Wicked Wednesday #186 — Summarize

“So to summarize,” Carla cornered Margaux in a corner of the party. “You met Rafe Stewart at your sister’s dinner party with his fiancee?”

“Yes,” Margaux said, her body still filled with the excitement of seeing him. She trembled just talking about him. “How do you know him?”
Carla stared at her.

“Do you know why he left the party?”

Margaux shook her head, as Carla beckoned her closer.

“Because Marcus?” Carla mouthed. “and him are kind of enemies.”


“Because Marcus did not fuck Eliza, and because Rafe did fuck Sandrine—who is married to Marcus.”

“Rafe and Eliza have an open marriage?” Margaux questioned.

Carla nodded.

“You like Rafe, don’t you? Be careful. He and Eliza have been through hell and back, but they are solid. He might get involved with you, but you will never be anything more than a sideshow to Eliza. Unless you are not looking for anything serious…”

Margaux felt woozy, as she finished her drink.

“I just said hi to him, there is no need for a warning Carla.”
“Hey, I am just looking out for you. Rafe can be damned charming. He can get a lot of women  to drop their pants just from looking at him. You’re beautiful, if you just want a good time have it…but if you want more, be careful.”
Margaux did not go right away, but she did go outside of the house to get fresh air and because she felt her heart in her throat. She put her hand on her chest, and felt like she was in an old black and white movie from one of the studios.

One that Myrna Loy might have been in even.

Margaux turned around as if she felt someone looking at her.


She watched him, surprised he was there and not. It was like a part of her knew he would be there, but she was pleasantly surprised as well.

“I was thinking about going back in. For you…” he began.


When he mimicked her, she felt moved and discouraged. He made her feel so many contradictions. She wrapped her arms tight about herself, as he came closer to her.

“I just didn’t want it to seem like I left because I saw you…” Rafe continued.

“I know you didn’t—I knew it wasn’t me…”

Rafe studied her.

“You talked to Marcus…”
“No, Carla…”

Rafe frowned.

“Oh her…”

“She told me…”


Margaux fell mute.

“Just tell me Margaux, what did Carla tell you about me?”

“She told me to be careful…”
Rafe looked at her, and she unfolded her arms.


“Because you are engaged to Eliza, who I know is beautiful and lovely and intelligent and…
“You are all of those things as well. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I saw you the last time. I was not expecting to see you again, and you have caused me a lot of trouble…”

Margaux stared at him, pointed at herself.


Rafe leaned against the house.

“Eliza and I have an open relationship. We just broke up because I did not tell her about a woman I got involved with, and I cannot live without Eliza…I do not know how I am going to tell her that I need to get to know another woman better. But I need to get to know you better Margaux.”
He took her hand and she trembled, as he lifted it to his lips. Margaux quivered under his kiss, as he looked into her eyes. “I do not have to go back in because I found you…”

He summarized her thoughts.


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myrna loy and clark gable via wikipedia


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