Wicked Wednesday #182 — Food and Sex

Even though she had just fucked Rafe, Eliza could not help but feel overwhelmed by the scene at the dinner party. Her boss’s wife was big on creating practically edible stages for these events. Laure had transformed their penthouse into a vintage bál. Everyone was handed a mask for their use if they wanted at the door, and everything was black and gold. Eliza’s mask matched Laure’s, and was framed in black and gold lace. Eliza had been at the company longer than most of the other staff, and knew Laure before she had married her boss. There was special camaraderie between them because of it.

All of the servers wore masks, and even so it was hard not to note that every single one of them was remarkably attractive. Their dark silhouettes, seductively passed around hors d’oeuvres so savory they burst like an orgasm in her mouth. Eliza dipped a piece of artisan bread into a truffle-infused fondue, and offered it to Rafe. He sucked the tips of her fingers into his mouth along with the bread, and the warmth of his mouth ran through her body.

But Eliza felt cold as a woman who was not wearing a mask walked over to her and Rafe. The woman was literally stunning. Her eyes shined and she wore black and gold, but it was clear that she was not one of the servers. There was something about her movement.

“Eliza?” she said tentatively.

Eliza stared at the woman wondering if she knew her, because her face reminded of her of someone she had seen before. Her head cocked to one side, Eliza studied the woman discreetly and then it occurred to her that the woman looked like the legendary film actress Myrna Loy.

“I am Margaux, Laure’s sister.”

“Nice to meet you,” Eliza said, extending her hand to shake Margaux’s. That same hand withdrew slowly from their handshake, and caressed Rafe’s arm slowly. Possessively. “This is my fiancé Rafe Stewart.”

“Nice to meet you,” Laure’s Myrna lookalike sister said to Rafe.

Eliza felt nauseous.

“I am going to go find the bathroom,” Eliza said to Rafe, kissing him lingeringly. They had just had sex, and she still felt close to him and he held her close even after she pulled away from him.

Several attractive silhouettes in black and gold directed her to the bathroom. Inside of the bathroom was dim, lit by black candles and there was black soap. Eliza lingered a bit with the fragrant black soap. She could still taste the combination of truffle fondue and Rafe’s kiss on her lips, and embraced her hunger for sex and food.

When she walked out of the bathroom, the Myrna lookalike was still with Rafe. Rafe smiled at her, and was holding a glass edged in black and gold filled with amber fluid. He sipped it leisurely, Eliza stood next to him and kissed him again. He kissed her this time with more passion than he had the first time. She was not sure if that was because he was into it, or if he was showing off for Margaux.

Dinner was a long leisurely affair. Her boss Martin was obviously happy to let his wife show off, and he looked borderline turned on the more the night went on.

Laure and Margaux sat close together holding hands. Margaux was visiting from Paris, and her accent made Eliza miss Paris. For a moment, she reminded Eliza of a combination of Severine and Sandrine. Even though she wanted to not feel like this, it was hard not to. If Rafe liked Margaux, and he asked her if…They had not talked about being with anyone else since they had gotten back together, but she was not sure how long that would last. And Margaux spoke French and looked like Myrna Loy! She ate food slowly like she was having sex with it, slow and luxuriously.

“She looks like Myrna Loy,” Eliza whispered to Rafe, feeding him more food. Everything he ate was what she fed him. She studied his gaze on Margaux.

“Uncanny isn’t babe? To be in this environment, with a Myrna Loy lookalike?” Rafe turned and looked at her.

Eliza kissed him with all she had, because he was hers. She licked the blood from the bit of rare steak that she had fed him, as she kissed him like a vampire.

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Guest Blogger Leandra Vane aka The Unlaced Librarian , Gives us Trophy Wife!!!

I am super happy to have Leandra Vane aka the Unlaced Librarian on my blog. She is an author in my upcoming Prompted anthology which I am editing with Oleander Plume, and she has a new book Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity out right now! Leandra is a divine bibliophile, and you are going to enjoy her guest post because I know you are one too!


I launched my blog The Unlaced Librarian, to review the non-fiction sexuality books that I had ravenously been consuming for years. My not-so-secret secret, was that I also wanted to write non-fiction sexuality books on topics that are important to me – especially disability and sexual identity.

My first venture into making this goal a reality is my sexuality memoir, Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity. In this book I write about the multitude of topics that have shaped my sexuality as a disabled woman, including passing, kink, my open marriage, Devotees, my femme identity, bowel and bladder control in the bedroom, erotica, sexual fantasies, disability fetishes, pornography, coming out, and sex when you lack physical sensation. 

My hope is to connect with readers who are untangling aspects of their own sexual identities and to contribute to the amazing sex-positive dialogue that writers before me have pioneered. 

The following short excerpt reveals a bit about how reading sex books has helped me connect to those around me and has sparked important conversations in sexuality. Enjoy!


Since I’ve been reading relationship and sex books – in coffee shops, on work breaks, before I meet friends for dinner, in my car – more people have opened up, asked questions, or confessed secrets they’ve been holding onto for years. I have bonded with so many people – over books.

So often when I carry around a book on sexuality, a friend or acquaintance will comment or ask why I’m reading a book on that particular topic. I answer, because I find sexuality interesting and want to understand it better. I leave it at that for the awkward silence to settle and the raised eyebrows to fall and allow the person to decide whether or not to continue the conversation. Nine times out of ten, the person will then say, “Can I ask you a question?” 

The person will then proceed to talk about a sexual dilemma in their own life – sometimes shame or a question they have been carrying around since childhood. Many times I am told I am the only other person with whom they have openly discussed sexuality.  All this simply because I expressed a polite interest in the field – and had a book.

Since carrying around sex books I have certainly found I am not the only one worried about my body, about fitting in, or about matters of sexuality. I have sat hunched forehead-to-forehead with friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and family having conversations in cafés, backseats, at picnic tables, on couches in the basement. Whispers about infidelity, not being good enough, he said she saids and you won’t believes.

I have emerged as a confidante, a holder of secrets, and at times a giver of advice. Because of this, I make it a point to read far and wide, in areas of sexuality I am unfamiliar with, so I may always have a book to lend or at least recommend. Because I know some of the most personal discoveries are made in ink and pulp and paper cuts. 

Too many times we are left with no one to speak with face-to-face about our sexualities. Sometimes it is because of shame or taboos or judgements. Other times it is because no one we know is experiencing the same life struggle; they simply cannot relate or empathize. In these times we turn to books.

I know this because I have seen the conversations so many people have had with books. There are infinite insights written in margins of used books. Some tell of victories, others of tragedies. I cherish them all.

Seeing as I have to buy used books fairly frequently, I am always touched by what I read between the lines – passages the previous owner underlined, showcasing what they were studying, what they were working through, or what struck them enough to notate. 

Some instances are amusing – One anti-porn book I bought, literally, the whole thing was underlined. The entire book. I could more easily have counted the lines that were not underlined than those that were.

Some instances, however, are so sad, they hurt. I picked up a book at a library used book sale about communication and emotion in marriage and some paper fell out of the front cover. Four typed pages. I proceeded to read an anonymous account of an entire marriage. The birth of a child, the affair, the decline of the relationship, and the divorce. The book itself had highlighted passages, asterisks, little hearts, and even more little broken hearts written in the margins. 

I bought the book for one dollar.

It seems an odd irony, that I was broke so I had to buy used sex books, yet I was graced more insight, more raw life experience than any paid course or crisp new text could have taught me. 

I’ve learned a lot from books. But I’ve learned even more from the people these books let me connect with. Authors. Friends. Lovers. And strangers I will never know except by the slant of their handwriting in a margin note. 

You don’t have to fly away to San Francisco or be a fetish model to experience a life of sexual adventure. Indeed, I am just a woman from the Midwest, who was finally sick of acting like the “nice girl” she never was. Sometimes, all you have to do is pick up a book.

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My First Friday Flash Challenge Completed!!!

I was really happy that Kilted Wookie asked me to participate with the Friday Flash Challenge blog, hosted by Felicity Johns. My first one is Time Travel, and if you have seen my Twitter account you know I love everything retro! I just saw the new Cate Blanchett film, Carol so that period and just before was on my mind. My story is based on the shortage of stockings just before the end of WWII…here is a snippet–it is flash after all!

Grace was afraid to turn around and look down. Alfred held her ankle, and she tried not to squirm. He had told her to stay still, perfectly still.

Grace was the last one in the shop. She had seen the lines for nylons in passing, and she wanted none of it. Of course they all wanted the war to be over, but mainly Grace wanted to be able to get a pair of stockings again…

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Masturbation Monday No. 64

Just when Nichy thought that it could not get any worse, they found her.

Renee, Tyler and Gavin walked into the bar. Gavin sat next to her, Renee walked over to Theodora and gave her a kiss that put the Hollywood movie ones to shame.

“Why are you here darling?” Renee said sitting on her other side. “It almost feels like you were trying to avoid us and that could not be true. Because you love us don’t you?”

Nichy turned to look at Renee, uncertain what to say because it did look like she was snubbing them.

“Nichy doesn’t love me anymore,” Gavin answered before she said anything at all.

Nichy was surprised because he saved her from an awkward moment with Renee, but that he finally admitted that something was wrong instead of acting like everything was okay between them.

“I love all of you,” Nichy said to Renee, and Tyler looked over at her having stopped talking to Theodora. “I just–”

“She wanted to see me,” Theodora smiled. “She found out I worked here, and she came to see me. Is that okay with you guys?”

Renee looked between Nichy and Theodora. and she wondered if Renee thought that there was something going on between them.


Nichy turned to face Gavin.


He stared at her for a long time.

“I’ll tell you why I had the gun…”
“Now you want to tell me after all of…”
“Nichy, there was a murder at my building, and a series of robberies. I got the gun to feel safer and I wanted you to spend the night with me…I didn’t want you to be scared if I told you, and you still left…”

Nichy pursed her lips, and looked at him.

“Are you safe there?” she questioned, looking at him and caressing his cheek. “You should have told me, you should have stayed with me.”

He put his hand over hers.

“I am not scared,” he said, looking in her eyes.

“But I am scared for you. Who was murdered?”

“A woman who lived a few floors above me. I knew her, I used to talk to her on the elevator…it was really terrifying. I got the gun to feel safer.”

“You could stay with me,” Nichy continued, her hand on his thigh. “You would be safe with me.”

Nichy looked down, she did not know what was going on with her and Graham. But she was pretty sure that he was not going to create another scene.

“No, I am not going to be afraid to stay in my own apartment.”

“You should not be, but…”

“Would you come home with me since I told you? I wanted you to spend the night Nichy. I can barely think straight because I want you…”
Nichy did not think much after he said that. They made their way out of the bar, Renee gave her a lingering look as she kissed her goodbye.

It was like dejá vü leaving them at the bar, and getting into a cab with Gavin. But this time they kissed all the way to his apartment and when she felt for the gun under Gavin’s jacket, he did not push her hand away. Nichy caressed the gun as if it were part of his body.

They were drunk with lust by the time they were at his apartment door. He kissed her up against the door, while he pushed the key in. He kissed her mouth and along her throat. His hand on her breast made her shy, knowing how hard her heart was beating. He held his hand to her heart for a long time, before he opened the door still holding her.

“I missed you Nichy,” he kissed the nape of her neck, and nuzzled his nose against it.

“I missed you too, I wanted you to tell me there was a simple reason for the gun…” she said, as Gavin sucked on her neck.

Nichy rolled her head back against the door to his apartment which they were still not in yet with her eyes closed, when she heard a gunshot and smelled blood…

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murder in the house by bohemian painter jakub schikaneder via wikipedia

Sinful Sunday, Week 241: Red Cup


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Bits and Pieces of the Amazing Catherine Gigante-Brown!!!

I met Catherine–Cathy–at an erotica reading sponsored by my publisher Riverdale Avenue Books. We became friends that day. She is lovely and warm, and a brilliant writer. I just immediately liked her. Cathy is what I consider the real deal–a writer’s writer. She is a freelance writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Her two novels The El and Different Drummer are treasured additions to my library. Cathy does a monthly poetry reading in Brooklyn where we both live–yet I have failed to attend one! I literally cannot keep up with her! But we did find time to chat with each other on two separate occasions, for our various projects at The Tuscan Gun. Interviewing Cathy did not even feel like work, she is so warm and lovely, and a foodie like me!

You can find out more about Cathy on her website, but here are some bits and pieces from her…and a recipe!  


People’s lives are so steeped with sex, and sex decides so much of what we do. It’s part of everything, it’s who we are.

In Different Drummer, I wanted to recapture a time (70s) that I did not want to fade away.unnamed-1

Doing corporate writing, they want you to fit a certain formula, but I did enjoy writing about people. I like telling their stories, figuring out what makes them tick. I still do.

We compartmentalize sex, to the point that we obsess about it. Sex is an organic, vital part of life.

I was interested in porn from a very young age. I would go see porn movies with my boyfriends and say, “I could write that.” And eventually, I did.

After reading The El, my 90 year old Aunt Betty said, “Who would even think that Cathy could think those thoughts!”unnamed-2

I don’t like sitting there, trying to write. Instead, I’ll go do something. In yoga class, I often get ideas for stories—if you get that first line, you’ve got everything.

Food is an expression of love. To me, cooking for somebody is a good way to show you care. The food descriptions in The El can even be considered erotic. Food porn. Someone once told me that reading the book “made me hungry, made me horny.”


This is Cathy’s favorite recipe from The El:

Dom DeLuise’s Roasted Red Peppers*

6-8 red bell peppers

4-6 cloves of garlic, sliced in half (he uses 2)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice

¼ teaspoon dried basil

salt and pepper, to taste

(3 tablespoons capers – I leave them out)

Preheat your oven’s broiler. Line a cookie tray with foil. Put washed red peppers on foil and place directly beneath broiler, making quarter turns when skin blisters and blackens, until the entire pepper surface is nicely charred.  Remove peppers from oven and lift corners of foil, sealing it tightly around peppers. Cover with thick dishtowel for 30 minutes or more. (My favorite part of the recipe!)  Open foil and slit peppers so steam will vent.  Cool a few minutes more and peel skin from peppers.  Slice into ½ inch wide strips and place in bowl with remaining ingredients.  Add a bit of the juice from the peppers.  Mix and cover tightly.

Serve on bread, with antipasto or to compliment any dish you like.  Tastes best a few days after you make it because all of the subtle flavors have a chance to meld.  Lasts a few weeks in the fridge.

*Adapted from his amazing cookbook, “Eat This, It Will Make You Feel Better,” and used with the permission of Dom’s wonderful sister Anne.

Here is a link to recipes from The El. Read some of Cathy’s recent articles here, and follow her on Twitter (@BklynCatwoman) and Facebook.





Wicked Wednesday #181- Boss’s Dinner

Eliza looked perfect, absolutely perfect. She sat at her vanity table in just her lace underthings. Rafe loved to slip a secret look at her when she was getting ready for dinners like the one her boss was having tonight. There was international staff in town, and that meant that they wanted to wine and dine them. The entire week had been like that, but this last dinner was with the invite for significant others.

And he was hers.

Rafe sat on the bed in his undershirt and tuxedo pants, he was clean-shaven only because of tonight. Otherwise he would have had a bit of a scruff like he usually did, which Eliza liked. But even though she worked at a creative firm, it was terribly corporate. Even his firm was not that corporate.

Eliza caught him looking at her, he did not care. It was their ritual to get caught looking at each other, getting ready for a night out. In the beginning, when they were first together, they could not just look. They were borderline late to everything, because they could not keep their hands off of each other.

She still was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met, and he loved her because he did not know how to do anything else if it was not to love her.

He recognized early on that they fit. Eliza was very innocent when they met. She was wild, and he was used to living like a little man all of his life with his well-off family. His parents had not loved her at first, because Sandrine looked more sophisticated and she was French. He had had an animal desire for Sandrine that after their recent dalliance, would never fade but he would keep it in check.

Eliza loved him, she loved him with all of the love she had regardless of what he did. She always wanted to understand why. It hurt him that he had taken her for granted, and that was why she had ended up with Oscar. He would always be attracted to Sandrine, but he had no desire to be with her forever. But he knew that Eliza loved Oscar, and it hurt him. It hurt him that she had fallen in love with another man.

Eliza blew kisses at him, and he caught them. He watched her spritz perfume on her pulse points, it was like a ceremony with her. Behind her ears, the hollow of her throat, between her breasts, the small of her back and behind her knees. When she bent to spritz her knees, he watched the delicate way her body curved. He walked over to her, and traced his finger along her spine.

“No!” She smiled. “No, we are running late—no!”

The fresh scent of her perfume, and the look in her eyes that let him know. She thrust her breasts forward, and pointed the perfume bottle at him like a weapon.

“I will spritz you, and you will smell like…”

“…like you.” He finished.

Eliza put the petal-shaped bottle down, and he stood close to her.

They were going to be late for her boss’s dinner…


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Family Ties Cover

Guest Blogger (and Friend) Kayla Lords Shares Her New Release Sir & Babygirl !!!

I am delighted to have Kayla Lords back as my guest! The last time she was here, we had cake and celebrated the one-year anniversary of Masturbation Monday. She is back to share the release of her newest (and of course sexy as hell) new release Sir and Babygirl: Family Ties–the third in the series following Sir and Babygirl and Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love. And yes, you can judge the book by its cover…let me let Kayla tell you more…

I’ve got nothin’ but mad love for Leonora (who I keep thinking of as “F Dot” – I really need to stop that crap!) so when she asked me to come visit again, of course I said yes! I also batted my eyelashes and asked very sweetly if I could share my newest release with everyone.

Actually, I think the exact phrase use was “pimpin’” but that’s me being sweet. Ha!


My latest release is the third in a series I now refer to simply as Sir and Babygirl. Each book focuses on a different part of their relationship, and each chapter is meant to stand alone. As you go through each book, you see their relationship development over time – and a lot of personal growth for a certain babygirl submissive – but I didn’t write it in a traditional romance novel format. Weird, I know. Blame it on my blogging roots. I like definite beginnings and endings when I write, and I have a short attention span with stories. (Sad but true.)

Anyway, these two are kinky people who live the BDSM lifestyle and have developed a Dominance and submission (D/s) relationship. So yes, there’s romance and relationships, but there’s a LOT of kinky sex, spankings, and both forced and denied orgasms.

The characters may or may not be based on my own relationship. Okay, it kind of is. The details and situations are different, but the personalities are a bit of us. (Oh, and not to spoil anything, a friend and reader asked if the ending of book 3 – Family Ties – had happened in real life yet. The answer is no.)

On to Sir and Babygirl: Family Ties (Book 3) which focuses on the most dreaded part of most relationships – meeting and getting to know their families!


Johnathan is ready to take his relationship with Katie to a whole new level. His kids are away at college, and his sister has moved out. After months together, discovering their love and a D/s relationship as Sir and Babygirl that works for them, it’s time to meet the extended family.

Will Babygirl be able to move past her own anxieties? Can they survive the expectations of their families? And what happens to Sir and Babygirl next? Find out in the third set of adventures between a loving Dominant man and his willing and eager Babygirl.


Snaking an arm around her middle, he grabbed her mound and squeezed. She whimpered in response. The pain in her backside allowed her to ignore the swollen damp feeling coming from between her thighs.


That one word sent spasms through her body. Oh yes, she was his. Every part of her was his. She desperately hoped he’d claim his property. Now, before the door bell rang and their vanilla life intruded.

He pushed one finger into her slit.

“You’re soaking wet, girl. Such a slut.”

She moaned in response.

In and out, in and out, his finger stroked the deepest parts of her body. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

“Don’t fidget, girl. I know what you need.”

With the smallest of movements, she nodded her understanding. He’d given her what she’d asked for, now he was going to take what he wanted. In the end, they’d both be satisfied.

The tip of his finger began to make small circles over her clitoris. Small, slow circles. Heat and pressure began to build. When she moved against his hand, he stopped and stroked her slit, slipping a finger into her body. Once she was still, he moved back to her clit.

Patience was required, and he was going to teach it to her one way or another. The circles came faster. Her juices coated the swollen nub, allowing his hand to move with greater ease. The pressure built higher and faster. A line of fluid trickled down the inside of her thigh. Her desire so high it could no longer be contained by her body.

He laughed against her ear. Yes, now, please. But he wasn’t ready to stop his game. Not yet.

Thrusting two fingers deep inside her pussy, he found her innermost tender spot. Hooking his fingers, he began a familiar tap-tap-tap motion. Babygirl trembled from head to toe. Her head fell back against his shoulder. Cries and whimpers filled the air around them. She was going to come and soon but she knew instinctively if she begged or asked for release it would be denied.

Just as her body began to convulse around his hand, he stopped and pulled away. An empty feeling deep inside caused her to groan. Dark laughter was the only response. A chuckle and his touch on her clit again. Hissing between gritted teeth, she tightened every muscle in her body, desperate to hold back the looming orgasm until he granted his permission…

You know you want to read more! 

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About Kayla Lords

Kayla is a full-time writer, sex blogger, erotic author, and babygirl submissive. When she’s not writing about BDSM from her perspective, she’s coming up with kinky sex scenes and waiting for her own Dominant to give her a much-needed spanking.

Follow Kayla on Twitter (@KaylaLords) or over at her website ( where there’s always something kinky to read.


Masturbation Monday No. 63–Featuring Kink of the Week, Nov 1-15: Nipple Play & Sexy Searching #8 To Boot!!!

Nichy left work early. She did not feel like being with anyone, she was frustrated enough and did not want to feel forced to engage anyone. She paused at the bar that she usually went to after work, but knew that she might see Renee at least.

But she did want a drink.

So she went to the bar a few blocks away. Sitting at the bar felt awkward and did not help her, as her damp crotch hit a rounded edge of her stool. Her nipples stiffened against her blouse, and she sighed.

She was sick of being horny.

There was no one behind the bar which was not surprising. Nichy had left early, and it was a weeknight. After a while, she saw the bartender emerge from behind a beaded curtain. Even without her tortoiseshell glasses, Nichy recognized and was surprised to see Theodora.

“Hi,” Theodora said, with a wide smile.

“You work here?”

Theodora nodded.

“I was at the other bar because even though I get free drinks here, the bartender that night was not as good as me. I am kind of a snob about who makes my drinks!” she continued to smile at Nichy. “What can I get you?”

Theodora had a smile that made you smile with her. Nichy almost wished that Theodora could give her what she wanted.

“What is your signature cocktail?”

Theodora leaned into her, and Nichy could see inside of her blouse as Theodora wore wearing a low-cut halter and no bra. She could see Theodora’s nipple when she leaned a certain way. Just a glimpse, but Nichy felt her own nipples harden. Nichy had never been with a woman or wanted to be with a woman, but Theodora was beautiful and she had an affect on her nonetheless. Especially knowing that Renee and Tyler had been with her, and she had seen her tipsy fooling around with them.

“I do have one, but of I tell you what I put in it…I will have to kill you darling Nichy…”

Nichy grinned at the reference to the Prince song which was inevitably mentioned throughout her career of being a Nichy…different spelling and all.

“So just give it to me,” Nichy grinned.

“I’ll give it to you alright,” Theodora said, leaning in a bit more and then moving back to make the drink. “It has Chambord in it. Do you like that?”

Nichy nodded, and Theodora place a shot before her.

“While you wait.”

Nichy sipped her shot like an amateur drinker, but she did not care. She liked to savor her liquor. The Chambord went right between her legs, and Nichy could not help but discreetly rock against the rounded edge of her stool again. She felt her nipples harden more, and closed her eyes when they grazed the edge of the bar.

Theodora moved behind the bar with a sensual grace, considering how many different areas of it she covered grabbing different bottles to put in the deep scarlet drink that she finally placed in front of Nichy. She picked up the Chambord, and poured herself another shot.

“So you know that Renee called me darling Nichy while we fucked, right? She told you of course?”

Nichy snorted the scarlet drink through her nose. Theodora grabbed napkins for her to dab at her nose.

“I’m sorry!” Theodora tried to avoid laughing, but the smile turned up the corner of her mouth. “I guess that she did not tell you. The way she is, well I thought she would tell it to you as a joke. I’m sorry…”

“She,” Nichy coughed a bit, before she continued. “told me that I was her first choice, but not that.”

Nichy eyed Theodora uncomfortably, but Theodora shrugged.

“The way she was looking at you at the bar, it was obvious. But I wanted to get fucked and I did. It was really good, and I am up for it again. But you were her first choice…”
Nichy nodded, finally getting a proper sip of her drink.

“This is awesome, but I know if you tell me what is in it you will have to kill me!”

“Yeah,” Theodora laughed. “Listen seriously, it is okay if Renee was thinking about you. I was thinking about someone else too…”

The buzzing sound of Theodora’s vibrating phone was foreign until she recognized what it was. Theodora grabbed her phone, unlocked it and then pressed it down on the bar.

“Is everything okay?”

Theodora looked at Nichy cautiously.

“Wanna see something? But it is really something…”

“Show me…”

Theodora stared at Nichy for a long time, before she picked the phone up and showed Nichy what was a video of a woman close-up playing with herself and her nipples. Playing with her large, hard nipples, as she moaned,

“Theo, Theo…”

Theodora put the phone back down on the bar, face down.

“Was that too much darling Nichy?” Theodora leaned in close enough to kiss her. “I just wanted you to know it was not a big deal. Caroline is away on business, and wanted me to know she was thinking about me.”

Nichy rubbed herself against the edge of the barstool on purpose. Her nipples grazed the edge of the counter again, and she wished that she could undo her bra from the front so that she could caress her nipples like Caroline was. It would not even take her seconds before she made herself come, especially since the alcohol was getting to her since she had had nothing to eat.

“So it was not a big deal.” Theodora continued. “As a matter of fact, Renee is supposed to come by here later. Because all Caroline can do is show me how much she misses me…”

Nichy took another sip of her drink, and realized there was no place to go to escape her horniness…

This post combines THREE memes, not because I am lazy but because I had no idea what day it was!

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e[lust] No. 76 With Dirty Panties!!!

Elust header
Photo courtesy of Charlie in the Pool

I am always happy when I am included in e[lust], but this one is extra special because it includes my “Dirty Panties” story. This story is the basis of my current NaNoWrimo novel, and this acknowledgment from my peers hopefully will inspire me all the way to the finish line…

Now take a look at all of the below…

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Sex and the post-birth vagina

Lonely Things

Just the two of us

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Tiny, shiny, bity snaps of steel…

I have fallen in and out of love with myself

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I had An Abortion

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Erotic Fiction

The End of the Run
Ladies Who Lunch
kink of the week: dirty panties
Brutal Nights
Because I Knew I Shouldn’t
Erotic Fiction: “Everything”
Look, Don’t Touch
As one night ends…
String Quartet
Unmasked: Part 1: The Gift
The Secret Rolls

Erotic Non-Fiction

The lick of love.
Tickle & Tease
Oral Sex, Don’t Forget Oral Hygiene – Whoops!
Feed my senses
Camming With A Foot Lover
Finding the Edges
Word power
The Mail Room
Doing It Herself

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

I Had An Abortion
The 7 Dimensions of Cock

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

When I Thought the Scene Was Done
Introducing the Abject Kitten, Part 2
The Joy of Fear
Talking About BDSM With Your Therapist
On Denial (and topping from the bottom)

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

I Did It My Way
Fuckin With Fuck Boys Part II
You don’t need my permission to fuck my lover

Writing About Writing

The Hunt for Adult/Sex Friendly Businesses

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