Wicked Wednesday #147 –Spread the Love & Liebster Award (Double Feature)

It was not often that Fiona had dinner parties in her apartment, but she had decided that she wanted to. A rare moment that she confided in her mother, and her mother looked at her with a knowing look. She wanted her mother to meet Alice.

Not the Alice that was in her bed that weekend morning, soft snd damp after they made love. It was nice to see Alice, gorgeous and cooking in her kitchen. The love and dedication that Alice gave to pressing a clove of garlic… The way she closed her eyes when she tasted something, and it was the way that she wanted it.

Fiona could not help but pull Alice to the side, right before the first of their guests arrived, savoring the garlic on her soft breath, and the dampness from the exertion of cooking making her thin dress cling to her shapely derriere.  

They walked to the door together, Fiona unable to not touch some part of Alice’s body even when her mother and father walked in. Fiona paid careful attention to how her mother looked at Alice.

“Nice to meet you Alice,” her mother said, and Fiona caught her imperceptible eyes on her lover.

Fiona just hoped to spread the love that she was beginning to feel throughout their party, throughout the evening. Her mind raced as she saw Alice’s sweet reassurance in the reflection of the Leonor Fini photograph, she loved so much.

Fiona’s love spread throughout her own body.

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And now for part two of our double feature!!! 

The lovely, lovely, lovely Marie Rebelle nominated me for a Liebster award! Read her gorgeous post here for the rules and criteria. I am thankful for her nominating me, and I am going to answer the questions she requested. I nominate Rebecca Black for a Liebster award, she writes hotter than fire and she makes me want to try my hand at Masturbation Monday!

Here goes:

Why did you start blogging?

This blog was started so I could be part of a Eroticon roundtable meme!

How did you choose your pseudonym? If you blog/write under your own name, it would be wonderful to hear how your family/friends react to what you write.

With my pseudonym, it’s complicated! Leonora reminds me of surrealist artists, like Leonora Carrington or Leonora Fini.

Talk to me about photos on your blog. Do you make your own? Post them? Do you show your face? Why or why not?

Some images are mine, some are images that I identify as not mine. I like them to go with the words I write. Never show my face, I hate taking pictures in general!!!

Do you write erotic stories? If so, have you ever been published or do you wish to be?

What is the ultimate goal for your blog?

YES!!! My most recent published short story is in the hot-off-the-press SPY GAMES edited by Jilly Boyd, and pubbed by House of Erotica


What memes do you participate in?

Why, Wicked Wednesday of course! And some others. I want to give Masturbation Monday a try!

Do you have any suggestions for prompts for Wicked Wednesday?

Something with roses!!!

What is your life motto?

We are the masters of our own happiness….

What kind of “-aholic” are you? Workaholic, shopaholic, sexaholic, chocoholic?

Oh too many -aholic tendencies! Mainly a gadgetoholic at the moment, I love my gadgets and new apps, so an appaholic as well!

When would you really stop blogging?

I can’t imagine a finishing point at the moment…

Will I see you at Eroticon 2015?

Yessssss! Cannot wait! xxx



Spy Games is Out!!!

I am soooooo happy to share with you the release of Spy Games, edited by Jilly Boyd for House of Erotica…especially since I am in it!

I never wrote espionage before…but something about the call appealed to me, and I did it. “Harper” came about using themes I like–it is set in Paris! And I fell in love with my characters…so I very happy I wrote it!

Wanna peek?

“Take off your clothes,” he grunted, 

unbuttoning her blouse

“Leave on your suit,” she replied, her voice sounding just as huskily.

He smiled at her as he watched her finish unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her bare breasts right off the bat.

“So there’s a bit of kinkiness in you? A suit fetish, perhaps?”

Removing her skirt revealed that she hadn’t worn any underwear. She looked up at him.

“Talk? Or do?”

Russell pulled her to him while she was taking off her thigh high. She dug her nails into the other leg, tossing both ruined stockings carelessly onto the floor. She buried her face in his suit jacket, realizing he might have been right about her kinkiness. It was not something that she thought about before, but she guessed it was there right now. 

The feeling of his suit against her bare skin while he was kissing her was one thing. Her bare ass against the chain that barred entry seemed ironic to her. There was no desire in her for others to enter, but she liked being watched, and that wasn’t something that she’d ever realized she liked until the past 24 hours. First in the bar, and now here with Russell.

Get your copy in the US, or the UK! And don’t forget to visit the Facebook page!


Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 6

For your own good you need to read this excerpt from TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books! “For Her Own Good” is a decadent delicacy only Salome Wilde could pen, here for your reading pleasure! The full story will be in the anthology on April 6!

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“A handsome prince,” Ania would often say. “will rescue me and show me what love is.”

She said this often, and all in the harem who heard her proclamation would laugh 

heartily, assuming she was playing coy and making a joke. Only Nati seemed to understand that this “princess” was in earnest.

Tonight, however, there could be no laughter. Nati knew that Ania’s destined “prince,” a cruel nobleman, would do anything but rescue her. She felt helpless. Yet, as Ania flung her 

ignorant barb, Nati recognized a new possibility. She knew the best way to get Ania to blossom into the sexual maturity she would need for survival was to learn to pleasure herself. Nati had told Ania so, but she would not hear of it.

“It is one thing,” she explained, with characteristic naïve boldness. “to be forced to accept lustful advances. But it is worse yet to seek ways to become even more shameless.” ​​​

“Rau,” Nati called. “Come and help me with this impossible princess.”

Ania whimpered her distress. Rau rose, and Cellet, chuckling, joined him. Several others who were lying on their pallets but still awake came along as well: including a short, rotund woman whose name Nati did not know and the sleepy-eyed voyeur Ingh, who stretched as he walked to witness whatever apparent action was going to take place. Ingh’s cock, enormous when flaccid and unthinkable when hard, made him a popular choice for anal punishments of members of court who displeased the King. He was otherwise unremarkable but for his attraction to Sujuru, a woman whose hair was as wild as her temper and who remained snoring in his pallet when he left.

Though she regretted calling Rau for the attention it brought, she would not relinquish this opportunity, the last she might have to assist Ania in accepting her fate.

“If you let him spank me…” Ania protested, pointing at a smiling Rau.

Nati took Ania’s hand and smiled genuinely. “Nothing of the sort, dear one. Our friends are going to help you achieve something important tonight.” To the others she said, “Because she cannot do so herself, we are going to give Ania a gift.”


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Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 5

This excerpt from TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books, is bound to get you tied up in knots! “Birthday Knots” by Cheryl Kaye. Be a good boy/girl, and read it…

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            I looked at John as I pulled my skirt on and tucked in my shirt. His eyes flicked up and down my figure, I grinned at him as I slipped my shoes on.

            “I shouldnt be longalthough you never know. Be good.

            I grabbed my bag as I headed to the door, then I had an idea. Pulling out my phone, I turned back around and held it up so I could snap a photo. He looked so good on his knees, his arms stretched above his head. I had the rope running from his wrists over the curtain pole, and down to his ankles. Id allowed a little bit of slack, but it essentially held him in place as he faced the window without quite touching it. If his arms got tired, he could move his ankles together and lower them a few inches inches. 

            When I pulled open the door and flipped the sign to “Do Not Disturb,” I had a perfect profile view of him looking out of the window. I stepped out and closed the door behind me, smiling as I walked down the corridor. He was already getting hard, he really loved the idea of being “on show.”

            I sat at the hotel bar, stirring my drink with a cocktail stick topped with an olive. In the mirror behind the bar, I could watch people come and go. As soon as I saw him, I knew it was him: tall, dark hair, and wearing a suit so perfect it had to be tailor-made for him. He was toned enough you could tell he worked out, but not so much that it was all he did. I practically drooled in my drink. Hed scanned the bar from the door, and approached a few women sitting alone before he ended up standing next to me. 

…how did you like that?! The book will be out April 6!


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Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 4

Happy Monday! To insure it is happy, here is a steamy excerpt from TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books. This excerpt is  from by The Vixen, and is called, “Black Lace.” The Vixen will be reading at an exclusive TIE ME UP event as part of  the Between The Covers emceed by the amazing Lori Perkins!

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He worked his way down her body, until he reached her sweet opening. He planted subtle kisses on her groin, each one made her thigh twitch. She felt his lips get closer to her pearl, her skin now super sensitive to his touch. His hands slowly grasped her plush buttocks, and lifted her up so he could take her into his mouth. His tongue moved wildly around her bundle of nerves. She cried loudly, as he moved faster and faster to drive her to the brink of insanity. If she wanted to misbehave, then she would just have to been punished.

“I can do this all night you know,” he said moving away from her. He flicked his finger at her clitoris. She shivered. “If you want me in you, you’re going to have to tell me what you want. I’m not going to stop unless, I hear what I need to hear.”

His voice oozed with lust. He tasted her again and as he licked her pearl, she threw her head back in ecstasy. God it felt amazing, but she wanted to feel more. She bucked up against his tongue in an attempt to feel more of him, but it was no use. He inched away from her purposely, a devilish grin appeared on his face. 

“Say it.”

She inhaled deeply, and lifted her head back. 

“Please…” she whimpered. “Please just fuck me…do whatever you want to me.”

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Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 3

Here is your daily dosage of TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books and edited by moi. Hopefully this is becoming your daily habit! Today’s excerpt is  from “True Calling” by Janie James

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After their first night as Master and Slave, neither she nor Mark had ever looked back. She’d spent the rest of the weekend imposing her will on him in various ways: tying him to the bed, handcuffing him to a door, walking him through the house on a leash. Somewhere along the way, their actions had morphed from role playing to a new kind of relationship, one where Gina ruled with an iron fist and Mark bowed to her wishes. She’d gagged him, strapped a studded leather cock ring around his dick, pinched and pulled at the loose skin of his testicles until he begged her to stop, attached tiny clamps to his nipples, and violated his ass with a new toy she’d picked up, a vibrating oval “egg” on a cord.

She’d also fucked him in every position possible where a woman could control the action. On top, reverse cowboy, scissor. Suddenly insatiable, she’d purposely only let him come once each day, so that he’d always be anxious and horny and ready to please her. And when he was too worn out to get it up, she’d pinned him to the bed and ground her pussy into his face or whipped him with her crop while he use one – and sometimes two – vibrators on her.
By the time Sunday came, Gina was so sore she could barely walk, and Mark wore dozens of welts on his arms, legs, and chest, which matched the red, bruised skin of his cock.
After putting the kids to bed on Sunday, he climbed under the covers and fell instantly asleep. Gina had worried that their lives would return to the lifeless routine they’d been in before, with only their bets providing opportunities for her to indulge in her new-found lust for control.
Monday morning, she woke to find Mark kneeling by her side of the bed.
“How can I serve you today, Master?”
In that moment, she knew her life would never be the same.

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