy recognized Renee’s voice, as she slammed the door to the adjoining stall. There was wide crack between the stalls that made it easy to look into the next stall, and see the reflection of the occupants in this case, on the door that had a mirror. 

Renee’s gorgeous, curvaceous body was displayed: her breasts were being played with alternately and her triangle was covered by Tyler’s hand. He was kissing her neck and fondling her so fiercely, that it was clear she was about to come.

Nichy felt herself tighten, as she lifted her foot to flush the toilet and walked out without pretending to wash her hands.

Gavin was standing at their table, when she returned.

“I was wondering where you guys were!” he grinned.

Nichy smiled nervously, and picked up the menu.

“I thought you went home?”

Gavin looked at her, and shook his head. 

“I did, but I left my wallet in my desk so I checked to see if you guys were still here…are you the last one?”

“No, Renee and Tyler…”

Nichy stopped mid-sentence.

Gavin smiled at her as if he could guess.

“Have you eaten? I am starving!”

“No, I was looking at the menu…”

“Want to share an appetizer?”


She could not stop thinking about Renee in the bathroom about to come with Tyler while she was sitting next to Gavin, the coolness of his pants leg against her bare thigh since her skirt had raised when she sat beside him. It excited her to see them in the stall, but she was jealous because she wished it was her.

Renee walked out with her blouse misbuttoned, and Nichy was too shy to say anything. Gavin was too much of a gentleman to say anything. If she had not walked in on them on the bathroom, Nichy would now know there was something between them. And if she was still clueless, Tyler offered to take Renee home which left her with Gavin, who put her coat on her.

“Don’t you and Gavin take the same train?”Renee questioned.

Nichy nodded, and Gavin took her arm. His touch on was like he was covering her mound, she felt the excitement so instantly.

“Don’t worry, I will get Nichy home safe.” 

“I bet you will!” Tyler grinned at them.

“You knew?” she asked Gavin on the train.

“Yeah!” Gavin nodded. “Tyler is not that much of a gentleman, he talked about what he wanted to do with her. Renee also has not been so quiet about what she wanted to do to him either…”

Nichy nodded remembering Tyler’s insinuations, as they headed for the train.

“You never get involved with office politics Nichy, you are friendly but diplomatic. I like that about you…Renee’s blouse was done wrong…you saw them didn’t you?”

Nicht felt herself tightening all the more.

“A lady would never tell!” she declared.

“And you are quite a lady…”

They talked about other stuff, before Gavin got off one stop before her. 

“Text me when you get home…”

She nodded.

Gavin turned and kissed her cheek, the feeling of his stubble against her skin startled her and shot right to her clit. 

“Get home safe,” she whispered into his cheek.

Nichy pressed her head against the cool glass of the window, her cheek hot with the soft burn of his stubble.

When she got home, she texted him. Not sure whether to be clever or practical, she simply typed:
She was going to tune her phone off, when she saw Gavin had texted back:
Good, goodnight my lady.
Nichy caressed her clit through her dress with the edge of her phone, her cheek still burning quietly with the touch of his against hers. 
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Get An Intimate Education!!!

I wrote a post on Erotic World Book Day, which was an amazing celebration. I met Rebecca Black through it, as she was one of the organizers and we made fast friends. She is a fantastic erotica writer, who got me involved with Masturbation Monday, and gave this amazing review of TIE ME UP! She also helped to put together another amazing anthology, An Intimate Education that I think deserves another mention…so Rebecca takes over from here!

Hi, Leonora. Thanks so much for inviting me to your place today. So a bit about me… I’m an erotica blogger and writer over at I only started writing in December 2014, so I’m still a bit of a newbie really. I post every Monday for Kayla Lords’ Masturbation Monday meme if you fancy having a look. Today I’m going to talk about An Intimate Education and how the anthology came about.

Erotic World Book Day was born in January when Emily Dubberley, (sexpert and founder of sent a quick message to a small coterie of erotica bloggers and writers on Facebook saying:

“What about celebrating erotica on World Book Day (March 5th)?”

Within a week or so hundreds of people, bloggers and writers, were involved in the discussion group on Facebook. It was really exciting how motivated everyone was to do this, even people who were unable to get involved directly, tweeted and blogged about it to get the word out. We got so much support – it was an amazing response and showed how kind and generous the erotica community is.

The idea for An Intimate Education came from this group (my bloke came up with the title). Emily asked for help editing – I offered – Brook (a fantastic sexual health charity) got on board. Kev Blisse offered to do the cover (and ended up formatting it), and the call for submissions went out with a theme of education and safe sex. Happily, we ended up with stories from amazing, talented authors. We put the anthology together in five hasty weeks. I’m not going to lie, there were some stressful moments, but my overwhelming memory will always be the amazing stories I got to read. I’m really proud to be a part of it.

We launched An Intimate Education on March 5th at the Facebook party that over 300 people attended. Cara Sutra (sex blogger extraordinaire) unbelievably managed to get £1500 worth of prizes together; various people hosted parts of the party (there was even live burlesque) and it ran into the wee hours of the morning.

The anthology got to #16 within 14 hours in the Amazon erotica charts and we managed to crash Brook’s donation line! It felt like we’d been hugely successful in achieving what we set out to do in such a short space of time.

An Intimate Education is the best anthology I’ve edited in well over a decade in the industry. It is an honour to raise money for Brook. Erotic World Book Day showed that great things happen when we all come together.” Emily Dubberley

Brook does amazing work. I used their resources a lot in my former life working in education. For teenagers who don’t have anyone else to talk to, the charity can be a life-line. So what we would like to do now is to continue to raise money for their much needed work. All the proceeds from the sales of A Intimate Education go straight to Brook. A couple of quid (or dollars to eager erotica fans over the pond) and for that you get 22 panty/boxer/brief melting erotic stories. What’s not to like about that, right?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support if you’ve already bought it or decide to now.

Rebecca x

And here is a delicious excerpt from Rebecca’s story! 

“Remove your clothes. Do it slowly, I want to enjoy watching you.”

He was captured in her intent gaze as she sat in a chair facing him. His hands slowly moved to his belt. A small part of his mind noticed that they trembled slightly, but his overwhelming need to be naked in front of her drove him to unfasten the buckle and begin to slide it out of the jeans.

With every inch the belt came free he felt his mind calm, only existing for this moment.

The belt hit the floor. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down his legs, kicking them off with his socks. Straightening, he stood before her in tight black boxers, enjoying the approval in her eyes as they roamed over his body, resting on his bulging, hard cock.

She liked what she saw and for that he was thankful. He wanted to please her with every cell in his body and it was with his body that her pleasure would begin.

Her eager eyes followed his fingers as they moved to the waistband of his underwear. He saw her shoulders lift from the chair as she licked her full red lips. Pulling them down, his long, thick cock bounced up against his stomach. He watched her colour heighten. Lips glistening, the heat in her eyes branded his skin as he bent to push them down his legs.

Stepping out of them, lowering his eyes, he fell to his knees.

He heard her small gasp but there was no uncertainty. Waiting, a sense of calm settled over his mind.

“You please me.” Her hand stroked through his hair. Eyes closed, his head fell to rest against her hip. She played with the silken strands, running her hand over his head and down his neck for long, glorious moments.


Wicked Wednesday #151 — How-to

Polly winced as Colin grabbed her hand.

“You’re hurting me!”

He let his fingers dig in a little more along the thick vein of her wrist, caressed it and then stared in her eyes.

She stood up, and backed away from the table.

“I came to dinner with you because you told me that I did not know who you were. I am trying to, and all you do…”

Colin got up, blocking her from leaving.

“Don’t leave, I’ll take you home…”

Polly nodded, followed him after he stared at her for a long time before turning around.

They walked out to the car, and Stephan held the door for both of them. Colin sat beside her, and she looked out of the window which made her think of the time she was in the car with Oscar going to Shanghai. She felt like she need a how-to book on relationships, men and everything about personal development.

“I am sorry that I got excited in there Polly, I did promise that I just wanted to talk to you…”

He put his hand on her thigh, she put his hand over his.

“I’ll always love you,” she said as she stared out of the window.

Now she held her blood-stained dress, and beckoned Oscar to follow her. Polly had left a thick oak box with brass knobs open in the middle of her bedroom. She put the dress down, only to pick up pages that had crusted blood on them from the dress.

“These are newspaper clippings of me and Colin. I was always into art,” she said kneeling on the floor, looking up at him. “But when I met him, he kicked it up a bit for me. I was really exposed to it, and I think in ways he was a reason why people took me seriously in the beginning. But I loved him for him, or who I thought he was. We went out to dinner because I realized that I do not know who he is, and I also realize that you do not know…all of me.”

Oscar knelt beside her, and let his fingers caress her hair which soothed her, the way Colin’s drinking her blood did once.

“I know who you are with me now, that is all that matters. With Eliza, I was not who I want to be with you.”

Polly looked at him, pressing the tips of her fingers together feeling dried blood on them as grit.

“I like who I am now, but I cannot forget who I was…”

“When I saw you tonight in the restaurant, I just thought you were perfect and that is why I confessed. I did not stay with Eliza because I wanted to be with you.”

“I left Colin because I wanted to be with you.”

Polly was sure that she would not have read what was happening in a how-to book, but she believed she was learning how to have a better relationship from life experience.

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Masturbation Monday No. 33

Crossing her legs made Nichy feel the slickness between them, and she wanted to touch herself even though she was in the office at her desk. That morning she woke up, and her body needed to be touched. Her breasts felt heavy, her breath was heavy along with it. 

She slept naked so it was easy for her to pull her sheets up and stroke herself. Already moist from her dream that was not even sexual, she just sat next to Gavin in it like she had been when he made her wet at the bar after work. Except she was wetter than he had made her. In the dream they could have had sex, but neither of them pressed the issue. Their bodies grazed each other and she could smell him from her memory, the scent of him fresh off the street on a rainy evening before she cried out. She came so fast, she had not even realized she was over the precipice until she was. Her fingers clutched at her slippery labia as if she had lost something, pulling at it, opening it and dipping her fingers inside herself because she needed that release again.

She was late for work because she started again and did not leave until she came, this time consciously. Nichy remembered suddenly she was at work, when she saw an instant message on her screen from Gavin. His message was accompanied by the picture on his ID, which was as gorgeous as he was in person.

His words on the screen were unclear to her at first, as she crossed her legs again and felt the slipperiness that was there. Their benign instant messaging went on, as Nichy realized her legs were so close together…she squeezed and released them. Her crossed legs were so tight that like that morning, she came before she was even aware she was going to. Between her legs thumping, and her eyes teary, Nichy gasped when she looked up and saw Gavin at her cube.

“Hi Nichy, I figured I could just get up and ask you about the files since they are at your desk…Are you okay?”

She smiled, but Nichy feared that she might come again because his being so close made her labia twitch all over again.

“I am fine, just a full-bodied sneeze!” 

Nichy remembered reading a comparison to an orgasm as something like a sneeze, so she felt she had not exactly lied to Gavin. He sat on the edge of her desk, his muscular thighs enticing in jeans. He crossed his legs, so she crossed hers and felt an encore of thumping between her legs.

Gavin stood up, smiling at her.

“Well again I owe you Nichy, thank you for your help!” 

Her smile was soft as they made small talk, but when Gavin walked away she slumped in her chair, the remembrance of her solo pleasure undulated over her entire body it felt like. She closed her eyes, and saw Gavin like a dream…   

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Meet Guest Blogger Anna Sky!

I am sooooooo happy to have the effortlessly sexy Anna Sky on my blog, and even more happy to be book buddies with her in the recently released, Spy Games. In addition to being terribly sexy, she is incredibly smart and savvy about the craft–read for yourself!


 Thank you to the wonderful F. Leonora for inviting me on to her blog today. We’re book buddies in ‘Spy Games’ and I’m constantly bowled away by her infectious enthusiasm and eye for art, photography and writing. Sometimes it’s hard to tear myself away from her Twitter feed!

Talking of Twitter, I describe myself on my Twitter bio as “Corset lover. Tea drinker. Kinky Brit. Published Erotica Writer. Sex Positive Equalist” and I think it sums me up pretty well.

I started writing erotica about the same time as I started exploring my kink side and I see the two things as very closely linked. In particular, I self-published ‘Being Anna’ which chronicled the beginning of my journey kink-wise, and this was made far easier because of my writing experience to date. 


There is a difference between writing real-life erotica and fictional erotica and it’s taken me a little bit of time to tease out some of the details.

With fiction, I think there’s always an element of autobiography; sometimes it makes a fleeting appearance, other times it’s more obvious. It could be the way something made you feel, a snippet of conversation you overheard or simply using someone you know as inspiration for a character. However, unless someone knows you personally, it’s usually a hidden facet within your writing.

Writing about your sex-life however, there’s nowhere to hide. Every detail that you include is you, and it’s an incredibly vulnerable feeling. It’s also in a lot of ways more honest.

In erotica, you can go where you like, do what (or who!) you like and can exaggerate to the nth degree. As long as whatever you write about is authentic, then you have free rein. I don’t think there’s anything worse than reading a book about BDSM for example, and it’s obvious that no research has been done. As an author I don’t have to have experienced something personally to write about it, but I know that if I don’t have a clue, it’ll shine through in my work. That’s definitely something I want to avoid.

With non-fiction, it is what it is. And I do find that I’m a lot more practical in writing it. In my erotica there’s a lot more sounds and smells whereas in ‘Being Anna’, it was much more of an account of what we did or what we discussed. It’s definitely more about how I felt than lurid descriptions of spanking but I found it a lot harder to write in some ways. However, the experience of writing in a totally different style was a positive one. I’ve started making some notes to create a follow-up after feedback suggested that I had more to say!

That’s the writing side of me but I thought I’d best mention the corsets too. I’d always liked the look of them and my husband bought me my first. I think my hands were trembling with excitement when I pulled it out of the packaging. It’s the one that I’m wearing in my profile picture. Red, sparkly and laced up with ribbons. The amazing thing about corsets for me is how they make me feel. They redefine my shape – pulling and pinching and accentuating.

When we put one of my corsets on (it’s a two-person job), I normally stand in front of the mirror as it gets tightened to watch my shape change – it’s like a metamorphosis, and was the inspiration for my story ‘Butterfly’ published in ‘Naughty Shorts’.

I now own three. The red one that you’ve seen, a purple one with a luxuriant baroque-style swirl pattern and my favourite, a black leather one. This last one is a proper training corset and whilst I don’t wear it that way, it’s certainly a lot more secure than the others, which are more for fashion. Being laced into this one is a lot more physical, and I’d describe it as a form of bondage, both mental and physical. I absolutely love it! 

Sexy, smart and savvy, right? Here is where you can stalk Anna, and find the links for all of her books!


Twitter: @iamannasky 



Wicked Wednesday #150 — Exposure

At least three times Oscar wanted to look back at Eliza, well he wanted more than to look back at her. He wanted to caress her mound and hold it in hand, until the tip of her slit was damp and then shove his finger inside her. He had done that to her in elevators in New York, Paris and Shanghai. 

But he did not turn around, he looked forward and walked to the restaurant where he had told Polly to meet him in case he had lingered too long with Eliza.

Polly waited for him by a window, she wore a blouse that showed off as much of her modest cleavage as was decent. Her long hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail that slanted her eyes a little, she smiled at him and her softness and her beauty overwhelmed him. Sitting with her through dinner, he felt such a degree of guilt. The same guilt he knew he would feel if he had given into Eliza. 

They walked out of the restaurant, his hand on Polly’s back. She felt so perfect to him in that moment. Her perfection drove him to need to tell her what had happened. It wasn’t guilt as much as it was he finally wanted someone to tell the story to. He knew Fiona knew, but he had never talked about it to anyone before. Never told anyone about the relationship that first he had to keep a secret, and then didn’t have to keep a secret.

Polly’s body stiffened next to him as they sat in the back of the car. Oscar did not touch her, or move to get closetr to her. The car pulled up in front of her apartment building.

“Are you coming in?” she asked him turning back to look down at him.

Oscar said nothing, got out of the car and followed her. The door man smiled at him because he was familiar. But everything felt surreal to Oscar, unsure what Polly was thinking. 

They went to her apartment. Oscar stood in the doorway. Quiet, unsure and she left him there

Polly walked back out with a bundle of white lace that was soiled with blood, old blood.

“Remember when I was little Bo-Peep? And I would not tell you the entire story?”

He nodded.

“I kept the dress.”

“With blood all over it, how did you get blood all over it?” he questioned, his voice back.

Polly held the dress close to her chest.

“I used to be very goth, my boyfriend at the time liked to drink my blood. He’d cut me, I cut him a few times and tasted his blood. I don’t anymore and neither does he. I saw him in Paris, he sold me the Dubuffet.”

Oscar took a deep breath. He’d exposed all the details of his affair with Eliza, and was trumped by Polly exposing her secret teen past and…her own unfinished ex business.

He suddenly felt the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.

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E[lust] #69

Photo courtesy of Sex Is My New Hobby

Welcome to Elust #69

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #70? Start with the rules, come back May 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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Waiting with Snowdrops

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7

days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Erotic Non-Fiction

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Playing hate: topping in a degradation scene
Corsets and Kink
What I Love About Pinching

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

Dancing vs. Sex
Volunteers Needed!
Jewelry N’ Kegels


1000 Fucking Blog Post

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Masturbation Monday No. 32

Nick Drake played dimly in the company library. When the head librarian and archivist left, people were asked to fill in for her in one-hour shifts. Nichy was happy to do so, even without the additional enticement of overtime.

She sat at the desk, rather late…she picked the later shift because she figured that she would not have a lot of activity then, that she would be able to work on her side projects as well. She was in the middle of working on a manuscript, when Gavin walked in. It was late, and she was actually getting ready to start closing up but paused when she saw his tall frame fill the doorway.

“Oh you are doing this?” he grinned at her.

Nichy held her hands behind her back, looked down and nodded.

“I was just about to close up…it was so quiet.”

Gavin raised his eyebrows at her.

“Oh, are you closed?”

She shook her head.

“I just need one magazine, and I know where it is.”

His warmth scent filled their space, she could smell her own perfume from an earlier reapplication when she came onto her library shift. Now she knew what their scents smelled like mingled, knew what it would smell like if they were close before he came inside of her or somewhere on her body. She imagined him coming on her spine of all places for some odd reason, on her spine or the small of her back.

Her fingers skimmed the inside of her skirt, caressing her bare skin. She imagined Gavin’s fingers there. Fantasizing about him this hard when she was still close to him was a delicacy. She saw his body whisper between the shelves, before he came out and faced her again.

“Thanks for letting me in Nichy.”

She nodded. 

“Oh good, it’s still open!”

Their colleague Elberta raced in, and unlike Gavin, did not ask Nichy if she was still open or not. There were still a few good minutes left and Elberta sat down, making it was clear she was not getting up immediately.

“Why is it that I always seem to impose upon you in some way when I see you?” Gavin questioned her as she stood beside him.

Nichy looked up at him, and her hands laced behind her back again. 

“I wanted to close too early, but it’s not a big deal.”

He looked down at her, 

“I just always feel like I owe you Nichy.”

She shook her head and laughed. 

Elberta got up, and acknowledged her on her way out.

“I owe you Nichy,” Gavin said again as he walked out behind Elberta.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Nichy said behind him.

Nichy turned around, and picked up closing up shop as if she had not been interrupted by Gavin or Elberta. She had turned off all of the lights, when her fingers skimmed inside her waistband again. But this time her fingers were tangled in her thong. An open window revealed the full moon, and it drew her to it. It was there with her back to the ladder that was in the aisle, that her desire surged as she caressed her bare skin. Her fingers drifted over her hips, she touched her stomach and dipped a finger into her navel…slowly her finger grazed her hair further down.

She wondered what Gavin liked, what he liked with his girlfriend. She remembered him saying “we” in the bar the other day, and that became her focus. What they were like? Had he ever come on her spine while they were having sex?

Looking up at the full moon, was she mesmerized? Her hand sunk down deeper inside her skirt, the only light on was the moonlight spotlight that caressed her face and upper torso. Nichy looked down as her face contorted with impending release. She was so wet she could barely grip either side of her clit to bring the pressure she needed to come. She smeared the wetness along her, until she felt the coolness from below grazing her clitoris. Where she felt that coolness, she rubbed and came before she even knew she was going to. She wheezed with the force of her desire. It seemed like she was moving like the frantic hands of a clock between her legs even when she brought her hand up, smearing her own ejaculate as she moved her fingers.

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Review: Tie Me Up edited by F Leonora Solomon

Originally posted on rebeccablackerotica:

Tie Me Up cover


B is for bondage in BDSM, and Tie Me Up is the perfect place to explore just that.

The 19 stories in this anthology do not fetishize bondage. Instead, Tie Me Up shows how couples explore it as a sexy romantic option–sexy underscored!

New and seasoned authors fill this anthology with steamy tales that will keep you tied up…unable to put this collection down!

My review:

This might be a bit of a struggle to write because I’m still fanning myself and considering a quick trip upstairs to sort myself out.

This anthology is good and I mean really good.

I’ve read a lot of anthologies, so many have only one or two decent stories, then I end up skipping a load and wondering why I bothered to waste my money. Not this one. This is a collection of consistently great stories that F. Leonora Solomon has put together…

View original 168 more words



Already there are five-star reviews for TIE ME UP, there is still a chance to win a copy of the book or to see it come to life right before your eyes…well not that way!

If you want to win a copy of the book, you can leave a comment with a bondage-themed photo or scenario for me, make it HOT…or you can win it in a raffle tonight at the Between the Covers reading on the Lower East Side! We will be reading tantalizing excerpts as you have seen on my blog

You know you want a copy…enter and win!!!