Wicked Wednesday #172 — Epiphany

Eliza stared at the frosted glass of the hotel bar, and hoped for some kind of epiphany. She was with Rafe, they had finally gotten out of bed.
Being in bed with him made her lazy, and her body craved the familiar warmth of his. He could not keep his hands off of her. She knew that she was an addiction for him, the same way sleeping alone was an aberration for her.
The frosted glass behind the bar made her see things in a frosted way.
Frosted and dreamlike.
Rafe put his hand on her thigh, every time he touched her it felt very right, but she still waited for the moment when she did not question. When she realized again that she did want to marry him.
She loved him, through everything she loved him and that was why it hurt so much. Why she had had to leave, and created the dream sequence that was her life since they were not together.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked looking into her eyes.
He looked down, she knew he was not confident now. That her saying that she was thinking about him, did not have to be good. He looked down at her, his hand still trailed her thighs like he was trying to find his way…
“Your table is ready.”
Eliza looked up at the gorgeous woman, who was dressed in pinstripes with suspenders and whose eyes slid over both of theirs. Her name tag said Josephine, and they followed her. Both of them slid past her, incidentally caressing some curve of her body. Josephine lingered at their table for a moment, after she told them she would be their server.
“You are the most exquisite couple I have seen here for a long time,” she said. “It will be my pleasure to serve you both tonight.”
She walked away, her curves oozed effortless sensuality in tandem with the swaying of her body.
“Wow,” Eliza said under her breath, as Josephine walked away from them.
This was not the first time that Eliza saw Josephine. Josephine worked every night that she had gone to the bar, and that had been often. Rafe was the third man that Josephine saw her there with.
But Josephine had never said that she was exquisite with Oscar or Marcus.
Eliza knew that she and Rafe looked like a couple. They did not even have to engage with each other for it to be obvious. The fact that they had spent so much of the day in bed together, it was like they were still in bed. The way he touched her, the way she looked at him. 
She wondered of he was looking at Josephine, who was the kind of woman that made men and women alike look at her. Heads turned to follow her every movement, so that they looked like waves that splashed against her.
“She is beautiful Liza, but I do am not interested in her,” he said, reading her mind.
“I didn’t…”
“I fucked up with you so bad Liza, but I cannot live without you. I cannot be without you, you saw how I looked when I was at your hotel room door…”
Eliza look down at his hand on her knee, she still fiddled with her engagement ring in her hand. It had become so much of her identity that even if she did not put it back on, she needed to fondle it. She looked up at Rafe and studied the growth on his face, he did look haggard.
“But you will do it again. It is what you do.”
Eliza sucked the diamond on her ring looking at him, and he leaned to kiss her mouth filled with the diamond.
“Put it on,” he said in her ear, his lips lingering there sent shivers through her first and then the bristle of his cheek made her tremble.
Rafe got down on his knees and in an even more dramatic way than he had the first time, he kissed both of her knees and her between her thighs before he said,
“Marry me.”

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frosted bar photo by f dot leonora


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